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4. 2011 MASSEY FERGUSON 9895 to this setting. 75-inch spacing, deep chrome rasp bars 9 knives on discharge side breakup green stems and viney material to On a later trip to St. The setting should provide for using round bars. 4. A modern-style combine. After picking up it goes to the rotor. On the right and left side you will find a slide door that can be tapped open at the front and rear of the concave. Jun 12, 2020 · Putting the price of soybean for each bushel at $8. For John Deere combines 9400, 9410, 9450, 9500 , 9500SH, 9510, 9510SH, 9550, 9560, 9560SH, 9600, 9610, 9650, 9650CTS,  The concave position sensor is calibrated using the concave calibration procedure. Concave Adjustment - Proper concave adjustment is CRITICAL to the overall harvesting performance of the combine. • Set the combine to the initial settings on the previous page or to other preferred settings. Today, Case IH again advances the industry with the latest improvements to the 2300 Series Axial-Flow combine, including the new AFX rotor and direct-flow cooling package. Following is a suggested starting point to set a combine for harvesting of hemp. 3. This may not be the only place to look for damage. In addition to these guides further information on Dell Monitors can be found on the Monitor Support page cx5000 & cx6000 elevation new cx5000 - cx6000. 9250 DynaFlex Draper Headers. Installs in combine in approximately an hour. com is your online source heavy duty engine parts for your truck & tractor. Also, it is a good idea in case of fire. " Nov 12, 2018 · Before this JD concaves, many concaves were introduced. concave design furthermore, an easy to use choice of crop-specific settings fine tune a CX combine for optimum performance in any crop or crop condition. Open concave 3/4 of the way. tried several adjustments to rotor speed, fan speed, shoe settings, and concave clearance, and cannot obtain a clean grain tank sample. 15. The CTS combine’s cab is Sound-Gard styled for a quiet, clean and comfortable operator’s environment. Setting the combine in soybeans • Raise the chopper, remove belt and install belt on upper belt shield, plug in chopper speed sensor bypass harness to disable the alarm. The threshing process frees the seeds from the plants. Grain quality is evaluated by inspecting harvested grain in the tank, looking for splits in soybeans, and cracked or damaged seed coats in corn or soybeans. Typical settings are about 1 and 1/4-inch open for field corn. IMPORTANT: Set chaffer to achieve acceptable grain bin sample . The width of a cob should just fit between the rasp bar and the pinch point. Common features on five strawwalker models include 0. The most critical aspect of setting up a JD Straw Walker combine to work successfully with a stripper header is to first ensure that the concave and rasp bars are in good working order (i. An optimal concave setting for the combine harvester can result in greater operation of the equipment. The 7720 combine comes standard with a regular-length feeder house that has variable speeds and a reverser. 2 cm at the rear is recommended. • The rotor - It is the main part of the combine. Aug 13, 2019 · To dial in your combine, it’s important to understand where damage occurs as the crop moves through the machine. Cleaning Fan Speed - Low. and set up an S-Series combine and platform, for any Wheat crop Crop setting checklists and Grain Quality Tips are a quick (tightest concave setting). The WINTERSTEIGER classic plot combine meets all requirements for a quick, clean harvest, from. Jul 23, 2018 · Fast forward a few weeks. Chamber and the other normally in corn. Flexible Draper Heads. Nov 05, 2014 · I recently purchased a 915 combine. 2011 MASSEY FERGUSON 9895 Combine. Before changing concave clearance, first make sure it is level side-to-side (conventional combine) or front-to-back (rotary combine) so that the adjustment is uniform. Conventional cylinder combines use a cylinder-concave threshing mechanism located near the front of the combine, with its axis perpendicular to the direction of material flow and combine travel. For unthreshed, tighten concave. I also found an original Operators Manual. 13 grain header and 4 row 36 row corn head. all crops, all farms. Because the gearbox tends  Concave adjustment actuator. 2. it forces more grain through the concave. The wind will help spread straw away from uncut soybeans. P. In order to attach the setting to the concave girdle of the pendulum without stressing the opal, the innovative goldsmith at Buffalo Craft Company fabricated a multi-component setting. All are powered by advanced 6. Posted 9/26/2015 19:39 (#4810076 - in reply to #4809942) Subject: RE: Deere Combine 10 series digital display concave settings Elizabethtown,KY If that chart is for the original concave with the indicator outside the window it is not even close for the digital concave. 4 Combine front elevator dust cover 5. Copperhead Ag. If that is the case, the concave is too tight. Similar to the present study, Lenaerts et al. Second: Remember that the machine you are setting is actually several machines in one. As the (-) symbol is being pressed, the numbers that appear on the middle line of the display will decrease until the concave is completely closed. Sep 26, 2011 · With a conventional or dual rotary combine it s better to have a wider or dual swath. there is minimal wear and no damage). Don’t you want to do something about that? We do this choosing the best concave combine and by setting the right concave clearance. They are • The header - It chops the crop and picks up the crop. Truly tough conditions demand more than simple solutions. 95 Accept PayPal Thanks for looking Combine clearance gauge The combine clearance gauge, formerly available for sheave gap clearance, chaffer settings, concave leveling, and more. Jul 18, 2015 · After 5 years of owning our JD 1550cws combine, decided it was time to read the instructions and settings book For Barley and Wheat it says to have concave set on 12 - 33. 9 Header height indicator 5. By Dr. Hanson, Gleaner Combine Harvester Corporation, patented June 21, 1932. 440 rpm. 9 feet with a wheel base of 11. TESTED AND PROVEN IN THE FOLLOWING CROP TYPES : Sorghum, Rice, Wheat, Soybeans, Lentils, Flax, Black Eyed Peas, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Corn, Canola, and Pinto Beans. If concave holes are being blocked by a mat of grass or other debris, extending few pins closer to the concave will help keep the concave clean. Concave clearance indicator setting Cylinder bars Cylinder filler plates Concave type Beater grate position Fan speed Chaffer precleaner Chaffer clearance Chaffer extension Sieve clearance This a is John Deere Combine Tool. This is the operator's manual for the Gleaner L3 and M3 combines. May 14, 2019 · • The John Deere combine aftermarket Parts in harvester can help in harvesting different variety of crops like flex, soybean, oats, etc. Production of this model ended after 1997. In this demonstration, I combine all of these skills to set a 4 mm round cubic zirconium into a copper plate. Active Terrain Adjust option arrived which automatically adjusted the cleaning shoe settings and the fan speed based on the slope when going up and down a hill without any input from the operator. Feeding Components “Don’t blame the concave or rotor for all the grain damage you see in the tank,” says Jeff Gray, product coordinator, Claas Lexion. Threshing drum. However, be careful to avoid shelling the butt end of the ear with the stripper plates too wide. What to do if, for instance, the ear is not threshed out completely? Most people will react like we used to in the past: one increases the rotary speed of the drum or tightens the concave setting. In the TUCANO 340 and 320 models, the concave gap is also set in CEBIS. I am setting up the combine to harvest soybeans - having trouble setting the concave. I have ordered one from Claas, however, I must get my barley combined soon. 2 Concave setting 5. However my only downside with it is that it completely removes the SSAO from the post process. 11: Straw Flow™ beater: Remote control Rotary Separator position setting: Strawwalkers; Number: 5: Opti-Speed Jan 25, 2010 · Setting The Combine For Corn. and stalk material entering the combine. The Combine Concave Setting, the name is for its consolidating three separate tasking, that’s the procuring, the sifting, and the winnowing into the one procedure. It too has a damaged concave and rot in the bottom of the Scour-Kleen, but otherwise the sheet metal is as good or better than my first. • Set combine to initial settings listed on previous page or preferred starting combine settings. The combines also received a 12% larger sieve to help save more grain from exiting the combine and to help clean up the grain tank. It is a simple matter to adjust the clearance in the Combine Concaves John "I was having problems with grinding corn on my 9600 and thought it was my settings. Aug 27, 2011 · "Don’t blame concave and rotor settings or your sieve and cleaning fan settings for trash in the tank if the header is set wrong and ‘wad feeding’ the combine. 5. CALL OR TEXT and let me know what you need. we've gotten too much of corn in the concave area and we just can't get it out quick enough and what happens is the opposite and soybean is the material drops down too quickly onto the auger bed and that's why we end up with the Green paint. Raise and tilt the header so that it fits squarely against both combine side frame and the up-per header. This will depend on the particular crop. A Gleaner combine typical of those used in the period between the two Jul 19, 2018 · In adjusting the settings before beginning to combine, it is important to calibrate the “zero” adjustment on the concave and sieves and set the rotor and fan speed according to the manual for your machine. In wheat that is hard to thresh, we will sometimes even put a cover on the first part of the small wire concave so unthreshed parts of heads (whitecaps) don't fall through too early. Shop our selection of SH23287 - Actuator for John Deere Concaves And Fan Speed - Shoup. Once the concave is level, calibrate the concave position sensor so the readings on the cornerpost accurately reflect the actual setting. . The Thrash Master Concave System has a patent pending latch system that enables you to quickly make settings adjustments to your concaves as you switch to different crop types. A bottom screen or lower sieve of 3/8 inch, and a top screen/upper sieve of 1/2 to 5/8 inch is typical. 13 Jul 2018 PFI members share their strategies for making their combines work properly when harvesting small grains. Running the concave too tight can cause cracked kernels and broken cobs. Ease of unplugging was fair. As far as your header calibration, I'm wondering if you have a Jan 28, 2019 · Combine Concave Setting The combine harvesting, or combine in layman’s language. They offer best rotor loss control system across the world. The threshing and separation units. Because the cylinder is positioned transversely within the combine, the cylinder can only be as wide as the inflow of material. At this speed, best results can be expected in handling most small grains. ” He offers these three key points: Allow for adequate material flow. This depends entirely on the operator—and it has an impact on how the combine performs. I would like to find out what others have found out about the settings for the "F". Combine Advisor run page, model year 2020: Section A (yellow highlight): takes the operator to the current settings for concave clearance, rotor speed, fan speed, chaffer clearance, and sieve clearance, giving quick access to critical combine adjustments. 8 Auger fingers and flight extensions 5. First thing: Determine ground speed. Slow down crop accelerator . This process penetrates the surface of the concave with a layer of hard, wear-resistant material, extending the life of the concave up to twice as long Alternative to Auction Titan Machinery Outlet is a great alternative for auction buyers looking for a great deal. After waiting a little while for Carl Bierksheide to make his way back from the far side of the field to the side shared with the road, I was able to jump up into the cab for a looksee and a Sep 22, 2014 · It is fairly simple to level the concave on your 9650 walker machine. Combines of the TX 66 models were provided in the market since 1993. Attach headers to combine and make sure they work, checking height and contour controls. The Helical Bar concave is often the solution when more aggressive threshing is needed. The Massey 8560 was not equipped with a slug wrench or header reverser. Nick Fone 02 August 2007 >More in. Adjustments. The idea is to roll the ears through the rotor and not tumble them with too wide of a setting. Mark Hanna, Iowa   John Deere Rotary. Rotor plugs could usually be cleared by lowering the concave and rocking the slug out with the hydrostatic rotor control. Aug 19, 2018 · Check to see that the feeder house runs smoothly by setting its slats 1 inch above the floor in front of the feeder house. 83m2 concave with electrical adjustment, a standard sieve area of 4. Call Us. That is why I had to slow down and then completely turn around as I passed a 1976 John Deere 4400 combine cutting beans in Bradner, Ohio (Wood County). Stripper plate gap should be 1/16” wider than the widest portion of the lower corn stalk nodes. The John Deere company began producing the 9500 Combine in 1989 as part of its Maximizer series. ” Chaffer sieve the largest opening. Active comfort control ensures optimal ventilation and sweat removal without subjecting the operator to unhealthy draughts. Combine capacity was 530 lb/min (14. Should you increase cylinder/rotor speed? Open the upper sieve? Maybe adjust the pre-sieve? Decrease concave clearance? Increase fan speed? Decrease fan speed? Remove concave blank covers? Install concave covers Two settings of the primary drum concave, 8 mm front/4 mm rear and 12 mm front/5 mm rear, were investigated with the "conventional" drum arrangement, while with the "inverted concave" arrangement an additional setting of 14 mm front/6 mm rear (wheat and barley) or 10 mm front/4 mm rear (oats) was also tried. Proper setting of the combine improves the yield and quality of the grain and reduces wear on the combine. S. Number of concaves and location, fan and cylinder speed, adjustable screen setting, etc. 24: Rotary Separator; Diameter (m) 0. 5 t/h) and 535 lb/min line up with the tightest cylinder to concave clearance position. Tighten concave before speeding up the cylinder. Could anyone explain what the concave settings would be? Also, I am getting awn's in the sample and full heads out the back. Selection of the correct concave configuration is a key component to the performance of the combine in a wide variety of crops and conditions. Similarly, an increase in the presence of whitecaps – unthreshed wheat heads – in the sample will prompt an increase in rotor speed and a tighter concave setting to thresh the crop more aggressively to avoid grain price deductions. Open concave clearance in small increments to reduce damage. Please refer to the below combine pre setting chart for our concaves depending on which crop type you are harvesting. 82 + $11. Concave. A combine for processing crop materials includes a frame, a main body, ground support devices, a device for propelling the combine at a ground speed, an operator's station, a header including a reel rotatable at a reel speed, a feeder portion including a conveyor movable at a feeder speed, a threshing portion including a rotor rotatable at a rotor speed, a grain cleaning portion including a Use medium setting for more straw cutting action. Add to Wish List Add to  The modem combine is a highly versatile and expensive machine. New Holland. Pre Sieve: Using 1 and 1/8th inch pre sieve – Louver opening should be thickness of a wheat seed or 0. If you’re using round bar concaves, set it at cob diameter to 3 mm over cob diameter. This gauge is designed to help you optimize your harvesting results through proper combine adjustment spacing. The only thing that changed was the amount of material coming into the combine. » Products » Combine Performance Upgrades » John Deere » 8820, 9500, & 9600 series - CONCENTRIC CONCAVE Concentric, line bored concave that fits the cylinder Wide wire spacing maximizes grain separation With the automatic combine setting function, adjustment of the combine becomes much easier. Synchronize gathering chain speed to ground speed. Transport belt. Increased Maintain a consistent concave setting. But JD concave made farmers’ life much better when compared to other concave. With 2-speed electric shift ground drive transmission, adjustable rotor cage vanes, improved feeder house design and optional AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation system, Axial-Flow combines are engineered for a high-efficiency harvest. Open up concave gap to widest setting . A decade later, the 100,000th Axial-Flow combine rolled off the assembly line as a tribute to the popular and proven performance of the single-rotor design. Published: January 25, 2010 Features. At half the width of most traditional concaves, KX7  chapter provides a discussion of combine adjustments and settings that can be be appropriate to select concave types that are specifically designed for corn. 23 Hardened Concave Upgrades for Rotary Combines. Gleaner N/R P1 Series Gearbox Plate. ” Pre-cleaner the smallest setting. New MF ACTIVA S and MF BETA combines from Massey Ferguson provide more engine power, improve operator comfort and control as well as increase harvesting performance in a wide rang Cylinder/rotor and concave: The cylinder or rotor is designed to thresh corn from the cob. Call 1-800-437-3609 Agkits. Open the Concave and Drive Faster. Whether your harvest is a John Deere or a Case IH combine, your concave plays a vital role in the quality of your harvested crop. As soon as I received the Kile Concaves I was impressed with the design! Light weight, easy to install and great quality! The number one thing I noticed, with these concaves in my Case IH 7120, was the horsepower increase, I got my power back! They made the combine pick up 1-1. 1480 combine: 11: 9075: Jon Hagen: 8/20/2011 11:27 mouse smell in combine: 15: 16950: Jon Hagen: 8/17/2011 22:14 What is the prceedure to "square up " concaves in a 1480 IH? 3: 3525: Gambler: 8/17/2011 09:23 International 1480 steering: 7: 4650: Jon Hagen: 7/26/2011 22:27 ih 1480 how do you tell if part are worn out? 8: 6450: FFJR: 7/13/2011 23 (1420) international harvester combine (north america) (1/81-12/82) (1460) international harvester combine (europe) (1/77-12/84) (1470) international harvester hillside combine (1/80-12/87) Apr 12, 2020 · US Patent #4,450,671: Combine harvester with modified feeder house by Mahlon L. Dual range cylinder drive oil level Upper cylinder drive belt condition. It always seems if the indicator on the side of the machine is always a half number or so more open than the instrumentation. F3 generation Hydraulic setting of cutting table and reel Feeder roller. Combine settings for variable crop conditions. The Thrash Master Concave System has a patented latch system that enables you to quickly make settings adjustments to your concaves as you switch to different crop types. It has three pinch points. Good Luck. Setting threshing speed is even more crucial for the damage it can inflict. Try increasing speed if having problems with material handling or if quantity of material is high. In a 3t/ac crop at 17. If the grain is cracking, widen the concave. If seed moisture exceeds 15 to 20%, a higher cylinder speed and a closer concave setting may be necessary, even though foreign material in the seed may increase. It is very heavy and should be handled in a secure manner at all times to avoid injury. 90 shipping Sep 21, 2016 · The Secrets of Setting Sieves to Optimize Combine Performance. 2” -0. As a result, the concave setting should be checked every morning and any time walker loss increases. Aug 28, 2018 · “You can adjust your combine’s rotor speed, concave settings, cleaning fan speed and sieves all day long, and it won’t fix grain damage or grain loss problems at the header,” says Brent Kvasnicka, senior marketing product specialist for combines at AGCO North America. Nov 21, 2019 · Setting up the Second Monitor and changing Display Style Please select the article below for the specific instructions for your operating system. Lawrence County, NY, I bought another combine, B-70104, a 1959 Model 66. This model of combine was intended for corn and bean harvesting, but could be fitted with attachments for harvesting of other crops, such as barley and wheat. Clean-Out Quick-release latches and a pre-programmed setting make clean-out fast and easy Control and Multi-Function Control Handle Provides finger-tip control of header operation and unloading auger, as well as combine speed and direction In-Cab Adjustability Saves time by allowing many performance adjustments to be made Beater concave area (m²) 0. Draper heads are better than auger fed platforms in all conditions. Make sure that you have your chopper in the up and disengaged position. • Increase concave clearance in small increments to reduce damage. This is the operator's manual for the Massey Ferguson 540 combine. concave setting Corn 990928 JD 4420 a. Jul 02, 2020 · One is the Bright Cut Box Setting, which requires myriad skills—layout, drilling, seating, raising beads, beading, and bright cutting. A farm combine consists of four machines in a combine. These techniques have been documented in prior articles that have appeared in JCK. For large wire concaves, set at 3 mm over cob diameter. Come join the discussion about specifications, accessories, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! The concave should generally be run wide open (on a rotary combine, a rotor-to-concave setting of 3/4 to 1 inch is appropriate). 3 Header lowering speed 5. ” Tailings sieve mid Sep 17, 2003 · If the moisture percentage of the crop is between 10 and 12%, rather than increase the cylinder speed, the cylinder-to-concave clearance should be decreased to improve threshing. Every year is different. to 3/4" (12 to 19 mm) clearance between the pin and the concave. The objective is the harvest of the crop; corn (maize), soybeans, flax (linseed), oats, wheat, or rye among others). It has rust in the tank and in other areas. 3” sickle bars cut better in No-Till than 2” or 1 ½ “cut. Complete set. The bar-type concave has deep crossbars that are built strongly to deliver an even, smooth crop and complete threshing. Jul 13, 2011 · Combine Maintenance Checklist: Fall harvest is around the corner. Shoup Manufacturing is a trusted source for original quality or OEM replacement parts for agricultural equipment, including tractors, planters, grain drills, combines, balers, cultivators, discs, sprayers and more. Gleaner N/R P1 Series Gearbox Plate Because the gearbox tends to flex on the side of the combine under load, this ½ “ thick gearbox reinforcing plate was designed to reduce the load stress which is taken away from the combine sidewall and carried by the cage The Class VIII RT490 combine was designed to be rugged, reliable and simple to maintain and service. HYDRAULIC CONCAVE ADJUST. Removing concave wires may be desirable for earlier escape of seeds through the concave. For loss, speed up rotor. Equipment for sale on rbauction. It interlocked and screwed together, safely nestling the opal in a stunning piece of modern jewelry. link SKU 41745 - Titanium is extremely durable, hypoallergenic and lightweight. Set cylinder at 450 to 700 rpm. “Everyone tries to fix mistakes with the sieves,” he says “But the reason the machine has losses is not the sieve. Some New Holland models have a rear beater similar to the John Deere. As the tines pinch the cobs, it causes the cobs to break and get run through The four and five strawwalker TC combine range consists of four models. To match the cylinder speed, the beater on the 7720 adjusts its speed automatically when cylinder speed is changed. combinehighperformancep Initial Combine Setup. • Pinch point on Midrange for small wire and large wire should be at the 12 Areas of Concern: High cylinder speed; Low cylinder speed; Worn rasp bars; Narrow concave setting; Wide concave settings; Worn concaves. fan setting required some experimentation. Hand meaning pry bars, drills and whatever else works. This leads to unthreshed heads. The Stalk Stryker™ levels corn stalks ahead of your combine. This manual contains information on operating, adjusting, maintaining and troubleshooting for your Massey Ferguson combine. Removal of every other wire provides larger open-ings to move beans out of the concave as rapidly as possible. ” Concave the smallest setting. The hydraulic overload  Stripper Headers are designed to give significant benefits in combine harvesting capacity and efficiency. You should have a rasp bar ticking at the front and back as you rotate by hand. Others can open up the concaves to help relieve the load. The performance of this header feeds is in turn interconnected to the ground speed and the performance of this ground speed is dependent on the engine of the machine. Conveyor belt. In the front of the main threshing concave two removable concave parts are mounted which cover the first bit of the concave, and for which three concave types are available – small grain, universal and round bar inserts. Gorden Harvesting Equipment offers modification techniques and equipment for Case-IH Axial-Flow combines. 7 Aligning header drive 5. From our Rotationally Raised video  31 Dec 2018 The concave and the rotor are two components that have very important correlated function and become crucial when we are harvesting corn with  14 Sep 2018 It can fill up the rasp or concave bars in the initial separation and create some grain loss,” Bollig says. Bare Narrowbody Concave price $1800 each set of grates $730. 7litre NEF engines. They force the corn stubble to the ground before it has a chance to puncture or cause wear to your tires or tracks. Cleaning System etc: Trouble Shooting page. 5% moisture were doing a spot rate of 35t/hr. Jul 03, 2017 · Automated features. If seed moisture exceeds 15 percent to 20 percent, a higher cylinder speed and a closer concave setting may be necessary, even though foreign material in the seed increases. The combine will automatically set the drum speed, concave clearance, fan speed, and chaffer and sieve clearance to the recommended factory settings. Couple these outstanding qualities with a rounded polished interior that allows the ring to slide easily and rest comfortably on the finger and you are sure to embrace the lighter side of strength. Sep 05, 2019 · Checking the multiple “machines” on your combine. 5 Levelling the header 5. Ease of setting the components to suit The combine harvester, or simply combine, is a machine that combines the tasks of harvesting, threshing, and cleaning grain crops. The Kuchar concaves release the material below the center of the cylinder, compared to the John Deere's concave releasing material above the center of the cylinder, thus eliminating back feed over the cylinder on a Kuchar Concave. works to increase GLEANER® threshing . Too wide of a setting will tumble the ears and cause excessive sieve load with Aug 26, 2019 · When setting a Lexion combine for threshing, set concave according to cob diameter and adjust in 1- to 2-millimeter increments to minimize potential for damage. What normally happens with Rotary combine were either overloaded. In one study, increasing the cylinder speed from 300 to 600 rpm increased kernel damage from below 5% to over 30%. With the   While doing concave calibration check to ensure concaves are level with rotor. Aug 30, 2013 · Concave Clearance: 5 mm or thickness of wheat seed. Will sell whole combine or for parts headers can be sold seperate also. Servicing the 9550 John Deere combine in preparation for the 2016 HELICAL BAR Small Grain Concave. So I installed George's Concave, Super Kit and Steel Curtains. • Splits and cracks can be avoided with the smooth movement of the grains in the concave of the combine. You don't want to see your cobs broken up into little pieces. Combine harvester NEW HOLLAND TX66 - TX68. Sep 29, 2017 · Marion Calmer talks about properly setting combine concaves and sieves for harvest 2017. Concave setting has the biggest influence if you aren't shelling it all. Aug 25, 2017 · Combine grain losses can be held to one bushel per acre or less if the crop is standing reasonably well. Forward speed should May 09, 2019 · Concave Clearance: Base line is 18 to 25 mm. The size of the cob effects the concave setting and whether or not a complete. 9505 Series Axial Combines. Lexion. Refer to Section 90 of the operator's manual for complete instructions on leveling a concave. com Sell your equipment NEW Sectional concave: up to 12% more Performance. • Begin harvesting at a speed that keeps the engine rpm around 2250. Forward speed: Combine forward speed should usually average between 3 and 5 miles per hour. Performance settings and ideas for Case combines are provided at this web site. Looking for equipment or trucks? Ritchie Bros. Combine settings: Slow cylinder speeds and concave openings large enough to allow the large seeded peas through is most often the method of preventing  KX7 Concave set for Case-IH combines for standard threshing conditions, used for Corn and Soybeans. US Farm Parts 907 Deer Road Dixon, IL Phone: 800-851-3014 Text: 815-308-3388 Concave Adjusting - Cylinders - Hydraulics - John Deere 9500 Combine Parts View as Grid List Sort by Position Name: A to Z Name: Z to A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Created on Nov 22, 2012 · Most rotary combines have a rotor turning in a stationary setting. Feb 27, 2020 · Setting the correct rotor or cylinder speed will also ensure no grain is lost through separation. Remove inspection plates on the sides of the combine and inspect product on the shaker table for splits and damage and location of damage. Keep the combine operating at full capacity to help reduce seed damage in the cylinder and also in the grain elevators. The "F" is a corn and soybean special with a 430 head. 72: Speed (rpm) 387 / 700: Quick speed change without tools: Concave area (including rake) (m²) 0. Misadjusted speed is a common mistake, notes AGCO’s The concave and the rotor are two components that have very important correlated function and become crucial when we are harvesting corn with high moisture. 0. The rotor has a partial cage around it and one or two pinch points for threshing. Separating: Separation occurs as a result of gravity and selective sizing of the grain. Combine Advisor also provides easy navigation of the S700 set and optimize features: harvest settings application for initial set up and setting storage, VisionTrak system for monitoring losses and harvesting performance, and the Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) performance wizard for step-by-step guidance of combine setting optimization. Change between styles in 20 min or less. Serving Farmers Since 2009 Since 2009 CM Welding has been selling Disrupters and Rotor Bars for John Deere and Case IH combines. The dominant combine setting affecting soybean seed damage is cylinder or rotor speed, but other settings are relevant. Lower drive belt gap setting Beater drive belts. Drum and Concave. Initial Combine Setup Set concave to stem thickness just below head for starting point. 4 or tighter. Small pieces of cob with kernels still attached. When the combine starts work in the field, the CEMOS AUTOMATIC functions configure the machine to comply with certain preset values, quickly establishing the optimal setting for the work systems. This means the loss of $12000 to $20000 per one thousand acres. Replaces Case IH OEM nos 143239A2. Loosen the concave until you start leaving kernels, then snug it up a hair. By truing your cylinder bars, using a HARVEST Concave and setting it as we have discussed you will achieve a noticeable increase in your combine’s capacity, a noticeable decrease in your combine’s losses and a noticeably cleaner sample in the tank. The small-wire concaves are also available as an option with boronized treatment for extended-wear life. The Axial-Flow 9240 combine by Case IH, with 550 hp and 410 bushel-tank, provides ultimate power to handle demanding field conditions and heavy loads. com Equipment for sale on mascus. Ifthreshing conditions are ideal, the Round Bar concave also will be satisfactory. com Equipment for sale on ironplanet. 1303. (2012) used a LIDAR sensor to correlate the sensed swath height with the combine operating parameters: threshing section setting, concave clearance Do ive started using the SSGI added in 4. Increase rotor speed and/or reduce concave clearance in small steps, only enough to avoid unthreshed cobs or pods behind the combine or in the grain tank. 62, we get a total loss of $51,700 to $67,900 in all. Aug 28, 2017. Calmer Corn Heads 52,369 views. Dirty grain samples are often the result of operators misunderstanding the relationship between the chaffer, sieve and cleaning fan. If the concave clearance is too wide or closed too tight, cracks and broken grains may increase. Grain damage tends to increase the square of thresher speed, so the An efficient operator will: run the combine with the correct and uniform power take-off speed; set the reel to feed the grain uniformly onto the grain platform without shattering the heads and throwing the grain; prevent overthreshing by running with the cylinder speed as low as possible and the concave clearance as great as possible and still Combine Advisor run page, model year 2020: Section A (yellow highlight): takes the operator to the current settings for concave clearance, rotor speed, fan speed, chaffer clearance, and sieve clearance, giving quick access to critical combine adjustments. Combine Concaves Purpose. 4x26 drive tires , used 1800 hours, has a 213 flex head with electric controls, has a john deere 244 two 38" corjn head not the 343 that is shown Sep 11, 2014 · Setting your combine in high moisture corn can present a challenge. All Kile Concave System. Close the concave all the way up and look at the concave actuator to make sure it has reached the full closed position. At the core of the Versatile RT490 is the revolutionary Rotating Concave Rotary System. ) Call for exact quotes and purchase. Improved Combine Performance & Capacity Fully enclosed rotor design with 6 rows of 0. Three configurations are available either factory installed or as a field installed bundle. The Kuchar concave gives you 23 ½" surface for more thrash and separation compared to 11 ½" of surface on the John Deere. Round rod concaves bars are gentler than rectangular concave bars, if th at is an option. without the authorization of john deere or it's successors. Where do other JD drivers set their concave? Jul 03, 2017 · Automated features. 5 ton corn at or below 15% moisture. The combine concave performs two important functions- threshing and separating. “With drier conditions, you have a lot more  The adjustment of the cylinder speed and of the concave clearance controls the threshing and affects the efficiency of the straw rack and cleaning shoe. The Case IH Axial-Flow 2588 combine, while not a new model, employs the Case IH patented rotor transition cone with a rotor impeller system and customizable grate attachments to thresh and separate grains with minimal grain damage. Sep 14, 2018 · Running a concave too wide results in grain not being removed from cobs, and that could result in a ricochet effect that damages the grain. To set zero setting: Press and hold the (-) symbol on the concave clearance Attach header to combine and connect header harness to combine harness. COMBINE SETTINGS: Sieves. Setting the combine in corn • With engine off, raise the chopper, put belt on top of top belt shield to prevent movement. Concaves normally need to be open to allow seed to exit quickly. Sieves setting 13 and 7, set fan like canola 1000 rpm; Concave as wide as possible. This is the most critical adjustment for corn. It is an adaptable machine, which is intended to reap grain crops at large productively. Now I have always run it at 4 - 6. It is also important to check on the condition of the cylinder and the concave. 3) Cylinder Speed and Concave Space Adjustment . Concave 15 Drum 850 Fan 1250 Rotors 800 Top Sieve 13 Bottom sieve 9 Bomb door shut De awning plates in All loss monitor sensors are set to 80% sensitivity which is giving us about 3 grains to the size of your hand. 6. 24 and must say it looks awesome so far. performance even in the toughest harvest . 1. Sep 21, 2016 · The Secrets of Setting Sieves to Optimize Combine Performance. 6:01. Grain makes many passes over the concave and the rest of the cage during threshing. Some cobs have the same or greater diameter as the space between the end of the rotor tine and the separator grates. 4” Concave 15 Drum 850 Fan 1250 Rotors 800 Top Sieve 13 Bottom sieve 9 Bomb door shut De awning plates in All loss monitor sensors are set to 80% sensitivity which is giving us about 3 grains to the size of your hand. 55 RPMs on gathering chain= 4mph ground speed. Actually, this concave system will help the farmers in reducing the damage to the grain. The Combine Advisor package also provides easy navigation of the S700 set and optimize features: harvest settings application for initial set up and setting storage, VisionTrak™ system for monitoring losses and harvesting performance, and the Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) performance wizard for step-by-step guidance of combine setting Cushions, supports, ventilates and keeps you warm: the deluxe operator’s seat. M. If your combine has a chopper, drop the chopper concave and slow down the chopper speed. Sieves. Adjusting your combine to the crops may be the difference in yields. 10. Experiment with ground speed, concave openings, air speed etc. CA$3,820. It has a 6 cyl Chevy gas engine that runs great . Clean the machine of dust and dirt for better operation, and to help spot wear and potential problems. Run as slow of rotor and as open of concave as possible to lower loss and reduce chipped cob. Rotor RPM Concave Setting Fan Opening Chaffer Sieve Chopper Speed Elevato r Boots 400-600. The same applies to the whole combine thresher and processor. All modern combines are designed to first thresh a crop  Items 1 - 9 of 31 "All Crop" concave set for JD STS combines by Sunnybrook Welding. Not all operators are comfortable running at the same speed. The modern combine harvester, or simply combine, is a versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. 2206 ROCKGLEN, SK. Feb 18, 2010 · Setting it so that the front is tighter than the middle will put a lot of unthreshed material in the grain tank. To achieve this, a power converter according to the invention includes: water passages arranged radially from an assumed central axis, each being trapezoid-shaped in cross section; and power modules placed between the water passages such that each of the power modules is sandwiched from both surfaces Dec 07, 1976 · A combine of the axial flow type having a coacting rotor and concave assembly having a threshing region therebetween, said concave being provided with a relief section at the forward end of said concave to accommodate abnormal masses of crop material operable to thin out said masses prior to passing rearwardly into said threshing region. :eek: Dec 03, 2018 · The concave type to be used for better performance is the round bar type, when wet corn is involved. Start harvesting the soybean field on the downwind side. This allows us to supply quality parts at competitive prices. John Deere’s CTS combines were designed to allow cylinder speed and concave opening adjustments to be made from within the cab. It is no surprise then, that cylinder/rotor speed is the leading cause of grain damage by the combine. This a is John Deere Combine Tool. The RPR Concave System threshing bars are progressively open allowing for 68% more grain through the concaves while also doing less damage to the crop. Fan speeds set at 2/3 of small grain settings (750-850RPM). If you intend to save the straw, the slotted grates are a must. Examine the concave to see how far back unthreshed ears appear. Gleaner F combine with both headers. Since the cross bars and wires run diagonally in a helical bar concave, material entering the rotor strikes a helical bar concave at a right angle. A wide choice of grain headers and row crop attachments ensure maximum combine versatility. 2 feet, and grain tank Concave (Spike-Tooth) The combine is shipped from the factory with two grate concaves and one tooth concave installed to the front. Slow cylinder speed slow as possible (450-550RPM). g In shoe overloading conditions in dry crops, with small wire concaves, initially install two rows on right side and three rows on left side. One bushel loss equals two corn kernels or four soybeans per square foot on the ground. The 2588 combine stands at 12. Description; Compatibility. The name derives from its combining three separate harvesting operations—reaping, threshing, and winnowing—into a single process. Hydraulic concave adjustment and overload protection. If the concave is not adjusted correctly, the following symptoms may occur: poor threshing poor separating poor grain quality straw walker loss reduced combine capacity See CONCAVE ADJUSTMENT in the Separator section of this manual. Like an 800-pound gorilla walking a tightrope, the threshing mechanism works best when the cylinder or rotor(s) speeds are balanced with concave clearance. Harvest ALL crops with one set of concaves! With Copperhead Concaves, you'll have more  10 Oct 2019 Setting the combine starts at the header with an average of 66% of is more often caused by high rotor speed than narrow concave settings. An additional tooth concave (purchased from your John Deere Dealer) can be used only if raising the concaves and speeding up the cylinder have failed to achieve thorough threshing. John Deere Combine Concave Adjust Cam RH Part No: A-H178115, AH133156 Price: $169. To set zero setting: Press and hold the (-) symbol on the concave clearance switch until the concave is completely closed (clicking sound will be heard). 9500 Series Axial Combines. Seed breakage and dehulling may be a problem with close concave settings. “Look at the kernels to see how they were damaged to determine Concave straight at front. conditions. cylinder-to-concave clearance should be decreased to improve threshing. The wear on the concave can be visually checked by removing the side inspection covers. After seeing the same problem at the Farm Progress Show, I knew the combine was the problem, not me. Adjust all three banks of concaves with the push of a button. Combine Settings for a Better Corn Harvest 1. Love, Deere & Company, patented May 29, 1984. Typical settings are around ¾ inch open. 1 to 1 1/2' clearance on concave settings. Taking account of the changing harvesting conditions throughout the course of the day, this optimum configuration is repeatedly checked and Thresher Concave Frame Fits: R60 (ASN 165001), R70 (ASN 12501) the combine. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Picture the combine has started rolling in a canola field, and you're not quite happy with how much seed is being lost through the back of the machine. 69m2. Corn Head Deck Plates: Improper deck plates can cause cob damage. Sep 24, 2015 · Marion Calmer on Setting Combine Concaves and Sieves - Harvest 2017 - Duration: 6:01. Shakers. Cob Size. Higher seed damage may result. Jul 29, 2000 · Well, if it makes you feel any better, even the new 2388's don't agree in regards to the concave settings. Cylinder speed and threshing pin placement need to work together for efficient separation. 78: Multi-Thresh™ system: Total powered separation area (m²) 2. The new TC4. Case IH Axial-Flow® 250 series leads the industry in reliability and efficiency. In a hot machine on a hot day. Precision Farm Parts, Inc. Cleaning System . AH206756 Aftermarket Concave Insert - C/W Spring, Pin, Roll Pin & Washer John Deere COMBINE CSKSTS Aftermarket Loewen Shock Kit, Concave, John Deere Combine V18051 Aftermarket Concave High Wire, Corn & Soybean, Set of 7,Massey Ferguson Combine When setting a Lexion combine for threshing, set concave according to cob diameter and adjust in 1- to 2-millimeter increments to minimize potential for damage. When adjusting your combine the initial combine settings should be as follows: ” Cylinder the highest setting. Full support for dynamic, active work while seated. Basically, speed up the rotor until you just start grinding corn, then back down. Jul 01, 2012 · The optimal setting will combine maximal throughput with minimal losses while maintaining an acceptable grain impurity and straw quality. Concave / Rotor setting: Rule of thumb – concave “threshes”, Rotor “separates”. When adjusted properly, almost all the grain is separated at the concave area. 5 cm clearance at the front and 1. Maintain a consistent concave setting. Your best setting is where no grain escapes from between the concave and cylinder Sep 21, 2016 · Start from the lower point on the suggested range of rotor speed in the operator’s manual and the wider concave setting. Your operator’s manualwill I just bought a used Claas 76 Dominator Combine which came without the operators manual. Sometimes, none of these things work, and the material has to be dug out by hand. Since opening their doors in 1979, Sunnybrook Welding has helped countless farmers remain competitive in their respective markets. Fine tuning a combine for grain sorghum can easily components or concave adjustment linkage reduces obtained after properly setting the other combine. you need a chart from a 10 series combine. To switch from one crop to another, the driver only needs to select a crop and confirm it. They will overload the return, end up in the tank as dirty sample or become loss out the back of the combine. Shop our selection of SH94308 - Small Grain Insert For John Deere Combines - Shoup. The middle section should carry a mixture of grain and Combine Settings: Follow manual for rapeseed (John Deere. Half roundbar half beans for more aggressive threashing in soybeans. The front third of the upper sieve should be completely clean. •  (Applicable to John Deere 60, 70, and S-Series combines) Cause: Aggressive rotor / concave settings needed to thresh off tough kernels and/or spongy cob. The waste straw left behind on the field is the remaining dried stems and leaves of the crop with limited nutrients which is either chopped and An initial concave setting of 0. Apr 13, 1976 · 3871384: removable concave for an axial flow-type combine and adjusting means therefor: 1975-03-18: depauw: 130/27l: 3631862: supporting and adjusting means for agricultural machines such as combine harvesters Heavy duty concave makes hard to thresh grain easy to thresh without the use of filler plates Elimination of filler plates reduces grain damage, dockage, and rotor loss Wider cross bars and precise wire spacing allows wider concave to rotor clearances in most hard to thresh grains – uses less horsepower and less fuel Aug 14, 2018 · Combine Adjustments: Setting You Up for Success Taking a little bit of time to make the appropriate combine adjustments for grain retention can go a long way towards increasing harvest efficiency. sells more new and used industrial equipment and trucks than any other company in the world. Rotor Speed 350-650, Concave indicator 10-20, Fan Speed at 700 RPM; Match reel speed with ground speed. 6 to 1. Part Questions? Contact Web Order Services at: 833-564-0183 Worthington Ag Parts is an independent distributor of non-OEM, aftermarket, replacement parts. An increase in walker loss is a sure sign that the back of the concave is not at zero clearance. The concave and rotor of this machine is related and determines how the material will be cut and fed into the system by the header. e. 1 0 Axial flow combines-All crops except rice-Rice Section 6 FIELD ADJUSTMENTS AND OPERATION An object of the invention is to provide a power converter that can be reduced in size. “One of the best investments we’ve ever made to produce excellent grain quality and to increase the performance of our combine was to buy a Deere 9600 with a Kuchar concave, filler plates and aggressive walkers,” say Brian Flom and Lorn Manthey, who farm near Kenyon, Minn. Connect chopper speed sensor bypass connector to disable the alarm with chopper raised. 00. • Removing certain concave wires may be desirable for earlier escape of seeds through the concave • Round bar concave elements are gentler than rectangular concave bars, if available. (If you ever get grain in the cleaning fan, chances are you have the pre-sieve too wide. Rather than slightly improve performance in rice, canola, wheat, barley, oats or other tough small grains, John Deere S-Series Combines set new capacity standards with four crucial components: Active Concave Isolation, a high-performance feederhouse, heavy-duty separator grates with two rows of interrupter bars, and the variable-stream Video Case IH combine harvesting hemp. Today, the motto is "open the concave and drive Before this JD concaves, many concaves were introduced. News; 5. Check variable speed pulleys Adjustment of concave indicator. Check periodically to avoid pinching beans. Concave front nose cone Concave proportioned to cylinder. + Increases threshing action at front of main concave. john deere and it's successors are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of this manual. These combines were characterized by high reliability and performance, technical perfection and provide the lowest wastage rate of a crop. Combine and grain augers should be operated full and at low speeds to reduce cracking and splitting of seeds. The system adjusts the concave clearance from the rotor from fully closed to over 2”. My question is there anyone out there that can offer advi Aug 21, 2008 · Your job on the combine is to get as close to the ideal as possible. In general, it is a good idea to have the initial John Deere Combine settings for the concave clearance to match the diameter of the cob. Second, make sure that your concave has been leveled and zeroed. One may stop harvest losses by using a superior type of concave combine. A 360° concave wraps around a large rotor and counter-rotates. Shipping is $2. Tucked away in Sunnybrook, Alberta is a company built on a reputation as being among the world's most trusted combine parts manufacturers. As conditions warrant tighter concave clearances, it is important to have a level concave. john deere 3300 diesel combine, needs a new cab interior , bin extension , rasp bars are about 50% , 60 bu grain tank, straw chopper, 18. The farm and construction equipment in our Outlet pool has been inspected by Titan Machinery’s professional service technicians. Pre-concave frame w/grate (for harvesters with threshing unit width: 1420 mm) Fits Claas Lexion 450, 470, 470R, 475R, 510-530, 520-530 Montana, 560, 560R, 570, 570 Montana, 575R, 585R, 620-630, 730-760, 750 Montana The John Deere company began producing the 9500 Combine in 1989 as part of its Maximizer series. 6 in2. All you have to do is change the setting for each so that the feed is good and the threshing and separation are efficient. The concave clearance must be set in order that it does not crack the grain. These parts reduced the screenings and foreign material. 30 m2 and a total separation area of 6. The combine will automatically separate and take the grain to grain tank. The Combine Forum Since 2005 A forum community dedicated to all combine owners and enthusiasts. 6 Tilt adjustment and rotor clearance height 5. Remove side panels to get free access. • Adjust nuts on front hanger to raise or lower the front as needed. ) Start up setting: (Refer to Combine Cylinder Startup Settings page). can also be performed. Tribine’s concave adjust system achieves silky smooth operation with rock solid position retention, using a hydraulically actuated cam follower mechanism. Concave . Concave (John Deere). Combines Tailings percent vs. 6620 combine s/n 0-551,900 7720 combine s/n 0-551,900 8820 combine s/n 0-551,900 jd-o-omh111330 john deere model: this is a manual produced by jensales inc. Combine Advisor™ package helps to set, optimize and automate main combine functions when conditions change; Fully automated yield sensor calibration with ActiveYield™ supplies accurate data with no time spent calibrating; Comfortable S700 cab is common with tractors and sprayers for ease of use Some combines have weak concave support linkages and the concave will often work down over the course of the day. Stop the combine abruptly while threshing. For the RCR360, the rotor is enclosed completely by a 360-degree concave. f Do not operate above maximum concave clearance recommendation. 90 model is at the pinnacle of 4 strawwalker Cylinder Speed and Spacing Between Concave and Cylinder When combine is run off at factory, the cylinder speed is set to operate at 1300 R. The invention comprises an improved concave supporting and adjusting mechanism for axial flow type combine harvesters wherein a supporting frame for the concave has been provided and which is adjustable in height. You really don't want to slug a combine. In the John Deere Combine setting, the cutter bars are very sharp which allows the crop to be harvested carefully and the comparative flex stage ensures that the beans that have cases in the ground are also cut properly. Concave Adjusting Motor for Case IH Combine(s) 2144, 2166, 2188, 2344, 2366, 2377, 2388, 2577, 2588, 7088. No need to worry now because the Estes performance concaves have introduces RPR thrashing combine parts concave system. Start at setting 20. Seed damage can even start in the header cross auger. Open top sieve wide Jun 10, 2009 · Some have a lower gear setting on the cylinder, so it can clear the clog. How to set concave on a 7720 combine - Answered by a verified Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Walker Combine (As Applicable) Lower cylinder drive belt condition. H. (early model flagship combines with early software may read as a 1 to 2 setting. Now you are ready to do a power shut down so you can see what the combine is doing or not doing. com). Products include the unique Gorden rotor rasp bar and high performance concave cover plates. Is there another way to introduce AO besides from the AO in the texture for when you build lighting? Thanks • While doing concave calibration check to ensure concaves are level with rotor. Adjusting the Concave Clearance. Bare Widebody Concave price $1900 each set of grates $775 (Shipping $100 to $200 CCX freight. (ph 217 854-9838; www. If you can find them right at the back of the concave then the drum Jun 05, 2012 · Many farmers think only of concave and sieve adjustments when setting combines, but that’s a major misunderstanding, according the Reichelt. These articles will cover the set up and display style instructions. As a general principle, initial setting clearance of the concave should be equal to the diameter of the cob. US Patent #1,863,691: Combine harvester by Perren J. “That concave is turning against the rotor very slowly, at about 8 rpm. 5mph in 7. “The way you feed the combine is the most important consideration when harvesting, and there are some simple tricks to keep in mind to prevent excessive damage, especially when corn kernels are weak and prone to breaking. Combine grain losses can be held to one bushel per acre or less if the crop is standing reasonably well. See concave recommendations to choose the concaves that are best for grower's operation. The rotor drives the heads through of the concave before they are threshed. Before you hit the field, give your combine a once-over with this 12-point checklist. Add to Cart. • Variety of operations in farming like reaping, winnowing, threshing, etc. Concave Area. Cross auger clearance should be 1 ¾” between flighting and tray to reduce cracks. Ease of cleaning the combine exterior was good, however, 29 Sep 2017 Marion Calmer talks about properly setting combine concaves and sieves for harvest 2017. With the performance of two out of three harvesting functions, which are threshing and winnowing, opting for a well-designed concave (in terms of clearance system and pattern design) shall assist agricultural workers in a various ways I have upgraded my combine from an E to an F. Combine Harvesting Axial Rotary Combines. The priority of the individual factors might shift according to the market circumstances (local grain and straw price, penalty on impurity) and the length of the harvest period. under load. Install the 1/2 x 1 1/2 capscrews, flat- Pre-concave frame w/grate (for harvesters with threshing unit width: 1420 mm) Fits Claas Lexion 450, 470, 470R, 475R, 510-530, 520-530 Montana, 560, 560R, 570, 570 Montana, 575R, 585R, 620-630, 730-760, 750 Montana Combine Performance! The CONTROLLED DYNAMIC FLOW ROTOR. Every combine has a hidden potential, it just needs to be found. Initial settings – cylinder 530 rpm, concave setting at 6, air 750 rpm, top sieve 18, bottom sieve 6; Use cylinder at the slower speed on the  20 Jul 2018 Most adjustments will affect header performance more than combine performance. Combine Settings for a Better Soybean Harvest 1. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. These harvesters have the latest technology that caters to all crops. We talked last week briefly about specific combine settings we may need to make to compensate for a drought stressed crop. My problem is that the concave indicator located in the cab does not work. Concaves. First position the header under the tongue of the combine. combine concave setting

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