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8. Also, more important than getting the right height of fluid when you reassemble, i. cold day, it means begining of race vs. Later Airheads, beginning in the 80s sometime specified 7. 5 weight, 10 weight. Motul is probably a good example to explain the difference, their "expert" oil is semi-synthetic, their "factory line" oil is full-synthetic, however they both still have low VI's. Think the price was 3x @ dealer. If it doesn't I might have to go all the way down to a 5W oil. Find the full line of premium AMSOIL products and buy online for delivery to your home. 19 Jun 2017 www. I couldn't find any definite answers to a good kind to use though. Automatic transmissions also use the fluid as a coolant. Motorcycle Fork Oil FAQ General 0 Christopher Pumo I am still in the process of rebuilding the front forks on Cal (my 1972 Harley-Davidson FLH Shovelhead ), and I thought I would put together a quick FAQ about motorcycle fork oil – nothing ground shattering here, but certainly a list of reasonable questions that people sometimes ask. 1. The factory service manual for my old Goldwing states to use ATF, of course fork oil wasn’t available in 83. ATF is approximately 5W and replacing it with a heavier weight oil will stiffen up your front end. 5wt fork oil won't actually be the same as 5wt engine oil as engine oil will have anther wt like Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #10 Medium. It's mostly mineral oil. Looking online and a lot of people seem to use ATF instead of fork oil in their forks as it is cheaper, and some believe its better. For those new to riding motorcycles, it might be tempting to think that changing your car oil is the same as changing your motorcycle oil. com Choices choices choices. 69 $15. It is also hydraulic oil that is a lot thinner than gear oil and flows much faster. 1 API (manual gearbox or axle drive oils) I doubt it was motor oil, but maybe. 5wt) Bel-Ray Fork Oil (10wt) RockShox (10w heavy, Boxxer) (Torco) Castrol Synthetic Fork Oil (10 wt) RockShox (15w Extra Heavy) (Torco) Torco RFF 20 Spectro Fork Oil (15wt) Maxima Bicycle Fork Fluid (15wt) Maxima Fork Oil (15wt) Maxima Racing Fork Fluid (235 The shop manual for a 1979 Suzuki GS750 specifies a 50/50 mix of 10w30 motor oil and Automatic Transmission Fluid. You’ll find auto shops stocked with variants of synthetic and regular oil from multiple brands like Amsoil and Redline, and you are likely to hear conflicting Fork oils are "Hydraulic Oils" Usually with high detergent and single viscosity. There are no viscoustiy standards for suspension fluid, 1 manufactuer's 7 wt may be another's 10. I'm not sure what the power steering fluid actually is, probably 10w with red dye for leak detection. Re: Fork oil level measurement please. cc SAE Grade Lobito 125, 175 5. Shop for Transmission Fluid at AMSOIL. Mercon is used in Ford vehicles and is not compatible with Ford and Toyota's type F fluid. This is full of oil so be careful! Tip the fork upside down to On my 86 C10 i upgraded both the front and the rear with W 20 fork oil and it gives a really firm ride, my mechanic told me to try the W20 oil on this heavy bike and after talking of my riding style, and i must say it was a good advice, and then he gave me a hint, if i felt it becomes to firm i could take of half of the oil and poor in the same amount of W10 then i would have a W15 fork oil Fork Oil Query Pro Honda SS-55 vs. Motorcycle fork oil should be changed according to the manufacturer specifications, which is usually every 1-2 years. 91 oz. 1 150 20 Matador 250 5. the bike dealer stuff. Here's a good page explaining that. Fork oil weight is widely debated, and can be influenced by riders weight and other factors. Transmission fluid is oil that lubricates the moving parts within the transmission. One advantage on using a brand name fork oil is you can try different weights in the same brand to tune your forks. This high performance synthetic Fork Oil provides more responsive handling and is compatible in all systems, including damping rods, cartridge, bladder, conventional and inverted forks. ATF DEXRON III is recommended for many car and commercial vehicle automatic gearboxes. Dec 29, 2018 · Chainsaw Bar Oil Alternative. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a special lubricant used in automatic gearboxes, hydraulic-power-assisted steering systems and in the transfer cases of 4WD systems of cars and trucks. ie; ATF Be aware that there are 3 different viscosities of ATF. Company Page (Cross Reference Index & Disclaimer) 1 European Code cross reference 2 Air Compressor OEMs 5 Amalie 8 Amoco 10 Anderol & Royal 13 Bel-Ray 19 BP-Castrol 23 Certified Labs (Lube Master) 37 Sep 29, 2011 · Summary – Mineral vs Synthetic Oil. Fork oil supposedly has conditioners that help keep the rubber seals from hardening up. Fork oil needs to be changed every 5000 miles. The book says 505. Most other brands split their lineups into fork (lower VI) and shock (higher VI) oils. In order to provide a consistently smooth fork action at all times, with optimum damping qualities it is advisable to stick to the fork manufacturers specification, normally you'll be able to find a viscosity or weight recommendation in your handbook. ATF won't hurt anything I would say. I just went with BelRay 10W. e. Chrysler ATF+3 = 10W Dextron 3/Mercon = 15W Type F = 20W Any of these would be a better choice than motor oil The oil level should be 437 mm (17-1/4 inches) below the flat face of the fork top nut to the oil level. Fork oil is more like hydraulic fluid than motor oil and has seal swell additives. The viscosity of automatic gearbox oils, so-called ATF oils (Automatic Transmission Fluid), is not classified by SAE, as the viscosity is a part of the respective manufacturer approval. Oct 13, 2008 · if fox oil is what I think it is, atf would be a 20lbs heaver oil @40c , and 1lb heavier @100c. Feb 18, 2010 · The ATF is not to save money. I chose to replace the seals and bushings with OEM parts instead of cheaper Chinese parts and used Progressive Suspension 18" Fork Spring and the Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Gauge purchased through Amazon. Good luck. Aug 28, 2014 · ATF Type F Vs. Ultra clean formulation eliminates corrosion and conditions seals. You may place an order at redlineoil. The trouble with just saying ATF is that especially in recent years there are a ton of different formulas with different modifiers and weights. Like a car put cheap oil in get high engine repair bills, same with fork, put in quality FLUID [specific] not engine oil and you get what you get. Amazon's Choice for Motorcycle Fork Oil. . 7 ozs. If you ride your road bike regularly, I would say every two years or 15,000 to 25,000 miles. It is not fork oil. com or call us at (707) 745-6100. Controls friction, heat, wear, foaming and scuffing in suspension components. Mineral based racing fork oil designed for all high performance cartridge and standard-type forks. I know you should not use ATF because the seals may leak. 1 150 20 Pursang, Astro 125 5. What oil to use in shocks besides actual shock oil? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Sheesh. 5 wt fork oil. Dirt Bike Fork Oil & Shock Fluid Shop for Oil and Chemicals at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Minimizes stiction and cavitation, providing optimum performance for all Honda inverted-fork suspension systems. 23, 2008 Fork Oil and amount question 10 posts Mar. Also learn what API, SAE, and ISO classifications mean. Thank you for contacting BOSS Snowplow. ATF/gear oil was the replacement for the float The viscosity of the manual gearbox and axle drive is – as with motor oils – classified by SAE. i would rather send 5 bucks on AFT and change it more regularly. I have heard ATF can work but it's viscosity is too thin for most applications (like mine) that call out 15W fork oil. but in my 00 cr250 i was thinking about swaping the fork oil and gear box oil to AFT, just because i am tunring into a cheap C**T. Many makers of aftermarket clutches recommend ATF in the primary. DOMINATOR DOT 4 Brake Fluid (BFR) DOT 3 and 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid (BFLV) Antifreeze & Coolant. I've also used 50 wt in those forks---3 yrs and fork works like new. At the Amsoil website, I compared cSt, the technical value for viscosity, of Amsoil synthetic ATF and their 5 and 10w fork oils. Fork oil probably has a lot more anti-foaming additives than moto oil, so motor oil may have problems when worked really hard in a shock or fork. ATF has also been suggested for this gunk removal step, just be very sure to use plenty of fork oil afterwards to remove all traces of it. 5 weight, 7. 95 $15. ) of premium quality ATF (automatic transmission fluid), however we recommend a 10W (light rider) to 15W (heavy rider) motorcycle fork oil. in them a couple of weeks ago and they seem too harsh still. I've been looking to buy some fork tools, Dealer quoted me $750+ for the 15K maintenance which I believe includes fork oil R&R Are you doing the oil change yourself ? If you can get the centistroke numbers from the indain fork oil you could cross reference it on the chart I guess. and the really high end stuff seems to have a VI of 400-450. I replaced the fork seals last year on my wing, it only had 184,000 on it then so obviously ATF did the job for quite some time. rossi could probably Feb 12, 2016 · Using atf is not a problem most Hondas used it for years. Changing my fit seals on my 2013 z1000 and I wondered what fork oil I should go with. High viscosity index and shear-stability controls shock fade and inconsistent dampening in temperature extremes. Whether that makes a difference they can feel to a given individual is hard to say. Built with SMF Tricks "ATF" if just a convenient label that gets thrown around, but it comes in all different weights just like fork oil. (300cc) Fork Oil OZ. Don't see any track days. ↳ Fork Conversion ↳ RB Designs Carb and Head mods Q&A ↳ KDX-MX Hybrid ↳ Members Bike Profiles ↳ Riding Pics and Vids Silkolene Fork Oil (10wt) Showa SS8 (10wt) Bardahl (10w Fork Oil) Silkolene Pro RSF (7. by Maxima. What weight do they come with factory? I weight around 200# and I’m a fairly aggressive rider. DIY transmission fluid and filter changes Even those of us who change our own oil often cringe at the prospect of draining ATF. I have a 2007 zx6r and i Recently took my forks out to do fork seals, and was wondering what some of your guys's recommendation would be for fork oil weight? I am 170 pounds, and do mostly city/highway driving. Jan 30, 2020 · Getting an oil change USED to be a simple thing, but ever since the inception of different “types” of cars and engines – the same oil doesn’t work for every vehicle anymore. In either case the fork oil that comes in most every Honda is some nasty sticky/stringy kind of soupy oil if you can call it that. Anyway, after reading through two or three "AtF vs. ATF seems to have a VI index of about 125, and the good shock oils have a VI of around 300. Advanced, Lubricinol-fortified additive system minimizes stiction and reduces running friction while minimizing foaming and air entrainment. If it is to you then go for it. Fork Oil. Factory spec on the fork oil is 135 - 140cc (4. I replaced the ATF with a 15 wt. The thicker the oil the stiffer your damping. ATF DEXRON III is a versatile, high-performance ATF, which meets the high requirements of the General Motors DEXRON III H specification. Since the 50's! Lots of tractors use ATF too (with hydraulics). I wouldnt do it personally though:thumbup Just dig into the product data sheets of the ATF , fork oil or whatever you want to compare. ATF works OK but probably not the best in the older models. The local shop around here has Honda SS 47 oil but there is nothing on the bottle to tell me what weight it is. For the damping chamber, always use some quality fork oil (or for open bath fork like marzocchi). Most motorcycle shops stock it and can order pails. The ATF worked pretty well, good damping that didn't fade even when they got too hot to touch, and didn't leak out past seals. 12, 2008 More results from www. After 2007, vehicles using Mercon can be filled with Mercon V. The 75W90 Mobil 1 gear oil viscosity wise is basically equal to a 5W40 motor oil, while the Mobile 1 ATF is more equal to an 5W20. net Synthetic Chain Case & Gear Oil (TCC) Suspension & Fork Oil. Dec 12, 2007 · Nothing wrong with ATF in a two-stroke transmission. Mercon V was introduced in 1997 for use in the Ranger, Explorer, Aerostar and other Ford vehicles. The Fork oil has its own SAE grading which ranges in the multiples of 5 (e. 5wt (ATF) is a little too light. It is used because it is cheap and similar in viscosity to the standard 10 wt fork oil. Maxima 55901 10WT Standard Hydraulic Fork Oil - 1 Liter Bottle. I would guess that ATF and fork oil are closer than motor oil and fork oil. Some is blue, some red, some green. It is about a 12-15 weight oil. Regarding the viscosity of gear oil vs engine oil, as a reference, 10W-40wt engine oil is roughly equivalent to 75W-90wt gear oil and 15W-50wt engine oil is roughly equivalent to 80W-90wt gear oil. Lol, I was watching his fork oil viscosity video last night. Apr 12, 2012 · Use oil designed for shocks, not fork oil. I know that is what the original poster posted. 1 fluid is like 0. I think people just see ATF in the primary. Thanks! Ride safe ? The most difficult fork oil change I'm aware of is removing the fork legs, inverting them, catching and measuring the oil. ATF was easy to find and cheaper than fork oil, an important consideration when changing fork and shock oil 6-7 times a season Don't ask me for the years - I forgot - but old Airheads up through the 70s specified 3wt fork oil. It acts as a corrosion inhibitor and wear protection for the Planetary Gear sets. Measure with the motorcycle on the center-stand, front forks fully extended (that only means the tire is not touching the ground). Suspension Fluid #10 Medium (STM) Suspension Fluid #5 Light (STL) Power Steering Fluid; DOT Brake Fluid. Which tractor hydraulic fluid you need comes down to answering one main question: what kind of tractor do you have? The more you know about your equipment, the better you can maintain it and make sure you’re putting the right parts, fuel, and oil in it to keep it running well for a very long Sep 03, 2011 · Not sure what the KYB fork oil that is specified is but there is KYB suspension fluid out there. mineral. maybe able to get from a motor factor but failing that relevent weight motorbike fork oil should be ok. recently changed the fork oil in my 03 bonny and used maxxium 15 wt. the stuff Suzuki suggests is around 8 weight, I am going to try 10 or 15 when I change mine, should get rid of a little of the spungyness of the front end. Forks operate at lower temperatures with air present and have anti foaming additives. Here's a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, not what I was looking for but interesting: May 10, 2014 · harley sells fork oil in 16 oz. It is too thin and will provide significant lack of damping in the newer models. However, the resultant change in damping properties is a different matter, and the words Redwood Seconds spring to mind. Contact My Lucas Oil: (971) 258-2387. Maxima Racing Oils 50-02901 10wt V-Twin Fork Oil - 32 fl. The ATF's come in 3 common viscosities and are much less expensive than "fork oil". It would work but might give you a shortened lifespan or slightly different fork behavior. 07 oz) capacity for each fork, so that's just over a quart needed. NM. Formulated for fade-free dampening and smooth rebounds in high-performance applications. ATF also has strong shear wear properties (long chain molecules that reduce the propensity for it to break down and lose viscosity), so it might or might not last longer than I used ATF in dirt and street bikes before Amsoil started making their synthetic fork fluids. Once you replace it with a high quality 5wt suspension fluid your suspension is probably going to feel 300% better lol Fox suspension fluid alternatives. Suspension Fluid Pvdwiki Fork Oil Vs Atf A Shocking Story The one component of the entire system that’s critical to all of these parts working properly together is the Automatic Transmission Fluid, or ATF. Chrysler ATF+3 = 10W Jul 15, 2015 · Tractor Hydraulic Fluid vs. It acts as a hydraulic fluid, to engage clutch packs & shift the gears. 100% Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for most modern automatic transmissions (manual mode, sequential mode, electronically controlled …) and most power steering systems. Sep 29, 2013 · I strongly suspect the chemical breakdown of ATF, Fork Oil, and various other lubricants is very similar and unless your continually riding on Pavés, you're unlikely to foam even cooking oil. One thing they mentioned was the stability of ATF over a wide temperature range. 5 wt oil. Friction-modified formula specifically engineered for the latest in suspension technology from Showa and KYB. temperature) rating than other 5wt oils, but it  21 Apr 2010 Mobil 1 Dexron ATF is equivalent to a 7. Would say this is one area where the 'proper' weight will matter more than anywhere else (other than maybe using premix oil in injector). my 250 bsa starfire has atf in it,used marvel mystery oil init once also. - Oil drain interval (ODI) is depending on vehicles, manufacturer's recommendations, operating conditions, contaminants, and etc. Jul 30, 2015 · Learn more about which kinds of fluid to use on your Toyota 7 or 8 series forklift. 7 out of 5 stars 257. and came across some Dave Moss videos- He is the Sherpa of Suspension and appreciate you sending the very one you linked too. You can cook fork oil in shocks. I’d also like it to be pretty comfy riding if possible so I’m thinking factory weight would be about right? Attention Red Line Oil customers: Please be advised that we are not accepting walk-in customers at our Benicia office at this time due to COVID-19. Our product range encompasses motor oil, gearbox oil and lubricating oil for all kinds of engines and motors, brake fluids and greases as well as special products for the construction industry, rail and marine applications. The speed helps the saw tackle big wood cutting jobs, but all that friction puts a great Yea, I'd use the BelRay or Motul 15W fork oil, it's a big improvement in many ways over common ATF such as I don't think it will absorb water like ATF can to a small extent. Fork oil  6 Apr 2004 motorcycle fork oil. If I don;t service my car myself I buy my oils and take it in and watch them do the work, I only use Mobil in my cars, in my bikes I prefer Motorex for suspension and ATF in my Coke n bourbon ATF vs Fork Oil. MC-4T Mineral Engine Oil is an excellent value, premium multi-grade petroleum motor oil for 4-stroke motorcycles, small scooters, messenger bikes and other 4-stroke performance engines. If ATF was so good the plow manufacturers would say to use ATF. 8) Before removing the fork from the bike, loosen - don't remove - the fork cap (you'll need a fork cap wrench). 1 just mean hot-day vs. It is not an ATF. 6 - 4. Its approx 5wt, possibly a little lighter, and it's a very good general purpose hydraulic fluid, but it doesn't have the seal swellers and other addatives of propper fork oil. Getting the correct hydraulic fork oil / fluid is vital not only for the health of your forks delicate internals and seals, but also massively effects your ride comfort. we used ATF in the forks, which way Oct 04, 2013 · I am going to swap the fork oil soon in my 2001 ST1100 and the manual calls for 7. This automatic transmission fluid type ceased production in 2007. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. SS-7 and it looks like the 7 is only used in suspension parts that call for ATF type fluid. Another fork oil question! I have searched the archives, but can't find anything about how much oil to put in the forks of a 79 CR125 on a complete rebuild. It is synthetic and is labeled as being 7. I do not know what additives are in the current fork oil that would make it any better than ATF. Mar 15, 2013 · Posted: Mar 15, 2013 at 10:03 Quote: Shock oil and engine oils measure there viscosity differently. Both mineral oil and synthetic oil are useful as lubricant oils, but there are some differences between them. If you go too thick you can hydro lock your shocks on big bumps. Chiri · Reading the manual of the Shadow, note that the forks can use Dexron ATF or Fork Oil 10W. A chain saw at full throttle can run at the equivalent of 45 miles per hour. Doesn't mean a whole lot by itself other than it's probably going to be somewhere around 8 cSt at 100C of it's a Dex III equivalent or or 5 if it's the LV variety. Ultra clean formulation 100% Synthetic ATF low viscosity Fluid for Automatic Transmission with slip lockup clutch requiring a DEXRON VI fluid. 4. Wow, what manual is that (Clymer, Haynes, Chilton, Kawasaki, other?) I have never seen motor oil recommended in place of fork oil. Shock oil is designed for higher heats in an airless environment. Jul 28, 2018 · Motorcycle Fork Oil Weight Chart. Type-F is what you want to use. Motorcycle Fork Oil Weight Chart. ATF has detergents in it that might help remove sludge when you change out the oil. 5WT, 10WT, 15WT, 20WT). Strange but true. Amount left until Free Shipping! $0. Bikes that are ridden hard or off road may need to be changed earlier. 40mm vs 42mm, [or whatever the spec is] is making sure both sides are the same. 25 cSt@100C/VI 150. I have always purchased a fixed weight. It is used to transfer force into pressure, and to amplify braking force. Mar 11, 2010 · Fabian: Wikipedia doesn't say much about ATF, from a random forum "most ATF and synthetic motor oils are made from the same group III base stock oil". Some searching online shows other retailers calling it 10 wt. If one fork is different than the other, you get uneven compression which effects handling. Brand / weight / model nominal weight Reported cSt @40C (centiStokes) Reported cSt @100C (centiStokes) Reported Viscosity Index (VI) Recaclulated Viscosity Index (VI) This id say from teh bat is a no no because when you feel dot fluid compared to fork oil the viscosity is way too diffrent. Glide) are just a tad softer now than with the factory oil. Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products, offering you the best formulations for your vehicle. AMSOIL MCV is the result of extensive research, and it is specially formulated to be the best in all areas including high temperatures of air-cooled engines. Most standard transmissions though use gear oil, not automatic transmission fluid. The question may sound dumb, but I would like to know what those fluids which are sold as Fork/Suspension Oils really are. Car oil vs Motorcycle oil You might have heard this before, and even so, it still bears repeating… Not all oils are created equal. Choose the one you want. ATF was the only thing available for fork oil many years ago (or I should say that was what was commonly used). Any oil experts have a opinion. Louie 5W FORK OIL. just cause thats what was hanging around on the shelf. $14. If it's too difficult use a vice clamp to loosen the cap after removing the fork from the bike. But for me I would never use it now I have rebuilt lots of different forks over the years and have found fork oil to be superior compared to atf (which brand doesn't make any diffrence ) ATF has been used for years as fork oilit will not damage anything. Say, a 5wt vs a 7wt. ATF is about 7 weight and is too thin to dampen well. Shovelhead service manuals used to call for ATF in the forks. Some suspension oils are synthetic vs. Aug 22, 2019 · Plus, the oil must form a layer on parts to prevent formation of corrosion. I dont know about ATF+4 since I havent seen a specs on it but I would imagine its close to the same as the Mobil 1. Older MTB suspension, and plenty of moto applications actually refer to motor oil use in suspension for  29 Oct 2012 Aside from other changes that effect damping, the viscosity of the oil and how the viscosity changes as the For years, ATF has been the standard fluid for damper rod forks. It's my opinion that 15 weight is too stiff for the average street cruiser. 5w fork oil. Advanced, proprietary additive system prevents stiction and reduces running friction while minimizing foaming and air entrainment. id say DOT4 or 5. 18, 2012 Change Fork Oil The Easy Way - Page 2 10 posts Jul. but you should use fluid not I'm not aware of fork oil available in multi-viscosity. It is the absolute best oil for V-Twin engines and transmissions in all temeratures. AW32 is the most popular choice being a 10 weight oil, it works best for all climates. 03-21-2010, 01:55 PM I use Valvoline racing oil 20-50 in the crankcase, Dexron ATF in the primary Comparative Oil Weights Table 10 years ago Buying the right oil for your bike is very important as it can effect performance and the amount of wear-and-tear your bike receives. Once the cap is loose, the upper fork legs slides down the lower fork leg. Provides the best combination of low-cost lubrication performance, engine protection and reliable all-season use. Jun 23, 2011 · I think you don't want motor oil in the forks. Fork Oil Debate" threads, I came to the (admittedly, ignorant and non-professional) opinion that the difference is that you can get fork oil in various grades - meaning that if you don't like the way your forks perform with one grade, you can pick another - and the two substances stink - Incorrect ATF fluids may cause severe problems or transmission failures in long term. 25 Jun 2016 Dyna Glide Models - Educate me on fork oil! are gonna laugh, but the last time I changed fork oil I used Type F ATF. Jan 15, 2015 · Hydraulic Oil 5606 It is really simple ATF is not 5606. hondashadow. It seemed to be mostly Squids but a few were HD owners. A good fork oil will have a high viscosity and have high performing anti-foaming additives. Ed The manual of the Suzuki 650 Savage states that the required amount of fork oil is 441 cc or 14. But keep in mind that typical automotive oils have a viscosity index in the low 100s, ATFs are closer to 200, while good fork oils can range from 150 to 400. Some of them have a "seal swell" additive as well. The plow are made for 5606 not ATF. Such modifications may affect the performance of these items. If using Harley brand fork oil then type “B” or “E” is recommended depending on the model. You have to get to their specific "shock oil" if you need a high VI. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. I have always used fixed weight fork oil except in a pinch when I have used motor oil. It's good knowledge to have. Here is a link to a thread I found, guys discussing running 50 to 100% ATF as fuel in diesel trucks. Huntsville, Alabama - Have TW, Will Ride! All White 09 TW, D2Moto Pegs, Bridgestone 302 front tire, 2" higher bars, 3/4" fork preload spacer, 5wt Honda fork oil, 135mm fork oil level, exhaust tip mod, 2. Marzocchi Oil- Marzocchi Bomber Factory Fork Oil comes stock in all bomber forks. Think that does not make sense:newsmile055: Read up on it a little. I use ATF which is just a little heavier than 10 w. Never did it on purpose. My opinion is that its best to stay with either specific "fork oils" or Automatic Transmission Fluid. Jun 19, 2017 · www. I would not use any multi-weight oil because of the polomers. Look at the viscosity at 40c spec. NOTE : Since you’re this far into it anyway, you might want to consider replacing the OEM fork boots, if you haven’t already. You can visibly see the Apr 02, 2018 · WIll automatic transmission fluid (ATF) work as a replacement for engine oil in the crankcase? Does ATF as good or better than engine oil? Does it "clean" sludge better than engine oil? Let's find I was reading up on different fork oils and ran across a trend of people using ATF (Mobil 1 synthetic ATF specifically) in their forks instead of fork oil. oz. It is about the wet clutch. Fork Oil 10 posts Jul. This will provide optimum dampening control over a wide temperature range in any  15 Feb 2017 I have Harley-Davidson fork oil from my old Shovelhead days left over, would that be OK? Some people have advised to use ATF transmission  27 Apr 2016 Fork Oil Change? I was telling a friend that one of my plans for my week of spring vacation was to spend a day changing the fork oil in my BMW  17 Dec 2018 Factory spec on the fork oil is 135 - 140cc (4. If corrosion starts, it won’t stop, spreading and depositing flakes of contaminant in the oil that act like sandpaper and scour metal parts until they’re worn out. It was recommended to me to go 20w because I am between 230 and 240 lbs. Castrol Fork Oil 5W, 10W and 15W Application. Instead, look for a fork oil with a high viscosity index (VI). 0ml (17. ▻ Show Full Signature. Trans-Hydraulic Fluid. The more restrictive the valving or more viscous (heavier) the fluid, the slower the fork will move. 5w Light Motorbike Suspension Fork Hydraulic Oils We've a great range of 5w Light hydraulic fork oils, ideally suited to telescopic motorbike forks. Most of the time, ATF is used to flush the forks of the dirty old fork oil when changing fork oil. My Account. The Best Oil for Harleys is Amsoil 20w-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. Mobil 1 or Redline Multi Vehicle ATF has a similar weight ( [email protected] *) as 10wt Rock Shox (Maxima Fork Oil) or Fox 7wt (Torco RSF Medium). fork oil (looked at the oil chart on that page) and raised the level up about 100cc. Find out which oil is recommended for your car! Here is a link to a specific post on fork oil buried in a very thorough suspension thread, the why's as well as the method. Motul Fork Oil, Factory Line Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF 34 7,6 199 202 Silkolene Fork Oil (10wt Apr 19, 2013 · I use ATF as fork oil for 200 miles to clean out the forks then I change to motor oil 5W-20. View more. ATF is essentially the same price so not sure why you would run that over the correct fork oil. 7 80 30 Sherpa S 175, 200 5. I am currently running 15w Maxima fork oil. containers for the same price that metric bike dealers get for a 32 oz. Many guys will suggest ATF, and even some manuals recommend it, but don't do it. Also, it's not there to "increase" friction--It's there to DECREASE friction. It is typically coloured red or green to distinguish it from motor oil and other fluids in the vehicle. It feels a LOT like Type E fork oil in that respect. Transmission Oil 90w Gear Box Oil, 20. a The transmission fluid in concept works the same as fork oil would,  The differences between these include formulating to a final spec (vs. I recently did a fork oil change and tried to find the viscosity of the different ATF designations. Shear stable, high viscosity index formulation maintains film strength and utilizes industry-leading anti-wear chemistry to reduce wear. Make sure to use 15wt fluid as the 7. 5 turns out fuel mixture, 0. The key difference between mineral and synthetic oil is that mineral oil has natural components whereas synthetic oil contains synthetic molecules. Nobody made "fork oil". ) of premium quality ATF ( automatic transmission fluid), however we recommend. Some manual transmissions also use this fluid. seems a little stiffer and not so much dive on corner entry. g. 1 150 20 Feb 21, 2019 · RT360 - Perfect timing on your link. When compared to typical "fork oil" viscosities, it appears to be around 10 (at least Mobil 1 ATF). Transmission fluid is designed for automatic and manual transmissions. Oct 25, 2005 · does it have separate damping chamber vs. I have used ATF (auto tranny fluid--> equivalent to 10 wt) on pre'00 marzocchi z2 for a while, but it just  One of my fork seals went so I'm going to change my seals and fork oil. The FSM recommends running ATF, which is really really thin. Sep 05, 2019 · At the risk of starting a huge "ATF vs FORK OIL" crapstorm, I'm pretty sure ATF was Honda's recommended fluid for that bike because they didn't have their own fork oil at that time. "Just the right amount of oil for both  This fork oil is based on mineral base oils with a very high viscosity index. Reference: 1. 23 Oct 2012 The differences between these include formulating to a final spec (vs. - Based on products availability in Thailand as of 9/2014. My forks ('07 E. Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic brake and hydraulic clutch applications in automobiles, motorcycles, light trucks, and some bicycles. Jan 14, 2020 · Recommend grabbing some of the generic branded oils vs. The 10W fluid was a perfect choice for my Honda ST1100. Gear oil and crankcase oil SAE viscosity grades are not equivalent. ATF shouldn't hurt. my shop manuel for my 81 gs 850 has atf as the fluid for the forks. The recommended kind of fork oil is DEXRON ATF or SAE 15W. 060 in needle shims, 130 main jet, 14/47 sprockets, 20w-50 Valvoline MC full synthetic oil, ImmixRacing rear rack, Bilt Bag on Rack, 1" front fender spacers, Battery the fork oil changes your damping. Nana. Really old fluid looks like that sometimes and if it's cold the fluid will be pretty thick. Recommended for use in motorcycle forks and shocks for road, off-road and competition use. Feb 12, 2015 · Hey guys! I'm new to the group. Login · Register · My Wishlist. Checkout. I have used fork oil of different weights and I have also used ATF. Motorcycle fork oil is subjected to a very wide range of temperatures, even in normal touring use. 18, 2011 Fork Oil recomendations 7 posts Apr. I see a lot of people running on under-inflated tires and seemingly oblivious to it. I think the bel-ray fork oil is close to 20 bucks a quart. The manual does call for 10W-20 but I always assumed that was just motor oil. ,for all the two stroke dudes we always ran atf in the transmissions,i ran the Our answer: Chrysler’s suggestion of ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid in G56 manual transmissions has been an ongoing controversy since this manual transmission was first added to heavy-duty Ram trucks back in 2005. Due to the heat operation of the transmission generates, automatic transmission fluid degrades and breaks down with use. 9. This is especially true when it comes to car and motorcycle oils. Jul 10, 2010 · atf or what ever oil will depend on how it feels to you,,ive used atf in dirt bikes for years,my fork oil of choice in this respect,i like a heavier than trans oil engine oil in my 500 forks,,like 15/40,just my liking,,if yours feel too soft or bouncy just go up oil weight,,its a good flush for the fork anyway. An additional search for "fork oil level" as posted by "dad" will get even more replies to posters doing this work with some further good tidbits flushed out. Jul 13, 2016 · It depends somewhat on the number of miles you put on your bike and the type of bike you have and type of riding you do. 24 Jan 2018 Fork Oil vs ATF; A Shocking Story When I last rode it at Mammoth Mountain I had just serviced the forks and filled them with AMSOIL 5 weight. The stock forks had too much brakeing dive for me. thanx for input guys. 5wt. Q) Can I use ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) in my lift? A) The use of ATF may affect the warranty on certain lift manufacturers hydraulic components and power units. Fork Oil : ATF vs 10w30 The Unofficial Royal Enfield Community Forum website is a fan-driven project, not affiliated with Royal Enfield Motors. But despite the internet chatter, the experts we spoke with all agree that ATF is still the best option for G56 transmissions. from moto shop. Avoid using ATF transmission fluid . Do it at least twice, until the ATF comes out clean. Shear stable, high viscosity index formulation maintains film   Great Choice! ×. While this oil can be ordered in the US, Marzocchi is basically repackaging Golden Spectro Cartridge Fork Fluid (125/150, Very Light). Buying from MOTOREX means you can depend on finding the right product for every lubrication need from the company's wide product range. Use dedicated fork oil, 10 weight is best for a "stock" like ride. lube chambers, e. ATF is probably less expensive than fork oil, but for the amount that it is changed i dont really think that the decreased expense is that big of a deal. But that was back in the day before cartridge forks were around, and radial tires were only on some cars. If you are trying to clean things with atf,,ok,, but get on the correct FORK OIL in 10 for stock springs or 15 for progressives buried in the Clymer book is the notation to `Replace fork oil every 8,000 Miles`, about one or 2 years for most riders I just got done putting 20 wt. Look for a high-VI fork oil. Automatic transmission fluid is a type of detergent oil that helps remove debris. Shear stable, high viscosity index formulation maintains film strength and reduces wear. Reply #9 on: September 15, 2013, 11:35:22 pm I still have 200ml of atf-f in them and they do dive quite a bit on braking and stay down there while stopped until I let off the handlebars. The last time(and only time) I've changed my 03 Sporty's fork oil I used Bel Ray oil. container. who knows the experts all have different view points. Recommended for use in automatic gearboxes, transfer case and power steering systems of American, Asian and European cars. 00 a pint for fork oil, I thought I would try the ATF and if it works to soften things up I'll go with the good stuff. DaveMossTuning. Plus, any oil is better than no oil. Nov 13, 2014 · These articles may describe modifications to the motorcycle, its equipment, engine, running gear, drivetrain, safety features, etc. Some bikes actually specify ATF as thier fork oil. 1 FL Oz. But somewhere in that info I got the impression that ATF is the equivalent of about 20 W oil. 69 $ 14. - Mike Fort Collins, Colorado 32 year old 1980 Suzuki GS750ET ATF is about 10 wt. 95. Using the right motor oil makes a difference. Attention Red Line Oil customers: Please be advised that we are not accepting walk-in customers at our Benicia office at this time due to COVID-19. The clymer manual only specifies for re-filling, and for a rebuild it says that factory data isn't available. I was wondering if there was somewhere else you could purchase Fork Oil besides the stealer. We offer the best customer service in the industry! Jul 15, 2015 · I noticed less stiction and better compliance compared to ATF when I went to PJ1 fork oil years ago. Has anyone used it before in By transferring a quantity of oil from one end of the fork to the other through a series of small orifices or valves, the movement of the fork can be controlled. Transmisyon Fluid Type C Donax TM / Spirax S1 ATF TASA Autran GM-MP Torque Fluid 32 Mobilfluid 125 Tegula V 32 ATF II Mobil ATF 220 Donax TA / Spirax S2 ATF AX Autran MBX TQ-D ATF 3 Mobil ATF 320 Donax TX / Spirax S4 ATF HDX Autran DX III ATF TQ-DIII ATF 3 ST PRODUCT COMPARISON TABLE GEAR & TRANSMISSION OILS GEAR & TRANSMISSION OILS OMV PETROL Shell engine oils and lubricants Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier, delivering market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries. BOSS Fluid, milspec 5606 is a zinc free specially formulated fluid that is commonly used in aircrafts. Maybe there is, just not something I ever saw or considered. Britannica, The Editors of I feel the same way about mixing the oil but I read somewhere that the only difference is the weight. And bel-ray gear oil is $15 a quart up here in canada. Dives more on braking, but sucks up the chatter bumps better. Good luck The atf will work for fork oil but it may not be the correct weight for you and your new springs. APPLICATIONS | VIDEOS. If you run straight mineral oil in fabric clutches, they burn up and are jerky. Harleys have 3 different fork oils which are B fork oil and E fork oil and screaming eagle The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) should be changed sooner if its dipstick reveals dark or burnt-smelling fluid. At 8. 1 150 20 Campera 175 2. This oil is rated at 26. This high performance synthetic Fork Oil provides more responsive handling and is compatible in all systems, inclu 2002 VTX1800C Illusion Blue, Memphis Shades Windscreen and lowers, Honda Line Backrest/rack, Progressive fork springs, K&N Air/Oil filters, Mobil 4T racing oil, Aeromach risers, Kuryakyn grips, highway pegs, swingarm pivot covers, license plate/turn signal assembly, and rear brake chrome kit, desmog, ground wire fix, fuel pickup mod, custom Mineral based fork oil designed for cartridge and standard-type forks. If you find anything post it . The alternative product for those who require superior performance is Shock Therapy #10 Fork Oil which can be used in place of either type oil. end. Product code : STMQT-EA. If you care enough to buy new springs, why not care enough to try and get the most from your forks by finding the best oil weight. 1 FL OZ. 1 150 20 Sherpa S & T 125 5. Uncategorized July 28, 2018 0 wajidi. I got so confused, I just bought Type F and put it in. (600cc) Clutch (Primary Case) 30w Motor Oil,10. This can be too light for most heavy big twins despite having Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a kind of transmission fluid used in vehicles with self-shifting or automatic transmissions. However, some manufacturers allow Dexron III ATF as an AW32 / ISO32 equivalent. It provides protection against wear, corrosion and to minimise the effect of foam or air entrainment in the fork. Hint, weight is a range not a specific, so 1 brand 5w might be thicker or thinner than another brand. Antifreeze and Engine Coolant (ANT) Dominator Coolant Boost (RDCB) Factory spec on the fork oil is of premium quality ATF (automatic transmission fluid), however we recommend a 10W (light rider) to 15W (heavy rider) motorcycle fork oil. Gear Oil. and that just wont do If you're going to change to an alternative to the fork oil, at least use a hydraulic oil that is high detergent and intended for this kind of use. So always check your user manual of the bike for the exact Fork oil grading. You might be surprised. We put our Mobil 1™ motor oils to the test in the lab, on the road and on the track – duplicating some of the toughest, most extreme, real-life conditions anywhere in the world. I am looking at using mobil1 synthetic atf for my forks. In addition to Oil and Chemicals, browse our full selection of Parts & Accessories. manitou sherman? Manitou recommends 10W40 synthetic motor oil for the lube chambers at the bottom of the fork. a The transmission fluid in concept works the same as fork oil would,  6 May 2019 Some applications can even use ATF. Furthermore, it is suitable for power steering and various manual gearboxes for which an ATF is specified. Maxima does make an excellent shock oil in 3, 7 and 10wt. If you've owned a convertable car with retractable top, it's been using ATF. Since the motorcycle oil market is relatively small (compared to industrial and automotive oil markets) I doubt that the oil manufacturers are really developing fluids for mx/enduro forks. 19 Nov 2007 From my limited survey of fork oil threads related to my bike I came up with these: Mobil 1 ATF Fork Fluid, Other brands with less friction?? It does have a better VI (viscosity vs. I was looking earlier into the Suspension topic today with oil viscosity charts, ATF vs Fork Oil etc. etc. 1 cSt@40C/5. fork oil in both my Dyna and Electra Glide. Higher the number, the better the load carrying capacity of that fork oil. atf vs fork oil

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