Bts reaction to you getting shot


3. I get flashbacks, nightmares, and voices in my head telling me to kill myself. Eggs, Bacon, cheese you were on your way to get some waters in a case and when you went to pick it up some stepped on it applying all their weight crushing your fingers. Smiling softly at you. You don’t know how, because there was no moon. He believed when you say because you want to look good in front of you. Yoongi. This is the first reaction, and there are two more prepared. Cheers this time. Thanks for reading! Check out my last reaction here. So it will be you as what they react to for example, BTS react to them Crush asking them out. m. in the face. Anon Requested: Hi there cutie ^^ Can you write scenario where Namjoon is your extremely possessive boyfriend and always gets jealous because of your close relationship with Suga^^ I decided to make this into a reaction, I hope that was okay Jungkook whizzed around to push you of him but accidentally stabbed you right through your stomach. Like, she’s always reading and gets annoyed when she gets interrupted? Love ur blog btw. BTS are heavily involved in their music production; 90 percent of their lyrics are penned by the members and some of the members act as producers, which is a rare trait in the K-Pop industry. Suspects in Ahmaud Arbery's death plead not guilty James Harden Says Blue Lives Matter Mask Wasn't Political, 'It Covered My Beard' Even some Palestinian activists have given him a lukewarm reaction, saying he was merely endorsing their long-standing positions. Can I get a reaction of BTS to when they’re about to have the first time with their girlfriend but she’s insecure about a scar on one of her breasts because she went to a surgery to remove a cyst when she was younger? The most recent example happened on Run BTS!. You’d turn and mumble → you can use my discount code to receive a 10% or even a 20% discount on items at sokoglam, daekbakcases, soaetheticshop, and facetory! → discount codes and info here »patreon Mar 31, 2020 · But “Homefest’s” main attraction, at least to judge by the reaction on social media, was undeniably BTS, the K-pop boy band evidently quarantining as a group in South Korea. On my last shoot, I handed If you're doing BTS work, then you're interested in documenting the process of the shoot and all the people involved in the shoot. BTS reaction to you, a fan, having self-harm scars. In the BTS video, Shraddha Kapoor can also be seen getting emotional as she compliments the fellow dancers. You can also send in a description of yourself so I can ship you. Apr 18, 2017 · BTS: Reactions to you fainting in their arms Rap Monster: He’d be so confused, wouldn’t know what to do. Woahhh, it’s been a hot minute. When he moved one of his hands to pant his lap with a smirk on his face you'd get the message. “Y/n? Calm down, sweetheart, you’re okay. Deciding to spice things up, you moved to straddle his lap, innocently sitting yourself down before you began to slowly, teasing rock your hips back and forth. Story Season 2 BT21's Operation Popomon Clean Up! The BT21 members have been trying their best to achieve Universtardom! But one day, a bunch of dodgy dandelions (Popomons) showed up out of nowhere! Are the BT21 members  18 Jun 2019 “How did you know?” he marveled. all together all together. Luhan: Kneeling down next to his son he’d look him right in the eye to have a serious talk with him. Bts, Ünlüler, Wattpad hakkında daha fazla fikir görün. inspired by the jlo waiting for tonight video. Your eyes flutter and you feel your body go limp. You pulled off your covers and stood up quickly, but a sharp pain shot through your waist to in between your legs, causing your legs to become jelly. TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of sexual abuse. ” Suga wouldn’t really pay much attention to it, but tease you. Anon asked: Can you do an Exo and BTS reaction to you wanting an abortion? (Dark af lol) I’m really sorry to whoever asked this but unfortunately I don’t write for Exo. When you finished stretching, you caught him staring up at you with a devious glint in his eyes and his teeth tugging at his own lips, his arms draped over the back of the sofa. The septet co-writes and produces much of their output. “I’m sorry but he have to finish something here. You stopped jogging, but your body started feeling heavy as well as your eyelids. To score points, BTS had to correctly guess who each of these mystery silhouettes belonged to, plus which music video it is from. Namjoon received a death threat on Twitter by some user posting a picture of a Do you think BTS V - Winter Bear is the best solo song ever by a BTS member? To make a new SHOT report, this is done via the MHRA Serious Adverse Blood Reactions and Events (SABRE) reporting system, please click the link below: SABRE Login. Just For Fun Music Txt Kpop Bts. He went home right after the phone call ended to make you a huge homemade meal to celebrate. Jin: His reaction wouldn’t be very sudden or drastic. It didn’t take too long before you kicked btswifi said: BTS reaction to them accidentally hitting their girlfriend or pushing her off the bed when they are sleeping thank you~ Answer: Jin: He’d startle awake as soon as he heard the ‘thump’ YOU ARE READING. If it’s not what you like, feel free to request again. You were still in quarantine after 2 weeks and you couldn’t be more bored, but thankfully you were stuck with your boyfriend Jungkook, you had been playing games for the whole two weeks but your last game of Uno ended in a huge argument, leading to you both not talking to each other for 2 whole days, neither of you even acknowledging each other, when finally after a lot of thought But suddenly you bumped into someone and fell onto the ground and wind in pain as you landed straight on your wrist and the guy looked down at you and looked very pissed off and he was about to slap you but I haven’t stopped him from doing so the guy was shot you looked up to see your boyfriend looking pissed off as hell and looking down with Aug 25, 2016 · 2:13 25 August 2016 183 BTS reaction to you bruising easily. An announcement regarding BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR: “Unfortunately, due to ongoing government advisories on mass gatherings, BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR – EUROPE has been postponed. In the field of vaccine, which is the most effective of these methods, there were promising developments at Oxford University. Originally posted by sweetly-delirious. With double the LTE coverage in the last year, you can stay in the know in more places than ever. I was just kidding never take it off please” and he pecked you on the nose. All the famous people are there and everyone’s drinking and having fun…Your abusive (Mentally and/or physically) ex turns up however - as they are part of a famous group also, but your boyfriend doesn’t like them due to how they treated you. 22, 1963, the world was stunned to learn of President Kennedy's assassination — an event that not only marked a cultural turning point, but also the end of an era of innocence in the right when you need it. Their lyrics, often focused on When they find out that you’re a rapper/like rap music Smuttish When you say that you have a surprise for them but it turns out to be not what they expected Mafia AUWhen you run away with their child after finding out they cheated on you Mafia AUWhen you reject them because a gang has killed somebody dear to you in the past [ ☽ ] alone >> yoongi isolates himself from the boys - yoongi x bts [ ☽ ] self-doubt >> your self-conscious and the boy don’t understand why - bts x you [ ☽ ] comments >> you read the hate comments on your social media and the boys make you feel better - bts x you kim seokjin :: snowboarding ; Chalet girl min yoongi :: basketball jung Nooooo. Click to see how: http Zayn & Gigi Hadid Get Super Flirty In New BTS Vid From Vogue Shoot – Christine Dixie Jul 08, 2020 · After BTS' Black Swan took over Adele's iTunes record, it's time for V to shine solo as well thanks to Sweet Night, which has officially registered #1 on iTunes Top Songs chart in 103 countries. I would like to know if you like this idea of Reaction Trilogies, because I do have some prepared. You were working so hard on it, the clock ticking. 26 Apr 2019 At BTS's M2U fansign on April 25, a fan scolded RM when he dropped an " Avengers: Endgame" spoiler, and BTS's reactions A Fan Scolded RM At A Fansign And BTS's Reactions Were Priceless or “why are you like this?”. Panic shot through Jungkook as he knelt down beside you looking around frantically. Personal opinions about someone aside, a manic episode isnt a joke. He would tell you how to calm down, using what he used to do when he had the same problems Mar 31, 2016 · I need to think about this for a while. BTS Reaction: When they have a nightmare. 3. BTS (Hangul: 방탄소년단; RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan), also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013. Sep 13, 2016 · Mob au BTS reaction: You're taken, snatched off the streets as you're going to meeting them by a rival mob and are holding you for ransom in exchange for half of bts's mob's revenue. Warning (kind of?): panic and anxiety attacks. ” J-Hope: The first few days were the worst, he didn’t sleep nor eat and he was constantly crying. Do it angsty and fluffy pls<3″ You were waiting at the airport. BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a fight (Angst) Part 1: Hyung Line • Maknae Line Part 2: Hyung Line • Maknae Line A/N: I’m ending this reaction with a cliffhanger, so if you would like to read BTS took home the award for Top Duo/Group and the crowd's reaction speaks for itself. he had made a bet with taehyung on who can sing the vocal parts to save me faster which resulted in taehyung not only wining the bet but also winning a free meal paid by jin. Since you’ve added it to Kookie’s profile… Jimin also has a black belt in Taekwondo, and was trained for about 7 years in Kumdo. Every time he had any time off, you’d always spend at least one day at home only watching movies and cuddling. ” JHOPE Hoseok had just finished a successful show and had finally got home to you. His fingers would tangle in your hair, gripping at the strands as you began to bob your head up and down. So I am back from Paris and ready to post a lot again:) Kcon was crazy cannot believe I saw the boys and all the other groups live. “Our highest priority remains the safety of our artists and fans as well as the global community. BTS reaction to you getting your dream job Jin: Jin was so proud of you when you called him about the news. Awards. Then, he would kiss you a lot on the cheeks and hugging you again. Oh my gosh. bts reaction bts imagine kpop reaction jimins-dom-vibes liked this jessicabrookes-world liked this BTS Reactions To You Suddenly Kissing Them On The Cheek ♡Seokjin♡: It had become a tradition between you and Jin. Suga : BTS reaction to you saying ’ i love you’ for the first time. 5. I’m willing to write most potentially triggering subjects. Which would be you. BTS reaction to their family being harassed by sasaengs. You glanced at the gate repeatedly as you waited for him. You wouldn't reply, and this would get him worried. Request: Hii, can I have a BTS reaction to you grinding on them? Kim Namjoon. As an anti-gravity spacecraft pilot, it is time to start your career race, compete with other players, and join the online events on exotic planets!Smooth control and addictive anti-gravity drivingWonderful 3D graphics 8 Oct 2017 Behind the reaction: you are publicly dating one of the bts members. But it was not because of the rain. Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it!!! SEOKJIN: Jin is pretty anxious when it comes to heights, but he’d be more concerned about you. Jin : Originally posted by gukiee. Now you couldn’t even get out of bed as tears threatened to fall again. Nis. Excuse us. And. A/N: I’ve actually haven’t done any reactions before but I wanted to give it a shot. ” He sobbed. written ships: closed --selca ships:open! -- fake texts:open!--reactions:open! -- ask: always open! i just started writting reactions for the first time, so be patient and please give me some constructive criticism !also don't be scared to ask me anything, or just talk to me! - One Shot, One Kill ☁ / on hold [may get revamped soon] Park Jimin - Love Alone ☁ ⚡ - Opposites Attract ☁ [finished] Kim Taehyung - [nothing yet] Jeon Jungkook - Swing ⚡ - You get cat-called ALL MEMBERS - BTS as Black Ops Players - Reaction to You Getting Too Cuddly with an EXO Member-Hyping up Hixtape BTS: Bon Voyage (BTS 본보야지) is a reality show about BTS traveling around the world. Thank you. There was no light source, yet you were able to see everything clear as day despite the fact that it seemed like the dead of the night. He didn BET@ gives you a front-row ticket to high-profile concerts, sporting events and the world of entertainment. BTS Reaction to Comforting you because of a bad Migraine. You may request anything to do with BTS and Monsta X (I have evolved into my final form) for scenarios, reactions, one-shot and so on. Almost didn’t sleep for a week because of the midnight sun (literally the sun is BTS Reaction to you having a panic attack/voices/triggered Mommy’s Note: Ever since what happened to me I have PTSD. I love you very good and that's why Nice side by side. Let's go let's go. request: “Bts reaction to them hurting you (the reader) verbally (like saying something hurtful) and inmediatly regret it when they see you cry. Figure to Ground for Composition. After reporting via the SABRE reporting system, you will receive a link  As filmmakers, we've all heard that it is important to get BTS video and on-set shots. Despite being sensitive from his previous high, he would find it hard not to thrust into your mouth, not wanting to make you choke. Trending Bollywood box office collections Aug 02, 2019 · Right now, BTS is taking a well-earned break, but the members are still keeping in touch with fans by tweeting, making unexpected appearances, and commenting on the BTS x ARMY fan community, BTS Weverse. Almost didn’t sleep for a week because of the midnight sun (literally the sun is Jul 19, 2017 · Imagine getting in a fight with Kim Taehyung because of a misunderstanding. “Nope. ━━━━━━ Aug 11, 2016 · Yoongi: You woke up before Yoongi and planned on getting up to have a shower before he did, as he always took super long in the shower. Nope. Sep 24, 2015 · But if you're feeling down, usually the last thing you want to do is get naked in a room full of strangers. Rapmon: After you decided to surprise him at his studio for your one year anniversary, you were shocked when you found him all over their stylist. RM: “Y/N!!” He ran over to you, while practicing for your new music video, a small blast of the fireworks shot near your eyes causing you to get slightly burned you held your face in your hands “Y/N please we need to see it. But someone was just as excited to see you. donning a suit and tie, tousled hair, and glasses (to look smarter), he becomes every rich daughter’s dream: the perfect boyfriend to bring to balls, dinners, and business gatherings. He sets you down on the couch, a blanket over you and a damp towel on your head. The Oh, yeah. The only thing you could see was yourself wavering in the ripples of the water. He is independent and successful in his new business, but home life is not so easy for a pregnant Omega all alone. 1k votes, 333 comments. Jin: Originally posted by jjkksj Yoongi finally found his shirt but just throw it over his shoulder and grabbed your wrist. Lots of scenic shots with lots of dancing ninjas everywhere! 22 Jun 2018 ara | she | 22 | no requests | reactions | fics REQUEST: Can i request a bts and exo arranged marriage mafia au where someone spikes Thirty minutes and about three rounds of shots later, both of you already felt You told him you'd find a way to get home but he insisted and you had a feeling that,  Anonymous said: Can you do a BTS reaction on when you have to shoot a commercial with them and you two are dating? Love your reactions just btw Answer:  Compilation of bts one shots/imagines/reactions. From being done with everyone and everything, to being relatable AF, BTS‘s Suga is a walking meme. If anyone has a request you can go ahead and shoot me one :) I also write somewhat of a ficlet to these by the way. BTS reaction to hearing their gf curse for the Aug 07, 2016 · BTS reaction to you wanting an abortion. Xin chào các bạn Got it. (Sorry if it’s angsty, I just wonder what their reaction would be lol) Thank you!! Yandere!BTS Reaction - Seeing You with Another Man ( I’m sorry it’s kinda trash @mazerunner353 ) Sitting across from your study partner, you take a sip of your coffee, leaning against the window with 14 hours ago · Related BTS Reaction to Finding Out You (S/O) Have Died and Then Learning it Was a Prank; BTS Reaction to Having to Bail You Out of Jail; BTS Reaction With You Being Overwhelmed With School Work and Starting to Cry; BTS Reaction to You Doing/Saying Something Stupid After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled; BTS Reaction to You Trying to Learn One BTS Reaction | them saying something hurtful to you and you start crying. lol . Find Care near you. You should not consider the information in this site to be specific, professional medical advice for your personal health or for your family's personal health. You were still in quarantine after 2 weeks and you couldn’t be more bored, but thankfully you were stuck with your boyfriend Jungkook, you had been playing games for the whole two weeks but your last game of Uno ended in a huge argument, leading to you both not talking to each other for 2 whole days, neither of you even acknowledging each other, when finally after a lot of thought After getting let in by your roommate, he makes his way to your bedroom. He thinks it’s cute. Warning in advance; though this reaction was quite fluffy, the following two will contain some angst, so please prepare yourselves. 2017 - Pinterest'te feyza nur bülbül adlı kullanıcının "BTS" panosunu inceleyin. "Do you really think you can get away from me? BTS & Big Bang Reactions/Fake Texts/One Shots — BTS Reaction to coming. You sat by his side while he worked, he was paying no attention to what you were doing but that was okay. You’d move away and cover your mouth, trying not to sob so loudly. The charity, which runs parks, gardens and manor houses EDIT 8 April 2017: Korea’s new law, idols must go for military service whenever the country calls for them now, they cannot delay it until they’re 30 anymore, so wow that kind of voided my entire answer lmao. Space Ship Racer Game 2019 is a science fiction racing game with amazing 3D graphics and great driving experience. BTS reacting to you having a panic attack at night. ‘‘Fuck Jungkook! Could you please still your freaking manhood for a minute, I’m getting bruises all over!’‘ You angrily voiced out, hooking your foot around his ankle to let him BTS reaction to you getting injured during practice stunt for your music video. Sorry. Aug 13, 2017 · BTS - Reaction to You Accidently Hitting Their Crotch As requested. Anonymous asked: BTS reaction where u save them from being shot by a really crazy fan & you get hit (but only in the arm) and you walk off without them thanking you. For business enquiries: jiminandlemonade@ gmail. More Services: Find Care near you; Latest updates on BTS, EXO, TWICE and every other K-Pop group. Suga: Suga would be surprised that you were crying, but when he hears the reason why, he’ll honestly feel so bad. ” you said before getting up from the couch and leaving. Delightfully Oct 04, 2019 · BTS reflect on their first Grammy night, and discuss their hopes for the 2020 awards. He swore he would make your hair look even prettier than usual. Are you ready? Make some noise. Dạ Go. Originally posted by dreamyoongi “You were my everything, and now I can’t forget you. Now I finally know you are into it too. Originally posted by hope-film. He was in the middle of a game, so instead of bothering him, you went down to the kitchen to make an early breakfast. “Hey can I try? In just a nanosecond you shot the gun out of her hand. #FightMeTaehyung By the time you put away your books and finished studying, your stomach was grumbling. I-I don’t know what happened to me. Their most recent EP In the meantime, let’s talk about the scenes you shot in Scotland. 10+ Korean Music Stars Who Are Getting (Or Already Got) Married This Year. “I don’t know what got into me, really. (not sadistic but like pissed the fuck off like)? Nov 10, 2019 · Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West at the 45th Annual People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles on November 10, 2019. He was in charge and you had to listen. Please do not request in she/her format. View this post on Instagram The crowd reacts to #BTS winning top duo/group at the #BBMAs. Before learning modern dance, Jimin was practicing hip-hop and popping since 12-13 years old and was participating in underground dance battles many of which he won. 1m members in the marvelstudios community. ” They perform on an empty stage in an empty theater … for millions of fans on line. Maybe at a party or a club. One day, you didn’t know that he came early and you just finished your bath. Originally posted by secrethideoutme. Thank you! This is my first one-shot imagine, I hope you enjoyed it! :) See you on the next one. He hated seeing you seem so defeated, and to know that his fans caused it made him even more distraught. “We performed onstage in Andong, (North Gyeongsang Province) and since it rained that day many of us slipped on the stage. summary: in order to pay for university, jeon jungkook decides to market his most valuable asset to the wealthy socialites of campus: himself. Jul 21, 2020 · While the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread and take lives all over the world, methods are being developed to fight against the epidemic. it was a long and tiring day for jin, today was a day where he spent his time with the rest of bts and things seemed to be going wrong for him. You quickly check the time and see that it’s 3:30 a. When Hoseok found out what time you would be getting home he wanted to surprise you. bts reaction to: you flinching during a fight anonymous asked: Bts reacts to you flinching during a heated argument with them? I’ve seen this one a lot but I want to know how my favorite writer will have this down ^^ authors note: you are so sweet holy shit, and i hope i did this justice haha (my name is justis what a pun ok bye bye) warnings: angst/fluff dating an idol wasn’t easy for a BTS reaction to their idol S/O fainting on stage Seokjin: Jin had always been making sure you were eating well and getting all the rest you need, as an idol himself he understood how exhausting the BTS Reaction: You’re Crying/Having a Panic Attack Jin. ” A Mar 31, 2016 · You broke my trust and i can’t go on like this so I’m breaking up with you. Photographed by Monica Kim. You will need either four dedicated 1 or 2 stat level 50s to clear these chapters, or a bunch of level 50 five stars. Jongin: Kai would wake you up in the morning, kissing you passionately, his hands roaming around. Nov 21, 2013 · On Nov. Oblivious Park Jimin (BTS) Cliche; Cheesy; Other Additional Tags to Be Added; Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-07-01 Updated: 2020-07-16 Words: 20335 Speak up and say their names, or you are the problem. When he saw your state he immediately raced to think of how he could calm you. Tags: #bts; #bts reaction; #bts reactions; #bts react; #bts scenarios; #bts one shot; #bts oneshot; #min Jan 25, 2018 · Jungkook getting ready to go. I am angry, a force to be reckoned with. Anon Request Yoongi You were lying on your bed next to your boyfriend when suddenly a sharp pain shot through your head. — Feb 13, 2017 · He can’t seem to take his mind off you, especially when he’s away. . So close. BTS’ stateside success has been astonishing. Forums Log in Register. The name became a backronym for Beyond the Scene in July 2017. What kind of boyfriend will he be like? Will the other boys meddle? Tell me your favorite part and leave a comment/reaction and give it a thumbs up if you like it. Tries to fan you and asks for water, but his mind is all over the place and he panics a little, (Trigger Warning) BTS Reaction | You were a victim of abuse. Don’t touch me! All I ever did was love you! Apr 18, 2020 · you're jeloused they get more attention than you and if you think you'reso cool and they're shit, well millions of gis have bts's name of their tongues and for you not even a trans ;) Reply 1 0 Oct 10, 2013 · “Yeobo,” he’d say, trying to touch your shoulder. I think I never screamed that loudly but yeah:D Also made friends with some really nice people so yeah:) BTS reaction to you losing your voice. He would call your workplace and the coworkers there would say you left an hour ago. Getting Started. You stand up from your desk and head towards where Jungkook was playing Overwatch. 13. We're on the red carpet, backstage and behind the scenes talking to the biggest athletes Oct 26, 2018 · We got the EDM superstar at LAX Friday afternoon and our photog wanted to rave about his new song, "Waste It On Me," featuring K-pop group BTS. You were almost done getting everything on the list and about to head to check out. back to. And there’s a decent chance the group will be excluded forever. There are few things more awkward than completely silent sex. Protection | BTS Reaction; Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. These are the dates they will enlist in order based on their ages: Jin: 2020 Yoongi: 2022 Namjoon &amp; Hoseok: 2023 Jimin and Taehyung May 14, 2019 · While fans didn't know the story behind the cover art, a new video of V taking photos of Jimin in Canada reveals a little bit more about what went down to get that perfect shot. ” He said before dragging you into his bedroom to continue where you just stopped. Of course. Gotta get my ‘toys’ out, which I’ve been hiding. Источник статьи: BTS Reaction to coming home to you in a cocoon of blankets #wattpad #fanfiction "They say if boys get jealous it's kinda cute. This episode, we’re getting a big dose of Black Jack Randall torturing Jamie. Rapmonster This man. You were trying to get him to cum for the second time after riding him. Thank you for the request. He usually only fights with the members for BTS Reaction - You Being In An Accident Requested by @kinginkblot! - “When they hear that you were in an accident but you’re okay. It’s my fav thing ever tbh A/N: Thank you so much sweet anon, sorry you had to wait so long <3 . You began to feel rather bored, Namjoon was working late, again. Seokjin. A subreddit dedicated to Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Lupita Nyong'o's Reaction To Beyonce's "Brown Skin Girl" Shoutout Will Make You Want To Dance — VIDEO Dacre Montgomery’s Girlfriend Liv Pollock Was Inspired By The ‘Stranger Thing’s Star Kpop break up scenarios BTS Reaction: Taking A BTS Quiz, But Getting Another Member Jin : “…alright, last question,” he chuckled, watching as you scrolled down the quiz to see what the last question was, reading through it a couple of times. You were drawing him, his soft facial features coming to life on the smooth piece of paper. If you like this one, you can also read a similar reaction I wrote, here. All he does lately is wonder if you’ve taken your meds, or if you’ve been getting enough sleep. Make sure to request more prompts here. BTS reaction: s/o loves anime. V: All you did last night was cry in the arms of your best friend while eating ice cream after you got home to find you boyfriend making out with some girl. Cidadão. J-Hope Sep 14, 2017 · As #BTSALBUM3DAYS trends on Twitter worldwide in the lead-up to their Sept. But no one tried to treat her. I just want to say that I never think army would bully someone who is Protection | BTS Reaction; Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. Tears blurring his vision slowly. “Pay attention to me!” He pouted. BTS doesn’t plan on disbanding anytime soon. BTS Reaction: they have a nightmare about you (Angst) Hyung Line • Maknae Line Warning: Horror. Jin: Originally posted by jjkksj BTS reaction to their s/o being physically disabled and being bullied for it ; BTS gif reaction hearing you snorting when you laugh; BTS reaction to bts finding out their s/o needs music to sleep; BTS reaction to their s/o who never cries braking down and pushing them away (Hyung line) BTS reaction to seeing a fan made video of you on your BTS Reaction to you being close with another member. all while you watch from the sidelines, only able to dream of Thank you for your request! I hope it’s okay ~ The brothers (and Diavolo’s) reaction to MC getting heavily injured by a lower demon. If you've had trouble (like everyone else did) in deciphering the video, BTS have done it again and solved another of their fans'  13 Aug 2013 If you ever get the opportunity to shoot a behind-the-scenes piece or work in production photography I highly recommend you try it. Anon asked: Hi! Can you do a bts reaction to dancing the night away together. So you started to remove the sweatshirt and he quickly held it down. And then, you fell unconscious. com i'm honestly crying, i'm bored can't you tell? 31 May 2019 [BANGTAN BOMB] Exciting Reaction Shooting - BTS (방탄소년단) I noticed the group really felt complete when Jin joined, don't you think? YALL SAW THAT SMIRK JIMIN GAVE AT 0:43 HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. He’d pull you into a hug anyway and wrap his arms around you. Jul 17, 2020 · Ever wondered how a BTS ARMY would react to your favourite EXO songs? You probably haven't, but if you're down, join me on my journey on getting to know EXO and reacting to their songs for the BTS Reaction to you fainting on them. However, once he’d sat down behind you and tried to braid your hair like he’d seen you do a thousand times, he would realize it was A LOT harder than it looked. bts reactions Random. BTS Reaction: Them being a Professor/ Teacher and you confessing to them (Maknae Line) Request: Hi, can you write a maknae line reaction when they are your professors (like English professor, Piano, art, etc) and you confess your feelings for them. they’re looking for a win, or at least a chance to perform. You’re sitting at your desk with your feet on the chair and your knees to your chest. He hoped getting over you would be easy, but it seemed impossible. ” “Maybe, after I finish talking to you about some things. Fans were so excited for BTS and wrote the sweetest mes… BTS Reaction to their partner being super flexible and spontaneous. If you can do better than she did, you’ll be able to brag to her abut it. The BTS World Track Is A Brother’s Message To BTS 21 Tweets About Fezco That Will Make 'Euphoria' Fans Say "Same" BTS' "Heartbeat" Music Video For BTS World Will Fill You With So Many Emotions 5)BTS and Big Hit spoil us like no other fandom, some people wish their favs could be just as generous as BTS are to Army, when you think of it when you get into BTS fandom there is an never-ending supply of material and content that you have to catch up with, and they never stop updating us or getting lazy with it, from Bangtan TV, Vapp As mentioned above, it is caused due to exercise or sweating. He never meant to do that, and so he would spend a whole day with you, spoiling you with his love. Health services for 100+ conditions. He saw you too. Calvin Klein Jeans’s Spring 2018 wares (later shot on the Kardashian-Jenners) are duly admired, then the boys slip out to get dressed in Jul 29, 2011 · You can reduce fever and pain by giving your child an aspirin-free pain reliever when the shot is given and for the next 24 hours, following the package instructions. Okay, you can't you get the. Add to library 17 Discussion 38. Dec 19, 2018 · Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. Hey guys. Get alerts on breaking K-Pop news and viral buzz on K-Pop idols. Add to library 309 Discussion 779. and Namjoon being sweet he didn't really mind all the death threats that  Them Accidentally Hurt You “ Anonymous said: Bts mafia reaction to he He won't replace you with anyone because the nightmares you being shot by him was  7 Apr 2019 BTS Reaction: they are afraid to take their newborn to get shots [[MORE]] Namjoon “Do we really have to take him to get shots? It's just going to  23 Mar 2019 BTS Reaction To: You getting dragged off stage (requested) Kim Seokjin: Jin shot up from his seat, shoving past the security that was just too  13 Sep 2016 Mob au BTS reaction: You're taken, snatched off the streets as you're going Mmmm whatcha say Sorry this took me so long to get out! A shot rang out and you stopped in your tracks before sinking to the ground near Jin. Though it might disappear within a few hours, in severe cases, it can lead to exercise-induced anaphylaxis – a type of severe reaction The Vaccine Education Center staff regularly reviews materials for accuracy. Search titles only Sep 28, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by ♡. The first time you were in the studio with him and one of your EXO and BTS reaction blog. I was thinking about making a Patreon where I write for BTS and people can pay like $1 for 3 1,200+ word one-shots and like 8 headcanons a month. “Yoongi, I need to finish this. In front of you is a disordered mess of worksheets, books and BTS reaction to S/O fainting I did something similar to this but an idol version, so yeah… Seokjin: Once he saw you struggling to stand up straight, he rushed to your side, letting you collapse in his 1:16pm . “Damn it baby girl what are you doing!” Yoongi yelled as you  25 Apr 2019 Instagram: jiminandlemonade. He would notice that it's getting pretty late and call you. “I’m sorry,” he’d coo while holding you against him. 💥 Link in bio for By the time you put away your books and finished studying, your stomach was grumbling. It was one of those days, when you sat on your couch waiting for Jin to return from popping the popcorn. The persons aim wasn't at Jimin, they wanted to make Jimin feel a different kind of pain by seeing you in pain. how about a bts reaction to y/n getting out of the shower and purposely dropping her towel trying to get their attention because they've been working all day? (only of you feel up to it!!! i totally understand if you'd rather rest💕) shy anon~🐻 BTS swan-dove into our feeds this morning with a new music video for “Black Swan” off “Map of the Soul: 7. Steve's excitement was palpable after we brought up Jul 19, 2020 · taekook reaction Taekook Moments To Heal Your Soul REACTION (BTS REACTION) Get a discount on YesStyle with my code "DaniAli7" Check out the Original Vide With double the LTE coverage in the last year, you can stay in the know in more places than ever. Jul 12, 2019 · The problem is that the requirements skyrocket once you hit this chapter. When you heard a gun getting loaded, you became scared that the person was going to shoot Jimin. A loud shriek came BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a fight (Angst) Part 1: Hyung Line • Maknae Line Part 2: Hyung Line • Maknae Line A/N: I’m ending this reaction with a cliffhanger, so if you would like to read This blog is my creative outlet, and hopefully something you will enjoy too. Being in his arms would calm you, and you two would instantly make up. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Get it easy peasy. They have a shot. “You first, I’ll be in, in a minute. Welcome to «Missing You Café»! BTS reactions --> see below (pls note: this is not a professional reaction blog, I just do that every once in a while when I'm bored :) that's why I also don't take requests, sorry) Sep 28, 2016 · The backlash you received was extreme, fans were nearly spitting venom at you. You teared up as you saw your reflection on the mirror. In the video, Shraddha Kapoor’s candid reaction to getting a difficult step right was captured. Jungkook pulled you close to him, his tight embrace offering some comfort. hard. ” you said with an overly calm voice. ” You tried to reach around him, but he just shoved the rest of the papers off the table. Initially rooted in hip hop, BTS' musical style has evolved to include a wide range of genres. He Group: BTS Pairing: JUNGKOOK X READER Excerpt/summary: “aw bless, is my Guk getting jealous?” “This is not a time for ‘ah bless’. He would try his best to calm you down, trying literally everything which came into his mind to do so. because you have to let how you You tried to push back hoping you get some more room and your bones some more rest but he wouldn’t have any of it. 18 release of Love Yourself: Her, Twitter is going wild over the South Korean boy band’s latest teaser for the album You needed rest, but he knew arguing with you was pointless. When you finally saw him, you started smiling. ” Genre: fluff Length:1. You appeared behind Yoongi and your eyes widened, grabbing your phone back. Requested by @love2laughlive2love. Here are 15+ of his best reactions! Here are 15+ of his best reactions! 1. A/N: Since it’s October I decided to integrate little horror bits to fit the He noticed about you always put heavy makeup on your face even though you’re staying at home. 21 Jun 2019 After watching the Not Today MV, we had to see how they put the shoot together. if you are uncomfortable with reading these types of things please do not read By getting BTS fans ARMY to get excited and to tune in to watch and to show up it might help the ratings that have been falling these past few years. Yoongi stoop up facing you, pointing to the bedroom. Request: I don’t know if you have done this yet, but could you please do a reaction for BTS when you guys get into a seriously scary argument and they hit you. 5 hours ago · The National Trust says the wild animal had to be put down after it began 'posing an immediate threat' to visitors at Knole Park in Kent. Jin would be livid. 'Jagi, come sit on Oppas lap' ⇒ KIM SEOKJIN . Mar 08, 2017 · BTS reaction to you having an panic/anxiety attack. Playing along with his daughter, he’d make faces at her, squeezing her little hands in his when she gets the shot. On May 14, BTS Remo D’Souza at the beginning of the video revealed that the song was shot in Dubai. BTS reaction to you being chubby and going on a diet . As you turned a page, he suddenly got a brilliant idea. You~ “Get away from me. He tried touching you but you pushed his arms away. Summary: When Park Jimin is abandoned by his Alpha boyfriend after finding out he's pregnant, he cuts all ties with him and goes it alone. Jungkook~ “Y-Y/N, I’m so so sooo sorry. 1. Request: BTS reaction to their girlfriend being a complete bookworm. Anon asked: Hey hun~ :D I really loved the cleaning reaction you did, so I was just wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to you bruising hella easily (coz I do /:) and they find a bunch on your arms/legs/tummy/face and them being freaked because ‘ummMMM WHO HURT YOU?!’ but your just like, 'Uh what? bts-reaction replied: My dear I’m always open to talk about these stuff cause I myself have depression and I like spreading awareness cause mental illnesses should never be ignored, if you have any problems I’m here to talk to privately and you can get help if you need I hope you have a great day and remember to be you and do you as our namnams said <3 You were on your third lap around the park, when your breathes started getting shorter, your mouth dry, and black dots started covering your vision. The first season was aired on July 5, 2016, and takes place in Northern Europe and lasts 10 days, celebrating their 3rd year anniversary. BTS reaction to you having a cold and they have to take care of you. In-person and online visits. BTS react to you approaching them and asking them out on a date. Breonna Taylor was alive after police shot her. Mention of death, insects. oh okay. So, I let you you. Although the time to enlist in the military is getting closer. 💥 Link in bio for You usually work and come home at late hours, sometimes even after Jin reached home, so Jin would be waiting at home for you. You would have fallen to the ground if Jin didn’t grab onto your shoulder, bringing you into your arms. hi hello i love your works so so much <3 can you please try and make “you flinch in a fight” for hiphop unit (svt) thank you so much!!! A/N: Thank you so much sweetie, enjoy <3 Please note: this is all purely fictional and does not in any way reflect the boys or how they behave. He would pull you into a hug anyway and whisper in your ear. BTS took home the award for Top Duo/Group and the crowd's reaction speaks for itself. Originally posted by jiminahhh. “Hey next time ask” he joked but you didn’t take it like that. 23, making the BTS members the youngest recipients ever. You woke up on the couch, surprisingly with a cup of water and a pill on the beside BTS Reaction to you having a nightmare about them dying ⇝ request: Can I request a reaction to you telling *member’s name* that you are having nightmares about them dying and they comfort you. 珞. whose reaction to awards shows in general Latest Trending Malang Movie Review:Reaction by people after watching Aditya Roy Kapur and Disha film Malang. bts reaction: losing control (requested) warning: this post contains violent acts as well obsessive/ controlling behavior, name calling and hinting of death. However in my perspective the most apealing things about kpop arent the lyrics most of the times, i think you have to focus in the technical aspects more to enjoy the full experience. At one point you fell asleep, Namjoon had finished when he turned to you. ” He would try to touch your shoulder but you moved away. BTS Demon AU Reaction - Having another demon friend ~~Hiii!! Just wanted to say that I love your writing and wanted to send in a request!! Could you possibly do a demon bts au reaction to where their BTS reaction to their s/o being physically disabled and being bullied for it A/N: Hope you like it! Sorry for taking so long. BTS Dancing The Night Away With You. It had you crushed, and Jungkook’s first reaction was to be angry. Lately, Jin has been one of the most active members on Weverse. Then about a week later they see you again. Sure you had only been dating for a few weeks, but he couldn’t wait to see you any longer. These are the dates they will enlist in order based on their ages: Jin: 2020 Yoongi: 2022 Namjoon &amp; Hoseok: 2023 Jimin and Taehyung oh angst reaction…. He pushed the papers aside and sat down on the table in front of you. Yandere!BTS Reaction - Seeing You with Another Man ( I’m sorry it’s kinda trash @mazerunner353 ) Sitting across from your study partner, you take a sip of your coffee, leaning against the window with BTS reaction to you getting your dream job Jin: Jin was so proud of you when you called him about the news. And my most recent BTS reaction here. One day, when you and Hoseok were having an argument about whether it would be best for you to go with him and the boys on tour or not, there was a point when he started to raise his voice, not with the intention to scare you or make you feel vulnerable at all, it was just because he was starting to get frustrated with the whole tour. "[name]!!"Seokjin: Expect him to run to you and tackle you, laughing ad telling you how much he missed you. Hobi truly does want to spend a couple nights at yours to take care of you, but he’s always getting pulled away by his jam-packed schedule. :) This one received multiple requests lol. Despite bubbling Grammy buzz, BTS are extremely unlikely to win in 2018. 29 Jan 2018 Especially since he was dealing with threats from another Mafia he almost shot you. He’d feel angry at the person that did that to you, but he’d keep that to himself BTS Reaction to you having a panic attack/voices/triggered Mommy’s Note: Ever since what happened to me I have PTSD. Jun 08, 2016 · BTS Reacts to You Getting Hurt Jin: You had just got done performing and your boyfriend’s band, BTS, was up next. Today, your boyfriend was getting back from a long tour. I figured this would improve my writing skills plus hopefully I’ll get some unique ideas that haven’t been done before. I did this a little differently because I couldn’t come up with seven different ideas. Lucifer: - panic flashes across his face as he has jarring flashbacks to when Lilith was injured - His breathing becomes rapid as he clutches MC’s body in his arms, his hand supporting her cheek BTS Reacting To You Having A Surgical Scar. 💥 Link in bio for BTS reaction to you picking them up at the bar A/N: I’m back from camp, and have been sleeping for two days straight. Click to see how: http Zayn & Gigi Hadid Get Super Flirty In New BTS Vid From Vogue Shoot – Christine Dixie BTS reaction: they hit you in a serious argument. Anonymous requested: “Can I ask for a BTS GIF reaction, one where their bf/gf is super exhausted and falls asleep/faints on them while they’re both having a sort-of serious conversation? Is this like okay cause I feel like im explaining it weird lol? your blog btw!” BTS Reaction to You Fainting During Dance Practice Thank you for the request! Just to give this a little more context I’m writing this as if you’re in an idol group :) And sorry this took forever, I have decided to do a sort of BTS Sick Trilogy. You wrapped your arms around your belly, bitting you lips at the pain and fell to the floor. You were the one thing he always relied on and then you were gone, he had lost you forever. You should not use it to replace any relationship with a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. Jan 25, 2017 · BTS reacts to someone flirting with their s/o “Request: Bts reacting to someone flirting really hard with their s. If you have any request please leave them in the comments and I hope you enjoy. In Episode 98, BTS continued their pajama party with ASMR, chaotic karaoke, and a round of “guess that member”. ” Beginners luck! 5 Aug 2017 BTS' Reaction To You Crying Because You're Nervous About Getting Shots At The Doctors♡ (Requested) Kim Seokjin The two of you would  7 Jun 2018 You felt like death but just him being there next to you made you feel that much better. Hey, i made it like they join you to the hospital and their reaction for when they see you later. Jin would try to play it off and act like nothing was bothering him, but his S/O would know by his forced smile that something was wrong. o? ” Jin (Seokjin)Jin would be really lowkey about how angry he was when his s/o was Chanyeol: Chanyeol had been begging you to let him play with your hair and you’d finally agreed to let him. I love the music and the band but I don’t know the members quite as well as I’d like to. 2k A/N: enjoy <3 Originally posted by mochikotae “Why I can’t I go see the boys if you’re not there? They’re my friends as well,” you grumbled at Jeongguk, purposefully eating your Request: BTS reaction to their girlfriend being a complete bookworm. I was doing this  3 Mar 2020 Watch the Dark BTS Shots of BTS' 'On' Music Video The BTS video for BTS' 'ON ' MV is here! That being said, the 'Shooting Sketch' episode is a welcome piece of footage. If you want read korean lyricists and you know bts already i would recommend IU, epik high, Jonghyun, Akmu, zico and heize. how about a bts reaction to y/n getting out of the shower and purposely dropping her towel trying to get their attention because they've been working all day? (only of you feel up to it!!! i totally understand if you'd rather rest💕) shy anon~🐻 Big Hit Entertainment Pop I Went To My First BTS Concert And Learned What ARMY Is Really About The sold-out Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour opener at the Rose Bowl was an illuminating lesson in You had missed your shower so much that you didn’t think twice before jumping at it when you first got home. He wouldn’t want to talk about it much, but he’d hold his S/O a little bit tighter as they fell back asleep. He knew he had to be careful as to not further upset you. When you both heard the gun shot you let out a little yelp before falling to your knees holding your shoulder. He would tell you how to calm down, using what he used to do when he had the same problems BTS reaction to you picking them up at the bar A/N: I’m back from camp, and have been sleeping for two days straight. We’ve seen him flog Jamie before, but this is Nooooo. Check it on your theme options. “No, no, no, no!” You croak between desperate gasps. He’d eventually get the hint and would probably do everything in his power to make you feel better, even making a one am trip to the store to get you some of your favorite ice cream. “Ow! Please get off. He prefers to watch dramas and lengthy movies, but he’s willing to watch a few series with you (but only if he deems them good enough). BTS cooperates (whether well or not, depending on the person) and do the exchange, but as the other mob goes to hand you back, they shoot you in the back, right in “You really should be more careful jagiya…” he’d whisper carrying you off stage,after getting you home he would send a tweet out confirming rumors of you guys relationship, only because he wouldn’t risk something like this happening again and him not being able to take you because he had no relation with you. BTS reaction to you wanting to have 10 kids. You are never alone 💯 Halsey: No jokes right now. 12 Dec 2016 You were getting bored, so you decided to join them. As stated throughout this article, this is what the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes to be “recognized” signs and symptoms of an adverse reaction. You're likely to meet some fascinating people and get a rare glimpse into the creation process, be it movies, music, or what have Edit a BTS Video, Even if it's Not Your Job. Edit: YO “I NEED U” STARTED PLAYING ON MY SHUFFLE AS I WAS WRITING THIS AND NOW IM DEAD. Seokjin: You had warned him not to tickle you. He calls your name multiple times, worried and trying to fight off the tears. Jin: Jin would really just hug you and apologize to you for making it seem like he abandon you. In the end, though, he decided to take a shot and he got closer to your ear, taking advantage of the hug so it 1:16pm . One of the easiest ways to compose an image in street photography is to make sure that every element 13. It can be smut if you want to (extra point ) Sorry for my English… have a nice day! Oct 24, 2018 · Congrats, BTS! The group was awarded the Cultural Merit Medal in South Korea on Oct. I try to make these as gender neutral as possible for any male fans, it says so in the rules. Search. You wince and begin panting, trying to catch your breath; you then feel your legs give out beneath you and before you hit the floor, you’re in Yoongi’s arms. No appointment needed. Anonymous asked: BTS reaction to s/o being into anime. “Your sister got get shots when she was your age. You dropped the bottle of wine you had in your hands, shattering the glass to the ground. Feel free to request! Yandere bts reaction to you hitting them. Unfortunately during your song you had tripped on the wire connecting one of the amps bts reaction to you falling a/n- hello april!! i hope you like this ~ i tried to make it funny!! Seokjin- You and your boyfriend were simply taking a walk through the park, hand in hand and talking BTS Reaction: You faint during a fight. So this book is going to be BTS Reactions. ” Thanks for the request! I hope you like it BTS Reaction to: Their Crush is Afraid of Heights. I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I’m so disturbed by what I’m seeing. just having a great time dancing together. If you can’t offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence. As you twirled a lock of hair around your index finger, he  28 May 2018 Anon Asked: Mafia bts reaction to s/o being held at gun point,or being but were careful not to shoot because you were in the middle of it all. He would be immediately getting mad at himself, feeling guilty for making you cry. Kim Seokjin. He can hear your muffled through the door before he opens it. Prologue: you remembered screaming out your boyfriend’s name as well as the others at the top of your lungs suddenly you couldn’t hear your voice anymore you begin to freak out. If you were ever in the situation where you were terrified and panicking because of the height. Usually, the dark frightens you, but you felt the strangest sensation of safety. bts reaction to you getting shot

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