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8. Most Ford motorsport ctrate motors were fitted with these heads and the GT40 tubular manifold. 450 ft. 00 labor only to 1 pair of 289, 302 or 351W castings. com GT40/GT40P heads were a more free flowing cylinder head that outperformed the factory E7 heads that were found on most 5. A set of ford explorer gt40's or these NEW 302 / 351W FORD ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEADS 190cc 2. Designed for Speed and Performance. The valve seats have been cut on a There is some doubtful info in those specs-- balancing bobweights are speced at 760gm in sedan specs & 1780. 3. gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 4727 cm3 / 288. STEP 3: Position the new cylinder head gasket over the guide dowels on the engine block. Add to Favorites Lmr. The 5. 0L with the GT40P head had 9. The Light Blue Metallic Paint finish, Ford Racing Stripes, 17 Aluminum Wheels, and sweeping body lines are sure to turn heads wherever you go! Nov 15, 2019 · You can’t see the extra displacement; it just makes itself known with extra torque and horsepower. Nov 23, 2016 · The “Original” GT40 Intake. The P's not only outflow the original GT40 heads, but they do it everywhere. 050, a 650cfm carb/dual plane intake setup with small diameter longtube headers and mufflers. Well. As our foxes get older and more collectible people are starting to look at what performance parts were available in the early days and this post talks about the “GT40” family of intakes. Based on the inputs that I gave it put out a max hp of 351 and max torque of 454. The heads are back from the machine shop and they’re looking shiny and new. 0 302 Cylinder Head 1996-2001 Gt40p. boasting 200cc ports, plus 64cc exhausts ports that are substantially larger than OEM Ford heads. Pulled my heads to have them rebuilt due to bad valve but to my dismay. 0 with my mods I used my Mach 1 as a control. I believe it started in the mid/late ’80s with the tubular style intake manifold. We need pushrods that are appropriate for bolt-down rockers and flat-tappet motors. I believe the 94-95 gt's also had the gt40's stock. I. Although any after market head will be an improvement. STEP 4: Install the GT-40 heads on engine block and install mounting bolts. I also have my doubts whether or not the GT40 heads will create a power peak way up there. A GT40 head will have 3 vertical bars on the front of the head with a “GT” cast into the head just below the #1 exhaust. EcoBoost ® V6 Horsepower Standard 351 is around 260 hp give or take. there not as bad as you think. 2. Installing a High-Performance Cold Air Intake to increase horsepower. It starts with a  The Ford GT40 is an American high-performance endurance racing car. Ford Racing. 0 Explorers. 50tussin 39,283 views Aug 04, 2014 · We pulled it from the junkyard and added a Lunati hydraulic roller cam, some head mods, and an intake and carburetor and made a very impressive 375 real street horsepower. The early 96 Exporer had a unique GT40 type head. ! Fitted with aluminium Edelbrock E-Street USA performance heads Oct 25, 2009 · The GT40 heads have a nominal combustion chamber size of 64cc and the early 302 have a nominal combustion chamber size of 58. The "x" head is the newest alum head from Motorsport and will add ( going from memory ) 60 horse. Bassani 1-5/8 - 1-3/4 stepped long tube headers. cushmancompetition. It now out flows a GT-40 & Cobra intake according to flow numbers provided by Richard Holdener's 2000 Dyno Pulls book. II. 5:1 compression ratio, the Stage 1 Engine is built to provide winning and dependable performance for the GT40/R on the track and the street. GT40 by Active Power Cars! Ford 5. Quick view View Options. GT40 heads are only worth it if you find a set already rebuilt with performance springs, locks, and retainers. So now that I'm doin it all. These heads are fully CNC ported and have our priority racing valve job. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 1968 Ford GT40. 0 Aluminum Heads Gt40 Efi . 46" valves, and the stock E7TE's have 1. This vehicle was METICULOUSLY completed by the team at GT International, US importer of the CAV MK1 GT40. $345. By just changing the cam alone, it raised the hp to 397 (same Comp Cam as I have in my 425ci stroker) and made the torque 431 lb-ft. This valve (P/N: M-6507-J302) is constructed from heavy duty stainless steel that features a brilliant polished finish. 0L explorers). 60" exhaust valves and roller rocker arms round out the list of performance goodies. 0L with the GT40 head had a 9. For GT40P heads, you will find 4 vertical bars on the front of the head and it will be cast with a “GTP” just below the #1 exhaust. @philofab1 Jun 14, 2018 · Gurney was keen to better exploit the performance potential of the small-block 289 cid Ford V8 with which he was so familiar from his AC Shelby Cobra, Ford GT40 and Can Am experiences. and they cam tell you a cam to use. com or call (814) 237-4990 Ported Stock Lower Intake. I was pretty hesitant until I found these heads for $150 shipped so I didn't feel so attached that I didn't want to experiment with them. A podium in Sebring followed a month later, but the rest of the year and Le Mans was a disaster Nov 16, 2018 · These "X-Head" heads use GT-40 performance intake manifolds, and feature high temperature exhaust valve seats with bronze guides. 11. For more information please call. 00. 85/1. The GT40P heads originated on the 94 Mustangs and were fitted to the later Explorer 4 wheel drives. 0:1 compression. Automotive (289, E7) Cost per pair: $675 + shipping + core Material: Iron Combustion Chamber Size: Stock (289 = 54cc, early 302 = 59cc, E7 & 351W = 64 cc ) Hardware: Complete Rocker Mount Type: Pedestal or Screw-in stud Runner Volumes: Stock Valve Sizes: 1. 0 Fox Body Mustangs. . Other brands did the same thing under different names at Ford it was the GT40 head for the Windsor, at Chrysler it was the Magnum head for their LA block. Edlebrock intake/4 bbl with period-correct valve covers and air cleaner housing. so the flow is the same i think the flow is someitnhg like this: INT 196cfm @ . Stage 2 Engine The Stage 2 Engine benefits from the same block Jan 03, 2014 · The P head came out in the Explorer around 97/98 and was supposed to flow slightly better than the gt40 head and bump compression a touch yielding 215 hspr. Show Full Signature My daily driver has 16 cylinders and 4400hp @ 1000 rpm. I have ported GT40 heads and a trick flow intake. On the GT40P heads, the spark plug angles are different than GT40’s. good luck Reply With Quote 11-11-2006 10:51 PM #3 Performance CNC specializes in Precise Reverse Engineering of Racing Cylinder Head Ports and Chambers and the precise machining of Master Model Details using 5-Axis CNC Equipment. Mar 02, 2017 · GT40 heads TRACK DAY! Trojan Horse pt. Jul 01, 2019 · If you want to take your Ford vehicle to the next level of high performance racing, you should consider this Polished Stainless Steel GT-40 Head Intake Valve from Ford Performance. Save yourself the hassle and go with these GT40P specific headers from Ford Racing and save your spark plug boots from fire and burning. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. This intake has been welded in the corners to allow further porting. Same performance, but advertised horsepower dropped due to new correction method 1993 Cobra -- 235 HP Same cast pistons as 5. (JW) & Gulf Oil, under the capable direction of John Wyer, saw more potential in the GT40 platform as a Group Small Block Ford Cylinder Head Porting e-mail us: shadydell2005@aol. 5 Duff Monster,2" BL, 40" LTBs,Duff Ext Arms, 5. 7 V8 was detuned to 335 horsepower. Aug 20, 2016 · GT40p vs GT40 Heads and intake. they dont charge for that. You can indentify them easily two ways - the GT40 heads have three virtical bars on the front of the head with a "GT" cast into the head just below the #1 exhaust and the P heads have four vertical bars and "GTP" cast into them in the same place. 00 High Performance 66053 Exhaust Stock air flow on this head tops out at 190 cfm intake and 128 cfm exhaust. It needed to fit the heads without machine work, produce a decent seat and open load and allow for at least . Ford 289 302 351W 408 427 5. If your low on cash. These plentiful heads are all over the swap meets. Most flow numbers for SD Performance heads come from their Web Site updated May '15. The GT-40 has 310 HP and the Pro Boss has 300 HP. Premium Fuel Mag 117,391 views. Is there a aftermarket company making GT40 lower intakes for 351's? Im thinking of getting one to keep if I ever want to change out the 5. 700 Lift Springs 58cc. why spend the extra money when the gt40s will get the job done. Re: Horsepower potential based on cylinder head flow Way to many variables to give any kind of a real number but if you want to play around here is one that I have from a posting on speedtalk. Gt40 heads have a are made for a 7/16 head bolt for a 302 and you will have to have them drilled out for a 1/2 inch bolt to use them on a tall deck windsor, so why not just save your self the trouble and gain some real performance with a set of AFR heads that will bolt right on. The upside is that you would get bigger valves and better flowing ports. Superformance’s MKIII-R Gives the Classic Shelby Cobra a Striking New Look. 5L 647. 279. e exhaust, Cobra intake manifold, cold air intake, good air filter) will give a stout 275-325 HP at the crank (230-280 RWHP). $399. They both use the same heads and block but have different fuel delivery systems. C. The GT40 heads have thermactor holes built in to connect to the EGR/smog equipment whereas the GT40P heads us an Power Heads by P. Nov 19, 2019 · Producing 600 BHP, this car is mated to a five-speed transmission, sports an all-around set of high-performance vented disc brakes, independent front and rear suspensions, and an authentic head specs For use on 289/302/351 Windsor-style engines Improved air flow over original GT-40 cast iron and production heads Machined for 1. This engine hooked up to These "X-Head" heads use GT-40 performance intake manifolds, and feature high temperature exhaust valve seats with bronze guides. May 24, 2016 · The highefficiency figures produced made it possible to develop more than 100 hp per liter from a 10. Offering quality aftermarket parts specifically engineered and designed for your Ford Powered vehicle. The ground rules that got this head design to the level of producing such good performance are well within the grasp of every performance enthusiast. 6 May 2017 TRACK DAY! Strap in ladies and gents cause its time to get our drag onthis time we head out with our mighty junkyard gt-40's strapped down  Real world data seems to show that GT40 or GT40P cylinder heads, assuming no other mods on your Foxbody, are good to add anywhere between 20-40 HP (  8 Apr 2020 Most stock Fox Body Mustangs can expect an increase of 20-40 horsepower over stock heads (at the crank), so around 15-30 rear wheel  12 May 2009 I see a build up with the gt-40p heads on a 351 and they made 380hp. These heads have stock spark plug angles, location and will work in Early Mustangs with all common exhaust systems. 5 cc to raise the compression ratio a bit although the official compression ratio is 9. GT40 heads were originally used on Cobra Mustangs and the 5. I'm sure once you put on a decent intake, cam and headers it would help get you up closer to 300. com : Contact Info: Email Cushman ( that is around 55 to 60 WHP), but then that is what Customers are seeing cool?? SOOOooo. 3L), the kit had everything we needed, including heads, cam, lifters, gaskets, and even new pushrods designed That combo was, fully ported gt40 heads with 1. 8L lightning and also sold through Ford Motorsport. Use the appropriate torque specs for your application. . TE = 0. Maker: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan; Engine: Ford V-8 with Gurney-Weslake cylinder heads, overhead valves, 302 cubic inches; Transmission: 5-speed manual; Height: 40. This GT40 has only 194 miles and it was built to be enjoyed on the track or the road with features for quality, performance, and comfort. " Mar 02, 2017 · An overview of the difference between GT40p top end and GT40 top end. The GT40s have a slightly different looking outside on the end, so a eagle eye can spot them if looking for them. These heads have been shown to produce up to 40 HP on a mildly modded 5. GT-40 heads are only marginally better than E5/E7TE heads that came on production 351/5. 351 HO is around 285--290 hp. 544" lift. but selling the mav so. The GT40 heads have bolt-down rockers and came on roller engines, and our engines are flat-tappet engines with press-in stud-mounted rockers. Holley Engine is completely rebuilt with inch over bore kit all high comp pistons + rings, performance rocker rollers and pushrods, GT 40 heads. Careful planning and the right mix of parts can push the power close to 700 HP without exotic or costly components. AFR 185's and a comp cams camshaft. 600 HORSEPOWER Fuel Injected V8, Keith Black Aluminum Pistons, AFR Aluminum H… more Over 4 weeks ago on USClassifieds4all $46,900 1965 Ford GT 40 18,100 miles · Augusta, GA 11. (Please note these are not GT40P Explorer heads). The ones on production cars,the Mustang Cobras,Lightning pickups and the 96-97 Explorers had a spring very similar to the stock E7TE springs found on 87-95 Mustangs. I have a 86 fsb with a 302 efi. 2 mm (3 in) Compression : 10. The P's are still cast iron. Apr 08, 2020 · Most stock Fox Body Mustangs can expect an increase of 20-40 horsepower over stock heads (at the crank), so around 15-30 rear wheel horsepower. Ford. I was wondering how much these heads would raise my compression and if anyone trid this before was there any noticeable power gains May 28, 2004 · The 95-early97 Explorers had GT40 heads and the later97 up Explorers had GT40P heads. Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 Hours Product Code: 1746. There is definitely a science involved in choosing the right cam, but there's also a certain number of variables most of the time. Stock Status:In Stock. 0 L engine called the GT-40 head (casting ID F3ZE-AA). 5” Width: 70” Wheelbase: 95” Overall length: 164. Hey guys, would the torque specs for the head bolts on a ED Sprint (GT40 heads), be the same as E7 heads? I have a EF/EL Manual, and i have the torque specs for them. Cheap easy Horsepower for your Foxbody - Duration: 8:31. Just for reference here's my setup. For 289 and 302 block applications, you must use head bolt kit M-6065-D289 or the bolt and gasket kit M-6051-D50 to ensure proper installation. Whether on the road or on the track, every single element of the Ford GT was designed to deliver the extraordinary speed and exceptional handling found only in purpose-built racing cars. 2 gallons Fuel delivery Sequential electronic direct and port fuel injection Oil capacity 15. The GT40's have 1. The big difference here is the engine. Transaxle is a Getrag 6-speed with high performance clutch. You can calculate how much fuel you will need to produce a certain amount of HP with these calculations. Updated Aug. 46" valves. Chevrolet Performance’s Fast-Burn 23-degree cylinder heads deliver maximum performance for Small-Block engines. Without the supercharger, it would peak around 5400-5500. but u cant run more than 12 If you have the money get some out of the box GT40's and you'll be on your way to 300rwhp. 1 Having just won the 24 Hours of Le Mans two years running with GT40 variants that were now illegal, this was a convenient moment for Ford to suspend its works program. 5 cui, advertised power: 373 kW / 500 hp / 507 PS ( SAE ), torque: 637 Nm / 470 lb-ft, more data: 1968 Ford GT40 Mk IV (man. 5” Weight: 2186 pounds Horsepower: 425 @ 6000 rpm Pounds per horsepower: 5. Nov 22, 2006 · GT40 and GT40p heads are very good flowing factory heads. your limited on cam selection, like under . Apr 25, 2002 · Most aftermarket aluminum heads (Holley, Edelbrock, etc)= 220-230cfm TFS and AFR 165 = 250cfm Race heads = 260-280cfm Stock intake = 135cfm Explorer intake = 190cfm Cobra/GT40 intake = 200cfm The big flow aftermarket aluminum heads won't give you any hp over the GT40P heads if you don't have the rest of the setup to use them. Welcome to the Ford Performance Parts website. I blew a head gasket and forgot what i 1968 Ford GT40 Mark I, Chassis Number 1075 Maker: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan Engine: Ford V-8 with Gurney-Weslake cylinder heads, overhead valves, 302 cubic inches Transmission: 5-speed manual Height: 40. 1. Related: gt40 heads 3 bar gt40 intake gt40p heads gt40 intake manifold 302 heads gt 40 ford heads gt40x heads sbf heads 302 aluminum heads sbf aluminum heads. May 22, 2019 · Designed by TFS to supply as much as 455 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque (on an injected 5. 04062 207 892 8141 www. How To Identify GT40 Heads? GT40 heads can be found pretty much anywhere you look. Order Ford GT40 Performance Head Gasket online today. 550 lift which is good for my cam. But was wondering if the heads on this ed sprint would be different specs or not, or would they be the same as an AU v8 maybe? 1965 Ford GT40 by Active Power Cars VIN: NY74779 Check out this gorgeous 1965 Ford GT40 by Active Power Cars! This GT40 has only 194 miles and it was built to be enjoyed on the track or the road wi Oct 15, 2018 · I never have, but I hear it works very well with GT40 heads. And boy, does it sing. Cast iron GT-40 heads Shorter duration, higher lift camshaft 1. 85"/1. 92 (# per gallon) x 19,000 / 2545 (BTU per HP per hour) HP = TE x Fuel Flow (GPH) x 44. Ford Racing aluminum "Z" cylinder heads M-6049-Z304DA with 2. that was the only change between the two tests, and the difference in power speaks for itself. 4-liter V-8 fitted with four-valve heads and force-fed with a Roots-type Eaton supercharger. The over the counter GT40 heads had a 'special' GT40 spring package that was stiffer than the regular springs on production heads. heads. Horsepower Heads is far more than a traditional cylinder head porting company… Our point of difference comes from fully understanding the purpose of your engine and the application in which you will be using it. It features a chamber of about 59-60cc and has a relocated spark plug position and requires special headers for plug access. on the upside, u will have a bit more compression which will give u a few horses. The intake valves and ports were slightly larger on the early engines. Includes CNC machining, finish hand porting, … Continue reading → Gt40 heads/intake from a jy explorer, leave the stock cam alone, upgrade the fuel system, brackets from superchargersonline and a low mileage s trim from the classifieds. The Mk I, Mk II, and Mk to the 4. gt40 heads have 57 or 58cc cumbustion chambers. The early 1969 and 1970 heads had larger valves and ports for better performance. Based on that information, I would expect the GT40 Iron head to significantly outflow the P's, but that would prove an incorrect assumption. 600-inch intake/exhaust valves, 340-cfm intake, 240-cfm exhaust, and capable of more than 600 hp. Review This Product. O. In mid-1997, the Explorer and Mountaineer 5. 5 kgm) at 5500 rpm. Fitment With 289, 302, or 351 Windsor Engine Blocks ford 302 engine 97-01 explorer only gt40 heads Our Price: $ 2,064. See Details. Just built a 302 and it needs a set of heads to work right on it. The Lightning guys are the kings of making power with a 351 based motor. GT 40 Parts; Current Project : CUSHMAN COMPETITION 6 William Knight Road Windham Me. 1:1 compression. in time for the 50th anniversary of Ford's first win at the Circuit de la Sarthe, chassis P/1046 heads off for a 20-month restoration. Jan 18, 2015 · if you have flat top pistons, you need to mull those heads to around 57 cc's to get the best performance from them with premium gas. 0L (basic modifications, i. B303 cam with idle and revs - Duration: 2:06. The car made 315hp and 330tq. 0 . We have 12 cars for sale for superformance gt40, from just $55,999 Aug 05, 2019 · The GT350 makes 526 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. When my poor ass gets some good heads, I'll do a custom cam. Also note the TB runner as a bend in it to clear the bolt tube. Oct 31, 2018 · But Superformance has been selling GT40 continuations for years. These heads have been remanufactured using refaced reclaimed Factory Valves. p heads arent the best head out there but they can take a boosted set up far enough to crack the stock block. “That’s the head I want for this project The origins of the Ford GT40 and the victory at Le Mans in 1966. 6:1: Valvetrain : 2 valves / cylinder, OHV Fuel feed : 4 Weber 48 IDA Carburettors Aspiration : Naturally Aspirated: Power : 425 bhp / 317 kW @ 6,000 rpm Torque : 540 Nm / 398 ft lbs @ 4,750 rpm May 27, 2011 · If you're going to supercharge the motor, GT-40's will support enough to make over 400 easily, where E-7's would have a hard time of it. The car only loves 93 and I have a bet with The GT40P heads had a small combustion chamber ranging from 58-61cc while the GT40 heads had a 63-66cc combustion chamber. 7-liter engine was detuned to 306 bhp (228 kW), the shock absorbers were softened, the shift lever was moved to the center, an ashtray was added, and the car was available with the steering wheel on the left side of the car. CFM racing carburetor. This engine family was the same as that which provided the first 255 cid pushrod engines used by Team Lotus at Indy in the rear of Lotus 29’s raced by Dan and 302 / 5. Fortunately, J. Iron heads have the ability to make more horsepower than aluminum heads, since they have a slight difference in amount of torque. I just ran this against the flow numbers on my 4 cyl import motor and this actually came pretty darn close --Seriously within 2HP --- Go figure. GT40 & GT40P Head Specs Helping to make the 240hp and 340-lbs. Instead of a V-8, the Future GT Forty uses a 3. Ford 289 302 351w 408 427 5. In some cases, we may offer 2 different CNC ported versions such as our Stage 3 ported LA or magnum Edelbrock heads, and the BigMouth heads with pushrods moved over to widen the port at the pushrod restriction and increase the port volume. Aug 17, 2017 · At Daytona in 1965, the MkII GT40 scored its first win, with Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby at the wheel. Power is delivered to the wheels through a 5 speed manual gearbox. This makes conventional headers very hard to use because of spark plug boot clearance . 0 liter (427 cubic inch) V8 borrowed from the Ford Galaxie. Basically the cam and the heads are killing you. HP = TE x Fuel flow (GPH) x 5. 94" intake 1. Fitment With 289, 302, or 351 Windsor Engine Blocks cast iron block, aluminium head Displacement : 4,942 cc / 301. Add a highly efficient combustion chamber design and larger valves and you have big bolt-on power. Got a buddy that had a basic cobra setup in a coupe, iron GT40s, cobra intake, stock GT cam or E cam, can't remember, AOD, small turbo, that went [email protected] Full weight, full interior coupe with just a stock 302 with the above parts. If you’re seeking an aggressive camshaft and 400 horsepower, stock cylinder heads probably won’t be your casting of choice. 0L Cobra motor is a about a 25 horsepower bump up from the stock 5. Ford also modified the cam, used 1. TMOSS posts all the time about the lower being the restriction on the 8. 0 COBRA GT40 CYLINDER HEADS. 8 mass air with 255k and still runs great - ( though i 1965 Ford GT40 by Active Power Cars VIN: NY74779 Check out this gorgeous 1965 Ford GT40 by Active Power Cars! This GT40 has only More. Weiand 8020WND Stealth Intake Manifold 221/260/289/302ci Fits GT-40 and TFS head (Fits: Ford GT40) BBK Performance Parts. 02" intake valves and 1. 3,196. The company is Tri-state they want $598 for a pair that come with springs good up to a . PCM GT40 is 310. 0 L heads were revised and renamed GT40P. Otherwise you'll have $700 in them before you know it, at which point you can get used iron performance heads which will provide better power. Or you can use modern heads and actually gain significant horsepower and not have a two-decade-old piece of cast iron inside your engine waiting to break down. 8 had 205 hp and 300 tq at the same rpm - the lightning ( first gen ) have the ubove mentioned gt 40 heads and intake - it looks more like a mustang engine ( single throttle body ) 245 hp and 340 tq - i have a 95 5. 00 labor only to 1 pair of heads. Dec 11, 2009 · 326 hp gt40 cobra intake e303 cam HCI swap on a 94 GT Ok second dyno numbers back up the first! 1994 5. 8 oz/in @180°26'??))) [ presumably a misprint as the 1780 gm figure is around the correct # for those components]-- Only the #1. 080/1. They have some casting marks. You can run any intake you want. 5" SL, 1" BL Ford 289 302 351w 408 427 5. Automotive Engineering Ltd. $1,795. Horsepower 380 Torque 360 302cid Horsepower 450 Torque 430 347cid Runs on 93 octane for hot street Dart Iron 180cc after market heads Custom speced camshaft Summit single plane intake $1850 #101289 BUY NOW Horsepower 390 Torque 360 302cid Horsepower 460 Torque 430 347cid Aug 22, 2017 · If you want to increase the horsepower, you’ve essentially got to find ways to move more air in a greater volume through your engine. Exact numbers vary, but this engine made approximately 350 horsepower in race trim. 6 cu in: Bore / Stroke : 101. Nov 15, 2019 · Replica 1966 Ford GT40 MKII used in ‘Ford v Ferrari’ heads to auction It’s powered by a custom Roush V8 stroked to 511 cubic inches that makes 600 horsepower, with a performance fuel The heads were newly-designed cast iron items with hemispherical combustion chambers and a single overhead camshaft over each head, operating shaft-mounted roller rocker arms. The C392FT is loaded with high performance internals including the Sportsman block, forged steel crankshaft, forged pistons and connecting rods and a hydraulic roller camshaft. 54" valves, GT40P's have 1. 60" exhaust 50 State Smog Legal: Depends on stock Nov 15, 2019 · With the 1966 GT40 Mk II, Henry Ford II's quest to beat Ferrari at Le Mans was complete. 306 x303cam gt40 heads that motor was going in my mav. You can always upgrade after the fact. The P's have less head CC's than stock 351 heads on these boats, GT40's as well. Does anyone know for sure without a doubt if the gt40 or gt40p heads will bolt on without any mods GO AFR or stay with what you have, and switch to an x303 ford racing cam. 430 HP small block Ford power. With 1. With all of our stage 3 modifications, the car put down an impressive 279 horsepower, and 317 ft/lbs of torque, making for a solid gain of 85 horsepower over our baseline numbers. Not only did I have a chipped valve but a cracked head. 302 / 5. with the gt40 and a intake ud be luckey  The GT40P is a modified version of the GT40 Cobra heads that came standard on 97-back 5. 5 in If anything, it will make less power. The gains are largely attributed to the iron GT40 cylinder heads. Product Jun 17, 2016 · That was only after abysmal 1964 and 1965 seasons, though, and many upgrades to the GT40. Figure $15,000 for a Wanted: Gt40 or aluminum heads Kingston 09/07/2020 Looking for gt40 heads or performance heads for 302 Jun 27, 2002 · The first gen Lightning had a full roller EFI 351w with iron GT40 heads. 8 mass air fords have 210 [email protected] and 315 tq @3000 - and factory roller cams - speed densidy 5. Read reviews, browse our car inventory, and more. I have some gt40p heads that I was going to enlarge the head bolt holes so they would fit a 351w. 0 H. 29 1989 Mustang GT Budget Fox Body Drag Car - Duration: 16:40. ford 302 engine 97-01 explorer only gt40 heads Our Price: $ 2,064. 0226 x HP / TE . 5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 just like the Rated power (still SAE gross) rose to 164 hp (122 kW) at 4400 rpm, with a peak torque of 258 lb⋅ft (350 N⋅m) at 2200 rpm. Founded in 2007, we offer an extensive selection of cylinder heads for Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC performance engines. One day later, Alex had created our first Gt40 SBF spring kit, ready for testing. There are 4 different types of GT40 head. 0 HO head casting to meet their airflow targets. 4. The best 351W head castings were produced from 1969 to ’74, with right-sized chambers, ports, and valves for the 289/302. 78"/1. 99. 7 liter (289 cubic inch) based on that of the Ford Mustang. 1968 Ford Mark I, Chassis Number 1075. so they will give an increase in compression ratio as well. Check out this gorgeous 1965 Ford GT40 by Active Power Cars! This GT40 has only 194 miles and it was built to be enjoyed on the track or the road with features for quality, performance, and comfort. Edelbrock. Built by Keith Craft Performance Engines, this $20,000 mill puts out 520 horsepower. I am trying to keep my bbk shorty headers . 500 EX 139 @ . i seriously doubt that. When “Undercover Ported“, the GT-40 head will flow 202 to 210 cfm intake and 145 on the exhaust side. _____ All you would expect from a 351 with GT40s or AFR 165s is mid 300 at the wheels? Mid 400 would be easily obtainable. 80' in the 1/8 on bf drag radials. CNC Ported Heads. Posts: 8777 Generally speaking, GT40 or GT40P heads on a mild 5. UC-GT40 “UnderCover Porting” to GT-40 heads $995. After I got them back to the shop I applied brakleen to the outsides of them and then masked them off. Individual throttles feed CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads through big valves opened by a roller cam, and the exhaust is the well-known GT40 “bundle of snakes. tru a set of untouched gt40 heads to make 320 hp. capri man Gearhead . so roughly 400hp, give or take 20-30 You gotta be careful with the springs on non-P (Cobra style) GT40 heads. You can get used GT40 or GT40P heads for VERY cheap (the P heads were used on '96-'99? 5. GT40's are a good head and a good HP increase the Ps are a better head ( shorter plugs or 45* boots to resolve the header issue). The "p" head was a GT-40 reworked by Ford to use on the 5. GT40/GT40P heads were a more free flowing cylinder head that outperformed the factory E7 heads that were found on most 5. 1972 AMC Javelin AMX. Yes those heads will work. There isn't a lot of info out there on these heads. 72 Sport Frame off, 3. 0226 x HP / fuel flow (GPH) Fuel flow (GPH) = 0. May 08, 1995 · hp numbers hi - 5. 8 Aug 2003 They actually flow better than the GT40 iron heads. Install these on my 1988 mustang gt with gt40 heads, so far bolt are doing great awesome product for the money (2) See All Buying Options GT40 Tube Intakes The upper intake that is probably the next step up in size is the SVO tubular GT40 upper. That combination developed 278 hp at 5,200 rpm and 315 lb-ft of torque at 4,100 on Westech Performance's SuperFlow 901 engine dyno. 1998 Ski Nautique (Red/Silver Cloud), GT-40, Perfect Pass Stargazer 8. 4-liter, supercharged V-8 putting out 500 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of A 406 cubic inch small block is one of the most popular choices for Chevy powered sportsman drag racers seeking strong reliable power at reasonable cost. 05 | eBay I have never messed with my heads they are stock. The engine was only rated at 215 hp but at least had 9. 0 Explorer. 24. Our cylinder heads are cast according to FLOTEK design parameters and assembled and inspected at our facility in Evansville, Indiana. So the downside would be that you would lose compression ratio. Various designs were tested on the dynamometer and the final design of 32" length and 2. how did they work? is he happy with them? and can you guys tell me what the deal is with gt40 parts? sry thats vauge but i mean like i hear of them comming off explorers and cobras and stuff, are they just stock parts for cobras and explorers? and then they have the ford racing aluminum ones and then there is the x,y,p different head moddles can you guys Hello all, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what to torque the head bolts to on GT40 aluminum heads. 0 Explorer EFI, NP435,D20 twin stick, F/W's Locked with 5. The changes did in fact favour, the original, small-block GT40, which due to the large number of cars built easily met the homologation requirements. It runs good but I think the TFS intake is too much for the heads. With those numbers in hand, we made three changes in two steps: first, we bolted on a set of Air Flow Research's 50-state-legal 165cc aluminum cylinder heads. 5 Feb 2020 Essentially, you can port your E7TE heads, which will earn you about thirty horsepower, or you can upgrade to GT40 heads, which will also  2 Mar 2017 An overview of the difference between GT40p top end and GT40 top end. We are offering a pair of original Ford Cobra 5. ” Not only do GT40P heads flat out outflow regular GT40 heads, they also create more compression and a more even and more complete burn in comparison to regular GT40 heads. The GT40 Mk II was powered by a big-block 7. You could tell the difference. The first race of the year was in Daytona and for the first time, the Fords completed an endurance race taking first and third, with a Shelby Cobra (running a Ford engine) sandwiched in between in second place. One of the first changes made for the 1966 racing season was the establishment of the Le Mans Committee, which was comprised of the heads of a number of Ford divisions involved, including the Engine and Foundry, General Parts, and also expanded the role of the Dearborn Motorsports Ford GT40 #1075 on exhibit at Henry Ford Museum. Jul 10, 2020 · A big reason why that stuff is gone today is the new, highly efficient, fast burning chambers you see coming on the LT1 and LT4 of the early 1990’s and the L31 Vortec of the mid 90’s. 500 a good way to figure horsepower n/a is to double the intake flow number's cfm and that's a ballpark of the hp level that the heads are capable of with n/a. There are currently 50 test miles on the vehicle. 6 rockers/65mm TB: Jun 07, 2011 · Wich would you guys recommend me buying. call them and ask. To identify your GT40/GT40 heads, look for a "GT" or "GT40P" stamp inside the heads or a three bar (GT40) or 4 bar (GT40P) stamped on the side of the head. 25" diameter headers proved to obtain optimum power at high RPM (6000-7000 The 1966-1967 Ford GT40 Mark II-B is powered by an eight-cylinder 90 degree vee pushrod engine with a 90 inch wheelbase and weight of 2,398 pounds. of torque was a tuned dual exhaust system that artfully snaked down one side of the chassis, as the F-150’s dual fuel tanks occupied the other side. In 1996, Ford used GT40 heads on Explorers, Mountaineers and Lightnings, until the GT40s were replaced in mid-production 1997 with upgraded GT40P heads. 0 engine. These GT40P heads for the works! They received all brand new Ford valve seals, keepers & retainers. The GT40 heads were originally designed for the Mustang Cobra (the performance version of the Mustang) and were cast iron. $16. Among other things, the P has reangled spark plug  21 Aug 2015 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - GT40 heads on 5. The GT-40 head is a good budget casting because Ford cast this head for the Mustang and for Ford Motorsport SVO, Ford’s aftermarket performance parts group, as M-6049-L302. From my understanding, z304 heads are just canfields made for ford racing. For this size of engine, it just needs to breathe better. 7 litre, overhead valve 8 cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder. however, u could get pistons with deeper valve reliefs if u wanted to run a larger cam. Cheap easy Horsepower for your Foxbody 392 CI - 430HP GT-40 Aluminum Head M-6007-D351RT - Ford Racing Crate Motor Now we're talking. GT40 50th Anniversary Future 40 news 07/16/2020. Git er done and enjoy it!! Use Ford Performance M-6065-BOSS Head Bolt Set or Ford Performance M-6014-BOSS Head Stud Kit Use Ford Performance Head Gasket M-6051-CP331 or M-6051-S331 or for "Big Bore" application, use M-6051-R351 ; Must use Ford Performance M-6065-D289 Head Bolt Kit to install heads on 289/302 production blocks Ford Performance "X2" heads use either GT-40 Dec 12, 2007 · in a 5. They had the smaller "P" valves, and the smaller "P" combustion chambers, but the regular GT40 spark plug angles. Product 1968 Ford GT40 technical specifications and data. with the distributor vacuum line plugged, 10 btdc at idle and around 34 at around 2800 rpm are a good place to start. What a difference in performance too. You'll need new springs for any lift over . They flow much better than hipo 289 heads, which flow exactly the same as standard 289 heads. 56 Trac locs front and rear, '76 disc, Ford 9", Drums, WH 3. FLOTEK is a leading brand of aluminum high-performance cylinder heads. Also, a set of GT40P heads will beat a set of GT40 irons for flow and consequently hp and tq for use in a boat where the rpms are not crazy. I would suggest nothing bigger then a GT40. 94/1. Ford offered a performance head that was a stock part on 1993–1995 Mustang Cobra models and pre- 1997-1/2 Ford Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers equipped with the 5. 54 exhaust valves. newer GT40 heads are basically 351W spec heads with bolt down rockers. Ford hired Roush Industries to help out and rework the then-current 5. 7 rockers/65mm TB: 330hp/375lbft (285rwhp/325rwtq T5, 250rwhp/290rwtq AODE) GT40X heads/E303 cam/GT40 intake/1. In the world of my budget, it would depend what I came across cheap, If you found 289hp or 69-70 351w or gt40 heads they would all be fine. 0 mustang and super fords test on a 393 stroker, only switching from GT40 aluminum heads to AFR 185s they picked up 75 hp. Early Explorer engines (1995 to 19971/4) came with GT-40 Heads, easily indentified by the 3 vertical ribs on the front and rear of the heads or the "GT" cast into the corner of the head just outside the valve cover. Lumpy cam, full edelbrock performer RPM top end, BBK cold air intake, bbk shortie hedders, full magnaflow dual exhaust, have one piece headlights for it, all MSD ignition set up with Ford racing 9mm wires. It has a stepped design for each row of tubes where they access the plenum. View Details. It was sort of a hybrid GT40/GT40P head. In 1996, Ford used GT40 heads on Explorers, Mountaineers and Lightnings, as a 1973 400-cubic-inch engine with 175 horsepower, originally installed in a  2 Jan 2016 The real budget route and get a set of GT40 heads. 5 kW / 485 hp / 492 PS ( SAE ), torque: 644 Nm / 475 lb-ft, more data: 1966 Ford GT40 Mk II (man. Also view our other article explaining what GT40 head are! May 07, 2014 · REMANUFACTURED FORD 302 5. 302 306 Ford Long Blockengine Cradlewith Oil Pan Tc Ford Gt-40 P Heads. Nov 10, 2019 · With a team consisting of Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, Bruce Mclaren, and Chris Amon, Ford Total Performance was born and its lovechild was the Ford GT40 Mk. 2 . you need to maximize your ignition timing buy setting the advance curve . 360, 291 heads, Comp Cam, Indy rockers, R4B intake, Holley Carb. not every cam is custom . With almost 425 hp and a 10. Does that mean that all angled GT 40 heads that are angled are P heads and require special headers? '74 Bronco, Dana 44, Ruff Stuff TRO, 4. See the pictures below. Ford 351W Heads CNC Sportsman Porting to 289 / 302 or 351W factory Ford castings. It has 900 hp and weighs 1,600 lbs. The only better option would probably be a custom grind (although there very well could be an off-the-shelf cam that fits your setup perfectly). The GT40 Mk 1 used a 4. 331. 9gms in GT40 section plus GT40 Flywheel is (((9. Posted on May 07, 2014 by promarengine. 450" and the only cast iron exhaust manifolds worth a damn are '69-70 351W pieces or reproduction HiPo's. 8:31. As far as intakes go they are the same heads as the GT40s just the spark plug port is slightly more angled. 2 cc. Starting with the outboard side of the throat, as with the intake, the throat Alex's Parts Specializes in: Valve Spring Kits for GT40, GT40P, LT1, Vortec, LS1 Valve Spring Kits, Beehive Springs, Valve locks and Viton Valve Seals. Most flow numbers for Scott Johnston heads come from them Web Site updated July '09. Ford engineers had a lot of experience with extracting horsepower from the 427 in the NASCAR vehicles. Nov 19, 2004 · gt40 heads Performance Car Forums . $300. Iron and aluminum heads have a difference in flow as well. The Le Mans winner runs the larger 7. 8 with stock intake and exhaust?. My supercharged 351W with considerably larger heads and a Motorsport F303 cam peaks at 5800rpm. 0L Coyote V8, 6-Speed Manual, Custom Chassis. 0:1 compression, and the 5. other than those two heads i think stock 351 heads are better than the rest of the heads for the windsor engine. It put down 352rwhp at 6200rpm. 5:1 CR engine, running service-station 92-octane premium fuel. The colder air is, the denser it is. Read more >  1 Whatney Irvine, CA gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 6997 cm3 / 427 cui, advertised power: 361. 0z (Zbox), Acme #422, Tunable Rudder. Performance/Custom (57) Items (57) Direct Replacement (55) 87-93 Ford Mustang Cobra GT40 IRON Engine Cylinder Heads GT 40 REBUILT 302 OEM. 65-liter supercharger making 12 psi of boost, the GT500 makes 760 horsepower at 7,300 rpm and 625 pound-feet of torque Topping your engine with a set of aftermarket cylinder heads is a near-certain method for making more horsepower and torque but is the extra power really worth the money? We answer that question for people who are running a typical street-cruising small-block Chevy V8. The car did even better throughout the power band, picking up as much as 103 horsepower, and 107 ft/lbs of torque, throughout the curve. 72:1 ratio rocker arms Cast aluminum GT-40 style intake 65 mm throttle body, 24 lbs-hr injectors, 70mm mass air meter 300 for a custom cam isnt gonna happen with gt40's. 0L HO Mustang motor. Oct 13, 2006 · the gt40p's are almost identicle to the gt40 heads from FRPP, one being alum one being iron obviously. 94" intake and 1. A word of caution though: just behind the valve guide and in front of the thermactor divot is a water jacket, so be careful in this area. The D351RT is loaded with high performance internals including the Sportsman block, nodular iron crankshaft, forged pistons and connecting rods and a hydraulic roller camshaft. Skip navigation GT40p vs GT40 Heads and intake. Installation of new guide dowels may be needed. In planning this 600-hp Cleveland stroker, Jim said he wanted to try Trick Flow’s new PowerPort Cleveland CNC 225, a CNC-ported aluminum casting with 225-cc intake ports, 60-cc chambers, 2. that will probally have more hp and be a broader cam and cost the same as Mar 01, 2009 · The first GT40 wasn’t successful, but Ford won in 1966 with the Mark II version. Get the best deals on Exhaust Manifolds & Headers for Ford GT40 when you shop the largest 289 GT40P Cylinder Heads. 7:1 rocker arms, and tweaked the air-fuel delivery to match. I know my cam is too much for that combo. 427 Cubic Inches with 600 Horsepower and 590 lbs/ft of Torque. In the road-going GT40 Mk III, the 4. Find ford 302 from a vast selection of Cylinder Heads & Parts. 1968 Ford GT40 Mark I ‘Gulf Oil’ In 1967, the CSI changed regulations such that a three-litre capacity limit was imposed on prototypes which eliminated the 427 Fords. 45 intake and exhaust valves and 65 cubic-centimeter combustion chambers, the GT40 head was better suited for performance than earlier Ford cast-iron cylinder heads. Kevin, The Pro Boss is NOT a GT-40. Weber carburetors, rated at 425 hp (431 PS; 317 kW) at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 395 lb⋅ft (536 N⋅m) at 4,750 rpm. They were most famous for their debut on the 1993 Cobra. ft. Desktop dyno says 410 horse at the crank. GT40 with 7/16 head bolt size (came on OE 302s) GT40p with 7/16 head bolt size (came on later OE 302s) GT40 with 1/2 head bolt size (came on Gen1 lightning and super rare Mustang Cobra Rs) Ford aftermarket GT40s with both size head bolts Only heads with a 1/2 head bolt hole will work on a 351w. 60 valves, comp cam xe270, 75mm tb,24 1b injectors and electric fan,4inch power pipe. Free Same Day Store Pickup. When it comes to high performance replacements for factory cast iron heads, World's WINDSOR SR. The valvetrain consisted of valves larger than those on Ford wedge head engines, made out of stainless steel and with sodium-filled exhaust valves to prevent the valve On the other hand if you need a high performance, "stock replacement" head, buying the raised port "bolt-on" heads can be a expensive mistake. 38s, home made full hydro steering Aug 12, 2002 · The "y" heads were the first aluminum heads that Motorsport came out with. Torque in 3 steps using the shown in Figure 1. just makes them better, yes!! Horsepower (SAE) 647 hp @ 6250 RPM Torque (SAE) 550 lb-ft @ 5900 RPM Recommended fuel 93-octane Fuel capacity 15. You're going to need a lot more duration to make it peak 1000rpm higher. 0 Carb & EFI Cylinder Head. 0 Mustang Aluminum Heads Gt40 Efi Or Carburetor Oct 21, 2002 · Lead by respected, daresay revered, performance god John Coletti, SVT Engineering built a worthy DOHC 5. 529 lift cause the cumbustion chambers are smaller. listen to mine. Apr 09, 2017 · The original GT40 race heads also flowed 195cfm on the intake side and 152cfm on the exhaust side at. 0-liter V8 used in later cars, good for 485 horsepower and 475 That 351w version of the GT-40 had a different lower as well. My 351w is a 1974 with stock heads and pistons. They got a 3 angle valve job and a bead blast. a gt40 combo is good for +/- 280rwhp tuned. In 2016 Shelby American announced 20 special edition GT40's for the 50th anniversary of the legendary 1-2-3 finish at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. W. For the October 1966 issue, we took a deep dive into the car. 6 rr cobra intake 75mm tb e cam 42 lb injectors s trim super charger (10lb boost) full exhaust (no cats) stock fuel lines (255 pump) 500 rwhp (chris at the dyno edge made it happen) GT40 heads are a factory small block ford head found on a certain vehicles. Follow me on Instagram. Hope that answers your questions. alum gt40 x heads ford racing 1. 3 quarts Lubrication 4-Stage External Dry Sump Oil Pump EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings 11 mpg city, 18 mpg highway, 14 mpg combined. All kits consist of assembled heads, intake manifold and camshaft. 54" exhaust valve diameters Unlike some aftermarket heads our GT-40 heads use either stock or performance: intake manifolds, headers, and valve covers Another reason why iron heads are preferred is that they do not transfer much heat during combustion like aluminum. My goal was to create a set of heads that flowed well for cheap. Some of the raised port heads such as the Edelbrock VIctor and SUper Max Wedge Victors have "extended" intake surfaces so that stock type intake will fit. Ford GT40 MK1 replica by Tornado Sports Cars, built and SVA/IVA tested and registered 12/07/2013 with Just 480 miles from new. They will add 40 hp over a stock head and weigh 25 pounds less per head than the cast irons. '12 — and were converted from 10" to 28". Aftermarket Cylinder Heads. The 94-95 Mustang Cobra was rated at 240 hspr with GT 40 heads. Refine After discussing the cam specs, Alex smiled and agreed to build a kit for him. Variations include the option to take the motor to 415ci, 421ci or even 434 cubic inches if so desired Detailed features and specs for the Used 2006 Ford GT including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Heads were milled from 64cc down to 62. The gt 40's ported and polished made 270 hp at the rear wheels, the E7te's made 254hp fully ported and polished. 0 is pushing 326 hp! Since these numbers are so far above what the general consensus is for a 5. Suddenly the GT40 began to not only look like a racing car, but to perform like one. ) Please note this engine comes with the GT40 heads. An important part of Jun 13, 2014 · These engines came with the GT40P head, which even with its small valves, offers really good performance. Remanufactured Ford 5. 2 cobra\gt-40 intakes. The GT-40 P head is the ultimate cast iron head but it was really the production head for the 97 1/4 up 5. See also: Complete Cylinder Head Assemblies The Mk IV actually used the exact same 7. The combustion chambers of GT40P heads are also more efficient than GT40 heads due to the relocated spark plug. VIN: NY74779. but if you were gona leave it na then i would say get some better aluminum heads too This is my first attempt to modify any cylinder heads. Its not to be confused with the carb and TBI versions of the HO 351w (which had GT40 heads), which were rated anywhere from 285 to "300+". It ran 7. Feb 05, 2020 · Essentially, you can port your E7TE heads, which will earn you about thirty horsepower, or you can upgrade to GT40 heads, which will also earn you about thirty horsepower. Entered by Shelby-American, the Ford GT40P heads/stock cam/GT40 intake/1. 2 Oct 2012 Well, I have run GT40, GT40p, and D0OE heads. He says the upper is good to ~ 260-70 cfm range as is. I would say they would cost you 60 to 75 hp depending on cam/compression ratio etc. Just looking to get rid of the restrictive heads and go with May 17, 2006 · My plain gt40 irons were good for 567@15psi, I dont see why the GT40X heads wouldnt be capable of 650, assuming you can keep them from lifting. 0 Mustang Aluminum Heads GT40 EFI OR carburetor E-Force HP by A main priority of the GT40 was extracting as much horsepower from the engine. 00s at say 3200 lbs is going to The P head exhaust port has a lot of sharp edges and can really benefit from just a little grinding. It was a success because the modified HO head castings actually flowed better than the ’68 GT40 race heads! The car had four headlamps, the rear part of the body was expanded to make room for luggage, the 4. This causes some intrusion into the TB runner. 84 intake and 1. then adding the port/bowl/valve job. They are brand new bare castings that have never been installed or assembled. Apr 03, 2003 · I've heard that the aftermarket GT40 heads (cast iron) are supposed to add 30 horsepower to even a stock mustang GT. Hey all. 6 mm (4 in) / 76. Professional Cylinder Head Porting. Cheaper than a full new HCI and way more power. That should do the trick too. 5” Weight: 2186 pounds Find used car at the best price. Jun 20, 2020 · The Ford GT40's engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 4. CO2, emissions, per The "GT40" was the multiport EFI PCM HO 351w and was always rated at 310hp (it was available 95-02). NOTE: Ford Racing They simply won't do that. 500 inch lift. This 1966 Ford GT40 MKI has a 408 C. 0 GT40 cast iron cylinder heads. 0:1 and were topped off with a set of Crane 1. 8's through '97. 5) Horsepower/Torque Curve; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4267 mm / 168 in, width: 1778 mm / 70 in, wheelbase: 2426 mm / 95. 5 4 bolt cap pn's are listed-- none for center main. Mar 07, 2003 · GT40p heads peak horsepower was 310@5000 with 363ft/ lbs@3500 The worked 351 heads showed peak power of 328@5000 and 380ft/ lbs@3500 I used b303 cam numbers @. I would look to spend about $200. 8 - Will GT40 heads fit a 5. Review This All flow numbers for Sabre Heads come from their Web Site. 0-liter V-8 engine that the Mk II GT40 used, and it produced 500 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 470 pound-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm. Join the Private Label Porting Program: We keep your Name and Design Confidential. 4) Horsepower/Torque Curve; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4140 mm / 163 in, width: 1753 mm / 69 in, wheelbase: 2413 mm / 95 in Jun 28, 2019 · With the GT40 intake you are sure to add increase performance to your stock intake on your Fox Body and we hope this article gave you more insight on the different options you can get. Ford 302 — 302 HP (Bronco IV) from $4490 (torque range 344 - 351 ft lbs) Ford 302 — 322 HP (Bronco V) from $4690 (torque range 348 - 357 ft lbs) Ford 302 — 340 HP (Bronco VI) from $5290 (torque range 351 - 361 ft lbs, depending upon cam choice. In stock form these cars put out roughly 220 horsepower at the rear-wheels. fwhp (298whp/330wtq last dyno) and the theoretical maximum hp that can be achieved from  27 Jan 2015 The 1966 Le Mans-winning Ford GT40 Mk II in 2006. ive seen a couple 347 builds with gt40 heads not  Aluminum 351W; 427CI Stage III (600 HP). they can choose a better grind than the aphabet cams that ford has. Jul 13, 2020 · In fact, the concept too was drivable and behind the driver and passenger was a John Coletti-tuned, SVT-built DOHC, 5. 9-liter engine (302 cubic inches), with custom alloy Gurney–Weslake cylinder heads. lbs. Where to find GT40 or GT40P cylinder heads I found a set of GT40 heads in the mustang mag the othere day. Meaning the more air per volume. An aluminum head casting – distinguished by Chevy Bowtie logos at each end – and a valvetrain with high-rpm, LS-style beehive-type valve springs stretches the performance range of the heads to enable greater power at a higher rpm. Here are some specs for this engine: Cylinder heads: GT-40 heads previously sold by Ford Motorsports SVO with 1. Stock flow on cylinder #5 was Ford Performance Intake Valve GT-40 Head Stainless Steel Polished. In this application it has an output of 335 bhp (340 PS/250 kW) of power at 6250 rpm, and maximum torque of 476 N·m (351 lb·ft/48. 1,299. 1965 Ford GT40 by Active Power Cars. 7 ratio full roller rockers. From the Ground Up. Thanks to a 2. VALVE JOB, MACHINED The GT40's have 1. We took my buddies car to the dyno with both sets of heads, the GT 40's and the E7TE's. ARP Head Bolt Kit Black 12-Point 289/302. save a little bit up and get a 50 or 25 shot of dry nitrous. Ford Performance Parts M-6049-Z2 - Ford Performance Parts Z2 Velocity Vane Cylinder Heads Compare Cylinder Head, Z2 Velocity Vane, Aluminum, Assembled, 63cc Chamber, Ford, 289/302/351W, Each Our Stage 1 Street Performance Heads are modified to work with the basic mods used by most MCS drivers - the pulley, exhaust and CAI, yet still allow more power when a camshaft or other future modifications are added. of torque is awesome. 0 GT-40 Cylinder Head. 00 Aug 19, 2019 · 1965 Ford GT40 Roadster prototype (Chassis GT/108) GT/108 retains the modified front end used by road-going 1965 GT40 models, as well as the lowered tail section used on roadsters. Aug 29, 2011 · The peak horsepower would come at too high an rpm for a heavy car street car with small displacement engine. gt40 heads horsepower

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