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9. Do you stick up for the Dark Lord despite your friends comments due to the bias that that s what true Slytherins (Draco-lovers) do? Question 8: When all your friends are talking about their school crushes, do you look away and snicker, thinking Draco in The Chamber of Secrets is more of a man than they ll ever be Fanfiction (8044) Minden, ami fandomhoz kapcsolódik. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and  I can rarely find a draco centric fanfiction that is good. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. sassy-sissy-67 liked this i need to go read some spn fanfic now you can take this as dean bringing harry potter x draco malfoy harry/draco drarry fanart harry Alone in his house, Draco drinks and takes women in an effort to forget the only girl he ever loved. Rowling, I don't make money out of this, and all characters in this fanfic are The Draco Trilogy was an epic Harry Potter Fan Fic series written by the Big Name Fan Cassandra Claire. Hedwig and the Philosopher's Stone by JonRiptide [Reviews - 1] R - Restricted . Leaving Draco to the pigsty of a bedroom. As an elementalist, the dark arts follow her everywhere she goes and with the dark arts comes dark wizards. See more ideas about Harry potter, Potter, Harry. fanfiction. A lot of the HP stories by smutgasm are a guilty pleasure. 1955) was an English pure-blood witch, the youngest daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black (née Rosier), younger sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and Andromeda Tonks, wife of Lucius Malfoy, mother of Draco Malfoy and the grandmother of Scorpius Malfoy. Net And one where harry has a twin named Connor who everyone's sure he is the boy who lived but is not. After meeting Harry and realizing/learning a large number of things involving Harry that have been very wrong, he set about to covertly aiding Harry, and stopping Links6 is a fanfiction author that has written 196 stories for Samurai 7, Fullmetal Alchemist, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter, Death Note, Leverage "Draco is abused and/or tortured by the Death Eaters" * Draco with Crabbe and/or Goyle; not necessarily romantic * Turned into child!Harry or Draco OR Sirius/Draco fics * Effeminate!Draco * Always Top!Harry fics w/plot. Rowling's Wizarding World. Summary: Harry walks in on Draco crying in the bathroom and misunderstands the situation. “Shh, it’s okay Tristan,” Hermione said soothingly, rubbing the toddlers back. Pairings/characters: Severus/Harry (main), also Severus/Lucius, Severus/Draco, past Voldemort/Severus and Voldemort/Lucius, hints of Draco/Harry Summary: Snape has always been obsessed. * Kinky H/D fics * “really hot, short fics” * “Draco calls the person he is having sex with ‘Daddy Cine Draco Y Hermione Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger Slytherin Hogwarts Harry Potter Triste Tom Felton Juegos Del Hambre Romeo and Juliet - Revealed Read Revealed from the story Romeo and Juliet by aNoNyMoUs-wRItER4nOw (Writing_4_Fun) with 3,046 reads. Disclaimer: Harry Potter does not belong to me, it belongs to J. Spike your … Continue reading 4 Dark “Draco is abused and/or tortured by the Death Eaters” * Draco with Crabbe and/or Goyle; not necessarily romantic * Turned into child!Harry or Draco OR Sirius/Draco fics * Effeminate!Draco * Always Top!Harry fics w/plot. " He said, st Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way (aka Enoby) is the main character and Mary Sue of My Immortal. Turning away, you left the Great Hall, relieved from the sight of Pansy’s fake affections. " fan fictions that contain a Beautiful, cute, effeminate, innocent and/or cross-dressing harry potter. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. Helix. Pansy Parkinson (b. "I do not like you, Malfoy!" She said, her cheeks burning. One time, when I was a teen, I had the strangest idea. He was the youngest of Legacy, the skinniest, he looked effeminate, and he acted effeminate. So, do something a little different. Harry defies expectations, George gets what he wants, Fred and Draco play mind games. Draco frowned and ripped the note over and over into smaller and smaller pieces. Pretends to know nothing of Draco's disappearance and manages to get away scot free. Harry's obsession with Draco all through HBP - this time it's because he knows Draco's hurting but is worried because Draco won't tell him why. Timeline: June 1998 Disclaimer: I am not J. Draco loves it. Draco + creepy Disclaimer: This is fiction, the story and characters are not real. It had been fun to watch the blondes eyes widen and his lips worry between his teeth. Harry Potter se cansó de esperar, y decide seguir adelante, o eso hace pensar a sus amigos y a Draco Malfoy. Liam Payne Add to library 2 Discussion 15 Jul 1, 2018 - Arabella knight is the perfect pure blooded daughter everyone wishes for, except her unwillingness to be ruthless. Fanfic Challenge! Attention all fanfic writers of HP slash ships! I have a fanfiction challenge/contest. Jul 12, 2018 · Do you have any feminine/bratty Draco fics? If it's too weird for you, you don't have to rec. When the final battle of the Second Wizarding War The Minor Character Sheet: a writing aid for all fiction creators, from fantasy authors to comic writers. Jul 12, 2013 · Honestly, I just want to see a full story featuring Draco being feminized and turned into a little sex toy Doesn’t matter by who, doesn’t matter exactly how, just a full (preferably multi-chapter) story where Draco Malfoy is feminized and turned into a whore by one or more male characters, and any number of female characters during his years at Hogwarts You can use what you want so long as Dec 23, 2015 · Konoha girls revenge: Sasuke To Sasuko Summary: All the girls of Konoha’s rookie twelve want to get revenge on Sasuke. To his surprise, Draco didn't took him to Umbridge, he was led to Draco's room instead, in where he got bound, blinfolded, paddled, whipped and shagged his brains out. His muggle flatmate is understanding, but fed up and calls her friend, Draco Malfoy, a Ruins Master, to make the wall stay up. So she breaks with him. Ever wanted to know how big your member is? It's a pretty common thing for guys to obsess over - if not THE most common. Draco's peaceful days of scholarly pursuit are thrown into chaos when he is entangled in a series of plots that threaten not only his own life, but also the world as he knows. Very much a character driven work, Pairing(s): Draco/Pansy is there and some slash if your goggles are on, but that is very much not the point of this work. org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. Her weapon of choice is a Multi-Action Dust Rapier (MADR) named Myrtenaster. Coffee, Cakes, and Doorknob Snakes. Its a work in progress so PM me if you want to add anything -Off site fictions- Dark Gifts- Harry Potter was stolen from number 4's doorstep. Indeed, it has been perceived as a disrespect to the original creators or a source of questionable morals. See more ideas about Harry potter fanfiction, Harry potter, Harry potter stories. World's largest short story, fiction, and poetry archive and community where writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion. It was a normal Friday morning in Hogwarts:School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ” Ron answered pushing Draco’s shoulders away. " "Did you see your dress robes your fourth year?" Ginny asked with a   10 Sep 2017 on Harry/Draco fanfiction as there is no better way to enjoy fanfiction Sadly, an effeminate, and intelligent boy who finds other boys cute will  Effeminate | Jikook ✓. He was a hacker. He wants out of Britain, and nothing will stand in his way. net or something. 28 Nov 2008 where Draco just gets really, really, really fucked" *, German and/or Spanish btm!d fanfiction. Feminine Draco has been made a synonym of Feminine Draco Malfoy. She is the occasional girlfriend of Draco Malfoy and Vampire Potter, also one of the few characters in the story not I would only read some if it was about Draco the bouncing ferret! I read some, I mostley like Draco/Hermione stories! but I read alot of Harry Potter fanfiction! No, I just like the books and the films. Draco half-starving himself to near death. Chiamatemi Sissy Recommended for you. Will the presence of Teddy's godfather, the handsome and friendly Harry Potter, make any difference? Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. ” Draco said. Myth Busters ' Adam Savage KNOWS that Rule 34 applies to his own show, and HAS seen things he wishes to unsee . She aimed it at his heart. And, fair warning to the squeamish among you, it even has a healthy dollop of straight-up horror or just plain horrifying tales. Add to library 29 Discussion 47 Jayy Von Monroe's little sissy(A BVB and BOTDF story) Home Is Where The Heart Is (A Drarry FanFiction) Fanfiction. They say there's no such thing as a magical Animagus. Both covered in vomit. We went to the mall, got brand new clothes for school, and had one of the best lunches ever at the eatery. Also has one of my favourite kinks, hung!Harry. Even Tom Felton has said that Drapple is his one of his favorite Harry Potter fan pairings. The corporeal Draco frowned at his effeminate features: the soft white-blond hair smoothed back from his pale skin, the delicate pink lips, the thick white-blond lashes framing gray eyes. Everyone was sat at their respective tables,messing about with friends and being normal teenagers,well,as I followed Draco down to the great hall and sat beside him, feeling tired. They're wrong. Can I We Like Girls is a hatelisting for the Draco/Harry pairing. Draco wrapped his arm around Hermione. Waifs and Strays Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction fanfiction. *, Very bottom! 12 Jul 2018 It's a relatively recent 8th year fanfic. Does anyone have an good recs with draco being the central character? I dont care if its gen slash or  28 Sep 2011 Basically, Draco is head-over-heels smitten with Harry (and every part of Harry's limbs) but Draco Delicate+Effeminate! www. hacker: Magician Smoke by LaKill 10 reviews. Draco said he  26 Dec 2017 Most popular fics of the year ✓ Longest fics posted on AO3 each month · drarry drarry fanfic drarry fic rec harry potter draco malfoy masterlist fic  Author's Notes: This fanfiction is an AU: Alternate Universe. Submissive!Draco (Like “Tears of Blood” and “Punishment“) * “…where Draco just gets really, really, really fucked…” * German and/or Spanish btm!d fanfiction * Librarian!Draco * Very bottom!Draco fan art * “Dark!Powerful!Top!Harry” * Favorite bottom!Draco fics * Otherboy/Draco fics * Effeminate!Draco OR girl!Draco fics Mar 4, 2020 - Explore lillykgattozzi's board "Draco Malfoy" on Pinterest. This is based off me and my best friend favorite guy harry potter characters so fred for me and george for my friend :D i ♥ my sissy in law Add to library 27 Discussion 24 Seamus Finnigan Lovee Story This is a short story about my character Sissy when the fairy god, Master, kidnapped her. Merry Christmas everyone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Harry Potter fanfiction: https://www. You laugh, gently punching his chest. Narcissa Malfoy (née Black), (b. Birds a Mar 01, 2016 · My notes: I should warn for effeminate!Draco (And Draco who is also referred as ‘Drake’), and I think a lot of people aren’t into that, but this fic is so incredibly fun and funny and sweet, it just kind of steals your heart without you realising. Plus, the injuries Draco suffers from all kinds of abusive treatment. I've always liked Draco/Ginny more than Draco/Hermione for one very simple reason, it does not interfere with my favorite ship Ron/Hermione. Draco also interacts with his own alternate self, Reynard Beauvoi. Princess - Rice-Ball247 (Koibito247) Draco and Harry’s fluffy anniversary dinner, followed by a hot, steamy evening, and a twist at the end! Silk Dress - Lady Arrogance (Serpina) Draco comes home a night early to find his husband in odd clothes. K. Draco comforts Harry after every nightmarish Voldie episode. Synopsis: Draco Malfoy never noticed Theodore Nott at all until sixth year when his task starts to weigh heavily on his mind along with death and all things surrounding it. Or just rec any fics where harry is so in love with draco that he doesn't care about anything else, I love Dark Harry!! 7/20/2015 c12 enjoying this yo so I really like all your stories and was hoping you would wright a sissy harry story that starts with harry in the quidditch locker room the girls Angelina Alicia and Katie are showering and find harry waiting to use the showers before they see his small dick the decide to help him loose his virginity all three hoping to get a huge package when they see his Draco and Harry end up having to fight some group in order to adopt Bear. Mostly this is an excuse for us to write Dramione smut - but the birthday boy does deserve to get laid, especially considering it’s his 40th. There are crossovers, mostly slash and M rated fanfictions. Draco And Hermione Fanfiction Dramione Fanfiction Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger Tom Felton Harry Potter Draco Harry Potter Harry Potter Stories Scorpius Rose Marriage Law Screaming In The Future ~ A Dramione Story - Chapter 8: In Which Dumbledore visits and they Love their Enemy Nov 09, 2015 · Fortunately, things at the Will reading go his way, and he leaves with Tonks as his first slave. Everyone has faded from existence and Perseus is left completely alone. He lowers his gaze, closes his eyes. He isn't the boy she has fell in love with, hes changed. Harry chose the latter. This is Mythic Alliance by Jendra, published in 2010 on fanfiction. Harry found a spell/potion that supposedly granted anyone's wishes and he did in on Draco. Mergers. Harry:I want the divorce tannin-tele. The Story of Draco Malfoy Explained (+Malfoy Family Redemption) Jul 14, 2020 · WA - Washington DC - Cabin In The Woods A cabin somewhere in the woods slightly away from the open road. Draco offered you a small smug smile, almost as if he knew why you were leaving - which, probably, was the scenario - and turned into a knowing look. (Az original versek és gyûjtemények nem ide tartoznak!) Szent Mungo (23) "Ki itt belépsz hagyj fel minden reménnyel " Kihívások (374) Fiction and fanfiction Fiction and fanfiction. I make no profit. 1979/1980) was a witch in Harry Potter's year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Followers 77. Perhaps most notably, Draco interacts with an alternate version of Tom Riddle, who never became Voldemort, instead marrying Professor McGonagall and becoming the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. "Becoming Female" is a Harry Potter fanfic by Venus God. " He said with his smirk. Weiss Schnee (pronounced Why-ss Sh-nee) is one of the protagonists of RWBY. Draco Y Hermione Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Hogwarts Slytherin Dramione Fanfiction Drarry Animais Stay By My Side (Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy) Newly Headgirl Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts for her final year without Harry and Ron. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1960s and was sorted into Slytherin House. 11 years later, she has come of age and is desperate to find out who she Draco thought he heard his father whispering "I need a place to punish my son," and to Draco's despair a door appeared. Non-magic AU. See more ideas about Draco malfoy, Harry potter stories and Draco. ♥Relaciones sexuales entre dos menores, e insinuación de acto sexual entre un mayor y un menor (17 años y 14 años) Jun 01, 2020 · This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J. I had explained everything in detail to Draco that he'd ask. Fanfiction has its fair share of tragedy, angst, and even hurt/comfort stories. net fan fictions that contain a Beautiful, cute, effeminate, innocent and/or cross-dressing harry potter. net's rating system can take those as well. fanfiction-Sissy Direction Nichole-----> Summary: Draco saves Harry saves Draco saves Harry. (and i said that all with a strait face. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. A putrid smell hit my nose and I made a face. A blog featuring pictures, fanfiction recs and fanfiction quotes revolving around the pairing of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series. “I’ll make you. A/N: Warnings: M/M, dubious consent, BDSM, Maledom Romance Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Crackfic Bad Romance Voldemort Severus Snape Death Eaters Slytherin Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter Dance Love I am so sorry. Draco being kind-ish to house elves. Snape murders Dumbledore and Harry still goes on Horcrux hunt as in canon. You can prioritise different birth years, backgrounds and personalities to find the perfect female name, as well as selecting by initial or ending. So! I finally decided to share my Drarry fanfiction here on tumblr. Harry settled himself at the Gryffindor table early, being eager for the first time in several years to actually get on to his classes. After enrolling And if Fanfiction. Draco noticed this and stepped back from Ron, who took the advantage to get his own back on Draco. fan fictions that contain a Beautiful, cute, effeminate, innocent and/or cross-dressing harry potter. (thanks to Bonibaru for that summary!) Author's comment: My first romantic Harry/Draco. * Kinky H/D fics * "really hot, short fics" * "Draco calls the person he is having sex with 'Daddy'" * Crossdressing!Draco * Draco is so smexy i don't care if he looks girly cuz he's still an uber-gorgeous-uterly-hot-smey-man. Apr 24, 2017 · Featured Story. Harry wears a skirt. Sometimes a man’s love for fruit knows no bounds. Please don't sue me. ♥Harry no participa en el torneo de los tres magos. But try as he might, he can' t seem to stop himself thinking about her. When Harry publicly walks out on Draco’s post-war reconciliation speech, the enraged Slytherin makes use of a badly repaired time turner to restart the day in order to give himself a chance to make Harry stay. Dec 24, 2018 · and the visualisation turns him even more into some sissy. There was a magical music box that sang songs sung in the opener’s mother’s voice. Draco/OFC, H/Hr, Implied H/Hr/Dr (annoyingly cuts off there). org by its members. Read at your own risk! We are currently editing Ghirahim as well, for his creepishly delightful hamminess and effeminate good looks, and often to ship him with Link. "Alright. Now that the war is over, it's time to get over that little obsession. "(Yes, he was that damn cool. Draco whimpered and started to obey, only stopping mid-turn to extend the sensations Harry administered onto his ear, not caring if his neck Draco Malfoy Draco x reader Draco Malfoy x reader Draco Malfoy x you Draco malfoy fanfic draco malfoy fanfiction draco malfoy imagine draco malfoy imagines draco malfoy reader insert harry potter harry potter imagines harry potter fanfiction harry potter fanfic harry potter fandom malfoy draco the boy who didn't have a choice draco x you malfoy Sissy Williams, has been dating Harry Styles for three years. Why not try to be a baby again? I had often dreamed of my nanny taking out a fresh cotton diaper and changing me on a bed, and I eating mush and going to the bathroom in my diaper whenever I wanted, and being changed again and again. N Read Fight from the story Hermione The Deatheater by slytheringirl6350 with 15,790 reads. Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Fenrir/Draco Synopsis: Circumstances force Ron and Draco to a reluctant sympathy. It was the first day of winter break and man was I relieved to get a break from school! Me and my friends were having the best of days. Plus, it was one of the few places on Malfoy that weren’t covered in shit. She is a Huntress, a former student of Beacon Academy, and former heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. After Hogwarts, she married a Muggle-born, Ted Tonks, and was disowned by Sissy Villain: Draco faints when he discovers he has a pimple. Crackfic. Now, 5 years later and with the world firmly under the grasp of Voldemort, Hedwig has a boring job at Amazon. Glad you like this blog :D The following fics have a tad effeminate Harry:  In Harry Potter fandom, HP/DM is a story pairing Harry Potter with Draco Malfoy. The Harry Potter Wiki reveals plot details about the series. The Ax-Crazy and delusional Zant from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is often shown as genuinely Affably Evil and capable of forming bonds with some people, especially Midna. Andromeda Tonks (née Black) (b. Harry Potter wasn't what you would call normal. Lucius opened the door and shoved his son inside. Arabella strives to be kind regardless of blood status, but like Draco Malfoy Everything's Different, yet Everything's the Same by cleo4u2 on fanfiction . Apr 28, 2013 · Sunday, April 28, 2013. I enjoyed how snarky he was. Think My Immortal with "sexists" in place of "preps". That same day their fathers drew up a contract to ensure their bloodlines remain pure. He then muttered a spell causing the pieces to disappear. The link isn't working is it like on fanfiction. I have a list of bad-ish pickup lines. ginny, blaise, blinny. Dragen's Slave Challenge, cross-posted to AO3 and Adult-Fanfiction. She was born into the Parkinson family, members of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. im just another one of your filthy whores. Chaos Theory. “I don’t need to hear a word about your mate, Draco” Lucius snarls, “the only thing worse than you being an Omega is your mate being-” “Potter” Draco finishes for him. So it turned out he was stronger then Draco too. Sypnosis: After Snape makes him drink a potion, Harry falls unconscious. Share your works of fiction here. “There’s no music, silly…” Draco begins jokingly humming a tune, his voice rough and loud. Apr 15, 2020 - Explore bavishidhruvi's board "Harry potter fanfiction" on Pinterest. Schmoopy and serious. Pansy was sorted into Slytherin House and in her fifth year became a prefect. “Sissy will be back at Hi. Aug 10, 2018 · This is a particularly inventive Draco/Harry (or Drarry) romance based on the Groundhog Day trope. Here's The Pencil, Make It Work  She likes effeminate men," Ginny shot a glance at Ron. White Lies. Weeks later, and it's still all he can think about. net ever carries out its threat of banning M-rated fanfiction too (unlikely unless there's ANOTHER International Incident), well, AFF. I hate him. K. Kiss me then repeat what you said. - Prefect!Draco caught Harry out at the owlery one night and gave him two choices: 100 points from Gryffindor or detention. Draco's first gay experience. Net Adult-FanFiction. . In sixth year, Harry Potter falls victim to a masterful and evil plan from Voldemort. Draco is struggling with his anxiety as he arrives at his aunt's house to help Andy and Teddy out. As the former heiress of the vastly influential Schnee Dust Company, Weiss made her first appearance in the "White" Trailer. Tristan started crying as he realized that his sister left. Since the devs admit some fanfic roots, anyone who spent 5mins googling to glance through such HP storys wouldn't be surprised when Draco ends up with Harry or Snape. )" The Starscream: Snape to Dumbledore. Once both children were cleaned up and smelling like vanilla cupcakes, we all headed to the kitchen. Fanfiction isn’t all sweetness and light or self-insertion, wish-fulfillment fantasies. However, when an unforeseen force emerges and puts at risk everything he holds dear, Ron has to take the lead and make the right decisions. Draco pulled of his robes and threw them against the nearest wall. com is an archive of Harry Potter Fanfiction stories of all types and no restrictions. The Spymaster: Lucius has his own spymaster. He twisted and turned in the bed, he couldn't deny his destiny. Whether you're looking for info on Fantastic Beasts, the book series or LEGO, we are the#1 Harry Potter fan database that anyone can edit. Crossover (85) Minden, ami egyszerre több fandomhoz tartozik. In the same year she became a member of the short-lived Inquisitorial Squad. net/. Come read, write, and explore our site. *, Librarian!Draco. “She’ll be alright, won’t she?” Hermione asked as the train pulled out of the platform. She then said that I was to wear baby clothes, suck on a pacifier, call the teacher mommy or daddy depending wether they were male or female, and come for diaper changes whenever I needed them. It was adorable to see the way he was so entranced with the information he was soaking up. Yes, this is Draco Malfoy and an apple. She gets annoyed/ jealous with the girls he constantly brings home so she asks Harry for his help to get back at him. It’s where Draco is a veela who has been captured for many years by wizard scientists who are doing experiments on him and other creatures and then one day Hermione is asked to come to the laboratory for some reason and it turns out that she is Draco’s mate. Now s • • • Drarry fanfiction that begins in fourth year following book canon Add to library 421 Discussion 231 Browse more Fantasy Harry Potter Romance There is No Cure| Draco Malfoy Oct 09, 2018 · Hi could someone please help me? I have been looking for a dramione fanfiction I read years ago but unfortunately forgot the name. Aug 14, 2017 · Dolce Flirt♡ Fanfiction♡ Silent Love♡ Ep2♡ Castiel Ai NoYume. The girls from Konoha’s rookie twelve are all gathered in Hinara’s room. firstly, without draco’s gay ass there to identify him, nobody can be sure it’s actually harry. Hermione confides in Ginny about their intimate moment, and her fiery friend is enthusiastic and supportive! But when their attempt to hide the secret from Ron and Harry fails, they leave Hermione and Ginny to find Draco, and the brilliant witch knows that by the end of the You are doing so well ,although I beleive you should have made Hermione almost drown or something and then Draco find her or something like that. Not expecting Draco to come the very same day, Harry (who is at work in a lovely clothing store, proving a very important point) has no chance to clean the room. Author's Note: This is the first time I've ever written Draco. ) But I'm telling the truth. Draco Malfoy’s Birthday is on the 5th of June and I’m hosting a Dramione Mini-fest in celebration. The trilogy is hailed by some as the fanfiction of all Harry Potter fanfictions, [6] but like all things that are hailed, others couldn't or didn't Aug 27, 2010 · that Draco liked his ear bathed in saliva and he felt that if the occasion was ever there, then it was now. Our female name generator is very similar to our first name generator except that it focusses on name for girls. AU diverging from canon at the end of OotP. Harry Potter and the Charm of Venus Chapter 1 – A Trip to Hogsmead. You take it, grinning up at him. some odd x-shaped wooden item with straps. Truth be told, Draco found himself to be rather beautiful, but this opinion was constantly undercut by his father's comments of "You'll grow into your features one day, Draco. My favorite for each line gets art drawn by me to illustrate a part in the fic. Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 31 - Words: 80,552 - Reviews: 2206 - Favs: 7,235 - Follows: 2,010 - Updated: 6/30/2006 - Published: 3 Jun 29, 2020 · Draco Malfoy is a cleric of the Alabaster Library, the seat of religious authority in Gryffindor Empire. “Of course she will. Because Of Who You Are (NC-17, Romance, Fluff, PWP) (~8,000 words) Pairings: Harry/Hermione Summary: Written because I fell in love with Cassandra Claire's Draco Dormiens. Works and bookmarks tagged with Feminine Draco will show up in Feminine Draco Malfoy's filter. Rowling. “Potter is my mate. Hence, he rarely ever topped. It was written in the year "Here," said Draco, thrusting the cup at Harry, who looked at him with loathing. Pick one and use it as your theme and feature the line in the fic. All submitted "FanFic" stories remain the property of their authors and must not be copied in any form without their consent. Draco is pregnant and he breaks the news to Harry :D #The graphic sex scene in this piece is Bottom!Draco but it was pretty obvious there had to be some 'switching' in their bedroom activities because it was implied that Harry had been pregnant (with one of their boys) at least once previously. Jun 01, 2020 · Summary: Ronald Weasley is a renowned wizard with a rising career, a big family and a loving wife. He wakes up in the infirmary to discover that the potion … Tilly, a new boxer rising through the ranks in the UK, gets knto a scuffle and winds up fighting with someone who is too much of a sissy to hit a girl. It was created by the webmistress Kari and opened on 9th of January, 2004. Although never officially a Death Eater herself, Narcissa believed in the importance of blood purity and Mar 9, 2018 - "Life's unpredictable, you never know what could happen. Drop Dead Gorgeous. he thought to himself. Also A bit of Harry/Cho (Draco gets jealous) and Draco/Blaise kissy dare (Harry gets jealous). Fanfiction itself is a medium that does not restrict nor censor pre-existing works. ❞ don't be fooled by his charm; pretty boys hold darker  10 Feb 2003 A drawing of Draco and Harry from Cassandra Claire's Draco Trilogy. He was now wearing a short sleeved black shirt that hugged his chest. This fanfic provides examples of: Alternate Self: All over the place. Aug 5, 2019 - Explore Emma's board "Harry Potter" on Pinterest. "Oh, Draco" I sighed and jumped out of bed. The God of Time and Fate does the one thing that nobody has ever dared to try– traveling back over seven Draco saw stars as she fumbled in the sleeve of her robes and pulled out her wand. “Let’s have it here then. The only wrestlers who compare is Jeff Hardy (who really only interchanges positions with Punk), and Shawn Michaels (the original launcher of a thousand ships for slash fanfiction). The characters are mine. okay but like think about if drarry was a thing before the golden trio kiddos went hunting horcruxes and draco went with them– yes i know this has been talked about before– and the snatchers still brought them to malfoy manor. So please, sit back and enjoy this tale of forbidden love. Published: March 20, 2005 (between Order of Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince) - Updated: March 20, 2005 [TDA] I, Half-Breed Monster by taboo Fanfiction – and fanart – exist in something of a legal gray area; while the authors almost never earn money from this hobby, fanfiction is still a use without permission of somebody else’s creation, and it is considered polite to preface a piece with a short disclaimer disavowing all claim to the source material. Draco began to breathe heavily in his sleep, his throat felt dry, and his hands were grabbing onto the bed sheets, it was the nearest thing he could hold onto. I wake up naturally. However in that cafe scene, instead of oblivating the death eaters, Harry casts Sectumsempra and from here on becomes much more brutal and murderous in his quest. But since the magical world was so far behind the muggles. I miss my teddy bear. hermoinegranger, harrypotter, hermione. This acronym labels a piece of fanfiction occurring in a world based on but The term was originally anime-specific, used to refer to effeminate young men, but  Read fσυя from the story The Space Between Us | Drarry Fanfic | Wattys2018 by I followed Draco down to the great hall and sat beside him, feeling tired. 3:22. Author's Note: Became an infinitely huge Harry Potter fan only recently and found myself wishing that Draco and Hermione would fall for one another; luckily for fanfiction, I can make that happen! - evil grin - :) Reviews are welcome, as is concrit. Jun 24, 2019 · Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister, and Draco Veritas are, someone's calculated, almost one million words (or 207, 996, and 1697 pages) and the fics were many fans' first introduction to fanfiction. Draco and I for a cup of tea and Sissy for a bottle. “I’m honored, Draco, but I don’t have a dress…” He shakes his head. I love to read that people are getting mad bc they didnt get what they wanted its so funny i didnt get slytherin but idk i can try another quiz or go to pottermore DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. HarryPotterFanfiction. . No penetrative sex. Hope is an excellent incarnation of Harry, and she isn't painfully effeminate  17 Apr 2015 Bond. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Harry Potter general fanfic, all of Tags: Parody, Adventure, Contains bashing of Draco, Snape, and Harry/ Draco. Although he could use one. ❝ don't fucking lie to me, jungkook. Also, he can't stop wanking over Draco :D #Just lots of wanking and a sexy blowjob. net harry potter fanfiction dramione post hogwarts dramione love hermione granger draco malfoy animagus kyonomiko May 08, 2015 · Hermione and Draco are house mates. Arguably the worst female character in fanfiction history (or literature in general), she is a seventeen-year-old "goffik" vampire witch who attends Hogwarts School in England. Just like I never knew you could still like me after all this time. “Don’t touch me!” Draco hissed and tried to push Ron back but Ron resisted and didn’t move. 11/6/2019 c1 Dreamshards8 I loved this story so much and had no issue binging it in a day. Danneel and Draco have been best friends since hours after Danneel was born. Adult-FanFiction. And a guilty pleasure slutty Hermione fic aptly called Hermione the Slut. Fanfiction: An Ally to Queer Fans. The Bottom!Draco Community: About bottom_draco ♠ WELCOME!! The Bottom!Draco Community is a community created in support of Draco Malfoy as the "Bottom" in his relationships/hookups with (mostly) male characters. 1951-1955), also known as Dromeda, was an English pure-blood witch and the middle daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black (née Rosier), as well as the sister of Bellatrix and Narcissa. It was very dark in the room, but Draco could make out a bed, a desk, a flat-back chair, and . Girl? Draco stopped struggling and glared at Hagrid. Most fanfiction that have her as a main character have her inexplicably survive Temari's burying of her during the Sasuke Retrival Arc, only for the pursuing medics and/or Kakashi to stumble upon her, and, after she explains/spews that she was forced into working for Orochimaru, she is taken back to Konoha for treatment and possibly a Q&A with Welcome to the Harry Potter Wiki, an encyclopedic resource and community gathering spot for all things related to J. If you search carefully you can find Draco/Ginny fics that also have R/Hr, those are almost always really good Sep 06, 2015 · Bull Harry of the Weasleys Sissy Family By Akakiru, April 29. Draco's nightmares and a myriad of other fear-induced and low self-worth issues cultivated in him from the War and the abusive treatment of Azkaban inmates. But she doesn't know he still loves her, and will totally change into a different person, changing his identity into Marcel Styles, his "twin The corporeal Draco frowned at his effeminate features: the soft white-blond hair smoothed back from his pale skin, the delicate pink lips, the thick white-blond lashes framing gray eyes. Draco shows severe signs of depression at the beginning. A helpful guideline tool for anyone who wants to create well-rounded, plot hole-free casts :) This is the minor character sheet, full of things that might be useful to know about minor cast members. 1 reply; 667 views Top Harry fanfic Master of the Dursleys Draco finds a way to get one over Great Expectations (117K) Rating: PG-13 - Heavily Implied Slash - Harry/George Summary: Harry Potter. Enid eventually found it to settle ther 17 Jan 2010 The corporeal Draco frowned at his effeminate features: the soft white-blond hair smoothed back from his pale skin, the delicate pink lips, the  Archive of Our Own. I own nothing. harry potter fanfiction harry potter fanfiction draco malfoy teddy lupin You gasp quietly. Over the summer, he proves to be a cruel man when in power over others as he steadily gathers more slaves. Lines are as follows: 1. Oct 18, 2017 · In this extremely strange erotic fanfic, Hogwarts is lonely and the giant squid is there to fill those halls. Scanning the room I found the source, Draco standing by the crib, Sissy in hand. thank you tho :) It’s okay, nonnie! Though all I can find is this list from AO3 tag : #feminine . *Sexy! Harry can't stop thinking about Draco and then, getting aroused at the sigh of a sweaty!Draco. Draco:I'd prefer Female Child, it's more feminine. Only very mild crossdressing and mainly harmless sex. The website is a hatelisting (the opposite of a fanlisting) and lists individuals who dislike the Draco/Harry pairing and find it unrealistic and odd. Sign in to follow this . Warnings: dub con, bdsm, past abuse and rape, biting, blood, collars, breathplay, cutting. Ron growled, "I am not effeminate. Aug 04, 2018 · Don’t be fooled. Therefore, the majority of our content feature Draco Malfoy as a "Bottom" and/or sexually submissive in the main pairing. This is the case with the popular fan pairing Drapple. See what Callsmepenney (callsmepenney) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. This is done at least half the time for comedy. Take my quiz and settle the question now. *Cute fluff and sweet sexytimes! Harry/Draco established relationship (married, with kids!). Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy join together in an alliance no one, especially Voldemort, is expecting. Draco Malfoy Fanfiction Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Harry Potter Stories Harry Potter Quotes Choose Your Own Story Hp Book Hogwarts Love Story How To Find Out Make A Choice || Draco Malfoy Evanna-adopted-Black has been raised by Remus Lupin at Number 12, Grimmauld Place. ” Draco offers his arm to you politely. Reply They might be a bit effeminate, but it just makes them pretty to look at :XD: They're . Starts 4th year. net. For Love of a Family. Rowling or Warner Bros. Feb 19, 2008 · Draco Malfoy, Theo Nott, Crabbe and Goyle were all dead, Death Eaters through and through. "Well, I haven´t poisoned it, It is not effeminate!" Hermione was staring at  13 Apr 2016 However with the Draco being sassy trope, a lot of people kind of mean effeminate and emo with a side of foot stomping and attractive pouting. ”-Mountains, chapter 2 . Millicent Bulstrode, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini had tried to run from the Dark Lord, only for Blaise to be brutally murdered before the girls’ eyes. Draco shifted uncomfortably in his bed that following night, he felt sweaty, and hot. "If you hurt Harry, if you sliced off his fingers to make your horrible potion—" "Look," said Draco, fighting to stay calm, "I did not give your speccy little boyfriend so much as a haircut. note , It used many of the same tropes found in The Mortal Instruments, and deviated wildly from Harry Potter canon because it was begun before the fifth book was released. Gyûjtemények, multiverzumok és vendégszereplõs fanfictionök helye. Draco was a gorgeous boy. If you are posting someone else's work, please In this chapter, Draco contemplates about his feelings for Hermione. Dec 25, 2016 · Reading a Harry Potter fanfiction with Hedgie & Otter for Christmas. Hi I’m looking for a fic mentioned in passing in another group: This fic is where Harry tops Draco most of the entire fic, and Harry REFUSES to tell Draco about the man who took his other virginity, only come to find out that there was some time travel thing and Draco dies and it was Draco the whole time. effeminate draco fanfiction

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