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6. MILITARY GUNS - P&S Guns and Militaria (PS2387)- Argentine Mauser Model 1891 Rifle, caliber 7. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, N. Serial numbers are I recently received a 8mm mauser and I am trying to identify it. The serial number appears as S. It seems to **Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Bolt Action Rifle. 63x25 Mauser and there is 7. The early Model A and D pistols were in a separate serial number series beginning at 500 and ending at 555. 65. It gradually replaced the M1 Garand in U. This rifle is in all original condition with matching serial numbers on stock, barrel, receiver, magazine floorplate, and bolt handle. Id hate to misslead a fellow into thinking these old war horses will stand up to such high energy rounds as the 7. cost & attainability of ammo). MSRP ; The powerful 7. Army service by 1961 and in U. III* Full British Lee-Enfield RIC Carbine Full Italian Carcano M1938 Cavalry Carbine Full. Both the foregrip and stock are equipped with a sling swivel. Or: VO ----- No. The Mauser Model 98 is a true classic when it comes to bolt-action rifles. These rifles commonly have two types of serial numbers; a letter followed by a number, or as in your case: the number 2 followed by a letter (V in your rifle) followed by a 4 digit number. Argentine Mauser M1891 Full · Australian Lee-Enfield No. 5 hours ago · Yugoslavian M1924 Mauser Bayonet & Scabbard, UnMarked 14. Estimate Price: $950 - $1,400. 338 x 57 O'Connor. 32 Winchester Special. WWII German infantry rifle in excellent condition. . 65x53mm Argentine was initially developed for the Belgian version in 1889 and its ballistics are similar to that of the . 65X53mm cartridge. A. 65 Argentine. Works with both . After prevailing in the trials, the Krag was selected in mid-1893. From there, the bolt is pushed forward and rotated, which aligns the locking lugs. Full stock with straight grip with  28 Feb 2019 Paul Mauser's groundbreaking rifle would have implications around the globe, and the 1891 Argentine Mauser is a great example of the . The early Model C pistols were in a separate serial number series beginning at 500 and ending at 3,116. Description: Serial #678, . 62" barrel) bolt action rifle with a five shot magazine and a turned down bolt handle. 7x57 brings a premium, mannlicher stock brings a premium, original mauser logo with hinged trap brings a premium, period correct optics brings a premium. 270 Rifle Custom Built by Larry Brace (Article by Chuck Hawks) Mauser 98 Custom Built 7x57mm Rifle (Article by Chuck Hawks with Bob Fleck) Mauser Model 98 Custom-Built Rifle in . Metal above the wood line is mostly bare with patina and some staining. Serial # If I win lot number xxx Duplicate Serial Numbers: Colt manufactured 60,000 pistols in the Ithaca serial number range (856405-916404), 41,696 in the Remington Rand serial number range (916405-958100), and 4,171 in the US&S serial number range (1088726-1092896). com. Argentine 1891 Mauser Extractor. Fun to shoot if you have the strength ;) 1895 Chilean Mauser. 7. 340 Code preceeding model number on arms made for Sears, Roebuck & Company by Ithaca. 358 Winchester (Article by Rick Ryals) Latest: Mauser C96 "Red 9" broomhandle Marblekonus, Jul 2, 2020 at 4:55 AM Technical Questions & Information Use this forum for any technical information or questions you may have with regard to building, customizing, installation, repair etc. Here's a link with numbers and dates: Surplusrifle Forum • View topic - Dating M1891/M1909 Argentine Mausers. e. This is NOT a sales page. Has removable Rifle Stock and removable Hand Foregrip, both of checkered wood, possibly Walnut. The survey is necessarily focused on reworked models that have years and serial numbers in modern script. I live in the Nothwestern Arctic Alaska. Argentine Mauser carbine. Argentine Mauser MFG in 1899 (0752-0915) - 7. 65x53 Caliber with 5rd mag. The bolt handle is the same straight handle of the m/1896 rifle. The left side of the receiver shows that the author's particular Model 1909 Argentine Mauser was made by DWM. S. Any information wouls be appreciated. Barrel has been shortened and re-crowned, crest has been ground off of receiver. Copped an 1895 argentine mauser with matching serials recently Based on the serial number and that it says it was manufactured by Loewe I think it dates to 1896 In pretty good condition for being 120 years old >> bedding a spanish mauser. It appears to be missing some parts and all serial numbers do not match. I hope to restore this rifle and need to know more about it. No bayonet mount. 911 emergency The 7. On the left ring, in two lines are: (1) EJERCITO ARGENTINO (2) MAUSER MOD. Two locking lugs, like most sporting rifle actions following Mauser practice, but an extractor that is held in a circular groove on the inside rim of the recessed bolt face. As its the 1891 mauser mfg in 1900 was thinking its more like a rimless . I am a 03 C&R license holder. And some contract guns had their own serial numbers, starting again at 1. The rifle features the finest walnut, rust blueing and fire blueing. Around serial number 277,000 the milled panel on the frame was discontinued. Ammoland. the serial no. If in nice shape with correct bottom metal, the action can be worth $250 - $350. 30 caliber medium machine gun widely used during the 20th century, especially during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. 65 Argentine All visible serial numbers are matching. 5×52mm Carcano 1889 was the first to be officially adopted of a class of similar smallbore military rifle cartridges which included the 6. This added stability to the bolt when it was in the open position. It was chambered for Mauser's new 7. 325 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) 8 x 56 Mannlicher-Schoenauer: 8 x 57JS (8 mm Mauser) 8 x 68S: 8 mm Remington Magnum. Jul 10, 2015 - Explore mswithms's board "303 enfield British", followed by 235 people on Pinterest. 62x25 Tokarev. (PS1866 )- Swedish Mauser Model 1896B Rifle, made by Carl Gustaff, Bolt & Receiver are . 00 Will ship (Y/N): N Other info: I have a Argentine Mauser 1909 for sale in good condition. So I am a big Humpback fan. Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. czechoslovakian 8mm mauser for sale. Item Number. 1 to S. NO sales/advertising permitted. 38 extra long caliber, blued octagonal barrel marked E. Date Added: Jul 1st 2020. Not my rules, these are FB rules. depending on condition and extras. Bolts were changed from 14 small locking lugs to 4 larger locking lugs. Fun to shoot if you have the strength ;) The standard US telephone emergency number that connects to police and fire department dispatching. The only way to identify the production location is by the serial number pattern and the VTLU code. Jan 13, 2013 · Dates of Mfg by serial number Argentine M1891 Mauser - Ludwig & Loewe YEAR RIFLE 1892 A0000 – C4999 1893 C5000 – F9999 1894 G0000 – L4999 1895 L5000 – M9999 1895 Military School BU00 – BU199 1895 Military School EM00 – EM199 1895 Military School EN00 – EN74 1896 N0000 – O9999 YEAR CARBINE Ludwig & Loewe Jun 08, 2017 · Buy Them By Serial Number - 1933 Standard Model Mausers ClassicFirearms. It became known as the 1889 Belgian Mauser, 1891 Argentine Mauser, and 1890 Turkish  SMOF7164 - SMOF7164 - ARGENTINE MODEL 1909 MAUSER RIFLE, 7. 1" barrel and 5-round magazine. Receiver has usual markings that are oriented to sides to accommodate scope mount which contains a Zeiss 4X single turret scope which is also marked with the Argentine markings with serial number "1008". Each letter prefix consisted of 10,000 rifles, so Dxxx would be from 30,000 to 31,000 from the start of the contract (i. MAUSER ARGENTINE MODEL 1891 - C30769. 62: XX: Stocked to end of barrel: 2: 7. 32-20 Winchester. One of the better known Dealers had a couple of "newly discovered" contract 1906 model Lugers one being an Ecodorian(sp)and I dont recall what the other one was but it was also Central/ South Americian as well. This 1898 model was an improved version of that designed in 1895. Marlin-Ballard rifles, all are pre-1899 Mauser M1896 "Broomhandle" pistols (serial # below 15,000--most of these have cone ring hammers--are pre-1899 Mauser Bolt Action Rifles. Chambered for the 7. 65mm Argentine, 7. Bore is excellent. Has all matching serial numbers except the bolt. 1161 and possibly a few more. 303 British as for pressures. A. 330 Dakota. early to mid-20th century, an Argentine Mauser Model 1909, serial number 004218, with a walnut stock, bright *German Mauser Mod. W. 32-40 Ballard. 65x53 caliber carbine. P. There were some 53 rifles submitted, although the finalists were all European rifles, including the Lee, Mauser and Krag-Jorgensen. The crest has been ground off the receiver ring, but the original finish in almost completely intact. MAUSER and the date of the manufacturer. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot make any substantiated statements about the model, production time, quantities or value of the rifle. Mauser 1909 cavalry carbine: shortened variant, with a straight grip stock and a forecap that covers all the barrel. Markings on Swedish mauser rifles. The serial number is prefixed with S and runs S. Full stock with straight grip with half-length upper handguard. Description: For sale I have an 1891 Argentine Mauser in 7. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiats, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Diane Davey RN, President Christina Vertullo, Vice President. All numbered parts carry full five digit serial number or the last three digits of the serial number. The U. Argentino 1909 30-06*German Mauser Mod. The bore looks like a gleaming mirror and the rifle even has a cleaning rod with a matching serial number. I was a teenager, and with handloads and peep sights it accounted for everything from woodchucks to deer. Origins of the Model 1889 Mauser Belgium began pursuing the concept of adopting a repeating rifle in the early 1880s. 257 Roberts (Article by Ed Turner) Mauser: Small Ring, Big Controversy (Article by Mike Hudson) Rebarreling a Rifle to . Mauser skipped some sizeable blocks of numbers in the early days, sometimes filling them in subsequently with later- production pistols. We hope you enjoy today's video, and stay tuned for more argentine mauser serial number database,document about argentine mauser serial number database,download an entire argentine mauser serial number database document onto your computer. Mr Speed evaluates the Model M carbine between $1000. Overview of the 3 variants in Webster: Argentine Mauser Rifles: best regards, Chris I just came into possession of a Berlin-made M1909 Argentine Mauser. argentine mauser serial number database,document about argentine mauser serial number database,download an entire argentine mauser serial number database document onto your computer. mauser serial number id. MSR079. Which means; Rifle number 5, at the 72nd Landstormen area, attached to the 19th Infantry Regiment. 308 winchester. Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. com D. are banning all guns. Browning-designed M1917, the M1919 saw service as a light infantry, coaxial, mounted, aircraft, and anti-aircraft machine gun by the U. The finish on the barrel is in very go Serial # 118197 places it pre-war 1936-37. The Mauser brothers incorporated this guns trigger design on the M71 from examples captured Mauser had to build an entire factory to put these guns into production and this new rifle would Although the Germans largely put these guns out to pasture when the later Mauser 88 and 98 series. But the 6. They are the exact same size. and many Our database contains estimated values and detailed descriptions for virtually every rifle, shotgun, and handgun manufactured in the United States or imported since the early 1800s. Has been refurbished. Marked with Argentine crest on receiver ring. On the right ring is the serial number and on the left rail is D. Why the letter at the beginning of the serial number? Model 1909 Argentine Mauser Serial Numbers. (F. Word of caution when referencing Argentine M91 as antique as rifles manufactured by DWM are only antique for serial number prefixes A through J & about 1/3 to half of serial prefix K. To put this into historical perspective, this is just after the famous D-Day invasion in Normandy. 00. Other Belgian company manufacturing FN actions in. This is a long rifle, left-hand lock variant (dated 1877) that has ret Serial Number Criteria: Description Criteria: L-2 Data last updated: Tue Mar 15 09:25:04 2016 23-1 23-8 Loening S-1 - Air Yacht Seaplane There is a photo of an Engineering Division GL-2 glider with the serial number A. Like its Belgian and Turkish predecessors, the Argentine 1891 uses a bolt with front-locking lugs, the distinctive Mauser “wing”-type safety selector, a one-piece wooden stock, and a wood upper handguard that Hi Pakistan, So in January 1892 Argentina was facing possible war with Chile. Price: $1995. 4t60e. Registered MSA Participant. 65x53 is commonly known as the 7. FN Mauser question. 4:01 PM An Argentine government commission sought to replace earlier Model 1871s in Argentine service and contracted with Mauser in 1886 to upgrade their existing stocks. naaminis. ARMY" marking on the right side of the slide is normally found in the range from 906000 to 916404. See the following listings by model year: M1889 Belgian, most rifles are pre-1899. 1 Mk. No import marks could be found. Good overall condition Argentine Seller nacho1936 Available on Cal Guns Location Orange County California Description. Marine Corps service by 1965. S” (Oranje Vrij Staat) just above the serial number accompanied by MOD. General Specs: Mauser, Year 1938, 8mm, 8lbs 6oz Serial Number: 4753 What a classic German Mauser sporting rifle we have here, labeled by Richard Fleischer and. 65x53 Argentine $459. 65 Belgian Mauser. 62: 17XX 5: 7mm Mauser: 18XX 6 21XX Dec 31, 2009 · identify mauser from serial number . 65MM, BY DWM - Serial number F9818 matching throughout, even the cleaning rod. F. Oct 21, 2019 · Mar 24, 2017 The Chilean 1895 long rifles seem to have serial numbers without the leading zeros, while the Argentine serial numbers seem to have leading zeros. Handsome hardwood stock and hand guard, original finish with minor dings and compressions, sharp 1895 cartuche. Feb 5, 2014 - Argentine Mauser Model 1891 rifle, manufactured by Lowe, Berlin. The third type of Argentine Carbine (Calvary) is the other type as made in Argentina. Company home. Matching serial numbers. Czech Model K98k Rifle At the end of WWII, the Brno factory was producing Model 98k rifles for the German military. 24 was produced in Brno and Povazska Bystrica (from 1938–1942). 308 Winchester energy levels, when reloading for the 1891 Argentine mauser Think of it as a . These are marked on top of the receiver ring with the large Argentina Crest and the left side of the receiver is marked "MAUSER MODELO/ ARGENTINO 1909" and the receiver side wall is marked Revised List on 02-09-13 1: 7. New serial number range for 742's starting at B 6,000,000 1981--Model 760 ADL and BDL designations replaced with 7600 with straight comb stock and impressed checkering . Jan 02, 2020 · Mauser-Werke Oberndorf. Made on German Tooling set up in formerly occupied Serbia. Argentine 1891 Mauser Sear. Other known rifle serial numbers are B612, B985, B2104, B2343, B2521, B2972, B3048, B3260, B4552, B4884, B5267, B6747, B7090, B7121, B7246 (trigger guard), and B7331. 338 Winchester Magnum. #2 It is serial number 576, I also have number 22 and a 4 digit one. These included the locked-breech, self-loading C96, blowback pocket pistols, models of 1910, 1914, 1910/34, 1914/34 and 1934, two versions of the WTP "vest pocket" pistol, and the double-action HSc pistols. , the first 6000 (A0000-A5999) made in 1910, the latter 4000 (A6000-A9999) made in 1912. Sights on the 1909 Argentine are classic Mauser tangent propositions with an inverted-"V" front post and a "V"-notched rear sight that is calibrated to a "harassing fire" range of 2,000 meters, with a bottom setting for a 300-meter Nov 21, 2011 · Your serial number indicates a manufacture date of 1894. mauser werke hsc mod 90. An air-cooled development of the standard US machine gun of World War I, the John M. 65×54) — and the Brenneke cartridges developed in direct consultation with the Mauser firm do not resemble the 308, 30/06, 270 and others by accident; from case heads to bottlenecks, modern cartridge configurations are virtually all derived from original Mauser ideas. The manufacturer's mark, production year, letter following or below the serial number and proof marks help narrow down the identity of a specific Luger model. If the rifle were mine I would first remove the scope and mounts and check for a crest that might be hidden under them. com; McMillan Firearms; North American Arms. 65×53mmR is a rimmed variant of the 7. Rear sight V-notch. And you can turn a beautiful gun into a pile of scrap iron by shooting them. -(F. WWII Mauser Serial Number Tracking Does anyone know of a web site or forum we a person can look up, by serial number, history on a Model 98 Mauser?Mauser k98k from 1944. See more ideas about Enfield, Lee enfield, 303 british. An Argentine government commission sought to replace earlier Model 1871s in Argentine service and contracted with Mauser in 1886 to upgrade their existing stocks. 65x53 mm. Got a 1891 Argentine Mauser serial number A 2404 can anyone tell me when it was made? In order to cut down on gun crimes we The Govt. 7x57 Swords and Sandals 2 Redux: Maximus Edition PC Game Overview: Swords and Sandals 2 Redux: Maximus Edition is developed by Whiskeybarrel Studios and published by eGames. Barrel length is 29". 65×53mm Argentine rimless, 7. I have to say, though, that I've never seen an FN or Browning HP with tool marks that bad on the barrel cam lug. 62×51mm NATO (. 32-40 Winchester. Sweden adopted a Mauser carbine in 1894 and a Mauser rifle in 1896, both chambered for the 6. dgbarham. Text Mats Persson. If the 1891 Argentine Mauser extractor does not work the extractor for a later 1914 or 1934 model should be the right length and has more material and could be milled down to the bottleneck shape of early Humpback extractor. No Reserve. Aug 03, 2011 · A second indicator is the serial number. Condition is excellent and it hasn't been monkeyed with. 5×55mmSwedish Mauser (also Though to be a 1906 Limited Model for Commercial Sale. Mauser-pattern bolt-actions were manufactured in countries including Germany, Turkey, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Belgium, Argentina and Chile, so the round the rifle fires can help you identify the rifle's origins and model, like the 1891 Argentine, 1909 Argentine, Spanish 1893, Chilean 1895 and the Swedish 1896. G. Dates should be considered approximate. The Mauser brand has stood as a symbol for the real, successful hunting experience for over 140 years. -----Walt; Your item #29 has a serial number as>>> UA8217. You need to identify all of these marks to help determine the identity of a German Luger 761B or any other Luger model. count down to the 29th rifle listed. Serial**Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Bolt Action Rifle. Our database contains values of serial numbers through 259472 which ended the year 1926. The PowerRank is an estimation of the cartridge power. Contact Us. This version will be found with 7 slide serrations We took over the Mauser Oberndorf company in 1999, and we have only very little documentation concerning the historic Mauser military rifles and pistols. Small quantity available. 13 GL-2 gliders were procured, but they were used as towed targets rather than manned gliders. Mar 18, 2018 - Fn Mauser 98 Serial Numbers. 95. Variants. Dec 31, 2016 · Robert Ball’s Mauser Military Rifles of the World (5th edition) has a note on page 336 stating that some 10,000 M1891 Argentine rifles and a number of M1891 carbines with the Spanish crest were purchased for that use, and all the new carbines and the 10,000 rifles were sent to Cuba prior to the Spanish American War of 1898. Argentino 1909 30-06 RifleThis is a very nice German Mauser bolt action rifle in the 30-06 All help you need! 1891 Argentine Mauser Replacement Stocks! All in one place! helpwire. Some Argentine Mauser 1909 rifles and carbines without crests were sold to Paraguay during the Chaco War. 32 Caliber Savage Pistol in the box below: [Archive] 1909 Argentine mauser carbine CMP Bolt Action Rifles My stock has matching serial number on it also. Perhaps the most iconic rifle of the Cold War (after the AK-47), the FAL was manufactured in a number of West-leaning countries and saw extensive service. x53mm. The rifle's serial number is E 4275. Crustose coralline algae may help facilitate recruitment of stony coral. The result was adoption of the Model 1891 largely based on the Model 1890 Turkish Mauser though with subtle modifications to suit the Argentine Army requirement. It still carries most of its blue finish and the case hardening on the trigger and hammer is very good. Instead, their number were mixed. The Model 1894 has 66 parts, the Model 1895, 62. 999 The British equivalent of the U. I take that back, more like $3000. 338-06 A-Square. 65x53mm; 93% blue, excellent bore, very good+ stock, 22'' barrel, This is a matching number sporterized Mauser Modelo Argentine 1891. Maker marked from Loewe Berlin Arsenals on it military export contracts it is a bonafide antique. 65 x 53R: 7. Bayonets from Selected Countries of the World updated March 4, 2008: Help us keep this Identification Service alive. " In my junk pile is a like new on the outside - with totally ruined bore - barrel from a 1908 Brazilian Mauser cal 7X57. Some time around serial number 162,500 the right side of the slide is stamped “Mauser 7. 65x53mm Mauser Argentine Mauser M1909/26 Cavalry Carbine - 7. has no proofing houses (as in England, France, Germany and As in the two previous volumes, the Models of 1894 and 1895 are examined and described on a part-by-part by serial number basis. I'd put the over under on that rifle at about $2000. Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor's Reign is a turn-based fighting game that throws you in the arena with some of the toughest warriors PROOF MARKS 2403 The proof marks shown below will assist in determining nationality of manufacturers when no other markings are evident. price $15. My son also owns a 1891 Mauser by Loewe made for Argentina, Serial Number E6xxx. 303 British. Mike B 296,198 views. Members report serial numbers observed at shows and other places and they are loaded to a database in Slovakia. Remington Rand serial number variations BCD Code Gustloff-Werke K98 Mauser 8mm (R27469) $3,520. Search over 10 million items from over 1600 stores, auctions, and classifieds for the best price on any in stock gun for sale! Find the best gun deals! D. 2. 7424 In 1935, a rearming Germany adopted the Mauser Karabin 98, kurz (Carbine, Model of 1898, Short), or K98k, as the general issue longarm for its military forces. The rifle is in very good condition, bright metal on the action with some cosmoline still in it, a little bit of pitting on the forward barrel band. Which means; Rifle number 20, at the bicycle-dispatch unit (velocipedordonans), at the 3rd Army Division (armefördelning). Arrived Yesterday CIL Canadian Government 22 LR Box 1945-1950. The Un-Official Fan Page for the Mauser Rifle Family. Finish in receiver is practically non-existent. SEE item #2 It has a serial number as "C2766". Buy online, view images and see past prices for Four Bolt Action Rifles -A) Argentine Mauser Model 1909 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet B) WWI Erfurt Model 1917 Kar 98 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet C) Amberg Arsenal GEW 98 Model 1916 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet D) Argentine Model 1909 Bolt. Argentine Mauser 1909 - 7. The Model 1895 brought to the “Transvaal” was also known as "Boer Model" Mauser and were marked “O. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). 62: 8XX 3: 8mm Mauser: 9XX: Stocked to end of barrel: 4: 7. 32 WCF, many fewer than were made in . Manufacturing The name of the manufacturer and the year of manufacture are on the top of the receiver. mens sleeveless black photographers jackets. Well I guess I will sleep with a chainsaw next to my bed. Your serial number should be prefaced by a letter, and I'm guessing was manufactured in about 1911. Knowing it would still be some time before their Mauser 1891 models were delivered they needed a few rifles "right away" and so ordered 5000 Commission 1888 rifles ("Gewehr Model 1888") in the German caliber Mauser 8mm (7. 65×53 (sometimes called 7. Oct 28, 2014 It appears as maybe if the FN Mauser did not originally have any serial numbers on it when 1st built. 500 on the left side-rail of the receiver. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if an 1891 Argentine Mauser is considered an antique? Bought a really nice one today and am thinking of selling it. Marlin rifles--serial number groups not consecutive! The only models that ended production before 1899 are the Model 1881, 1888, Model 1889, and 1891. 922(r) The US Code section that requires seven American-made parts to be included when assembling a semi-auto-rifle on an American-made receiver, with an imported parts kit. 5 or 6 digit serial number on diagonal flat 50 - 1000 meter sight small ring hammer, early style hole through safety knob full serial number in two places on back "step" frame; lanyard ring pivots fore & aft walnut grip panels with 30 to 36 lines no factory markings here (there may be military or police unit marks stamped on later) SN C9941. 338 Remington Ultra Magnum. They also as I recall had K98s too, but not 98 on the left side of the action. The 8 round is an original military stripper clip. Values for Model 1891 Argentine Mauser Rifle, c. and $5,500. Mauser Airforce Model M43 24" Barrel (2882-0817) - 8mm Early WW2 German K98 Mauser Cleaning Rod No Serial Number. Jan 24, 2019 · Marlin rifles–serial number groups not consecutive! The only models that ended production before 1899 are the Model 1881, 1888, Model 1889, and 1891. We have both These are graded overall as surplus good, may have minor non function inhibiting stock cracks. The T serial number = 1900 mfg date. 5 Download Ez Check Printing License Key Walther Pp Serial Numbers Dates Mar 03, 2016 · My serial number of 73XXX would place shipment at about 1916. Enter the serial number of your . The 7. Select from custom options below. Oct 28, 2018 · 21. . 92×57, 7×57, 7. Jul 04, 2009 · There is 7. The 1891 Argentine Mauser is a cock-on-close, striker-fired repeater feeding from an internal five-shot, single-stack box magazine. For the SM/Mauser Banner K database, I am trending the siderail markings, whether it has a diamond at the serial, how the bolt is serialed, the barrel shoulder "Ch. com, the web’s leading Shooting Sports News Service for the Ammunition, Firearms, Shooting, Hunting and Conservation community. Y Model 1871 A number of algal species, including calcareous macroalgae and crustose coralline algae, deposit calcium carbonate during growth, and may contribute to reef structural strength. The serial number is on the left side of the receiver. The serial numbers were located on the bottom front of the frame just ahead of the trigger guard. Post Dec 31, 2009 #1 2009-12-31T02:14. mauser-online. They can go for a lot, but in be… Feb 14, 2019 · 1891 Argentine Mauser Serial Numbers. 99 1d 5h 16m 15577492. #5. Strange it has no marks or stamps beyond those numbers, but it really looks as Mauser 98 Action, the bolt, receiver, screws, everything. A genuine Mauser 98, the Model M48 is a strong, good example the original bolt-action Rifles. on the receiver. However, most carbines with yatagan Sep 23, 2010 · My first hunting rifle was a . Ground mum. I have to tell you about one Sep 08, 2011 · The Mauser originals — 7. May be matching on stock as well but the stock number is not clearly readable. To Adventures in Surplus: Chromed Argentine 1891 Parade Rifle June 3, 2020 Ian McCollum 8 When I got this Model 1891 Argentine rifle, I assumed it was the unfortunately result of someone’s experimenting with chrome plating parts. All dimensions, markings, finishes and any changes to a part are listed complete with its serial number range of use. Metal is excellent with approximately 98% blue. 88, in that it had a charger loaded, 5 round, single stack internal magazine. Serial numbers are matching. Thanks a bunch, moodyholler I ain't the ATF but I believe they are on the C & R List. As in the two previous volumes, the Models of 1894 and 1895 are examined and described on a part-by-part by serial number basis. 65x53 smokeless powder cartridge. C&R or Dealer license needed to ship. The serial number I want to look up is 1001XX. 9 years ago. Thanks for the help in advance. over this past weekend. 7 x 58 Arisaka. Nice, smooth stock with only minor handling dings. Holds 5 rds of 7. within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Brothers and Sisters: And now it is time for me to step forward and preach the 7mm gospel. 62 mm, M14, [5] is an American selective fire automatic rifle that fires 7. Many years later, during a visit to the local gun shop, I spotted an old commercially made Husqvarna Mauser sporting rifle. Is there a way to check the serial number for M1 carbines based on the reciever serial number? I'm curious if a rifle was rebarrled the date on the barrel would not be the same as when the reciever was manufactured. 30 Mauser and 9mm Luger ammunition. The difference Between a German Kar98K and a Yugoslavian M48 Mauser Rifle - Duration: 9:57. #17) On the top ring is the Argentine crest. See also: 112. 65X53mm w/29. Four Argentine Mauser Bolt Action Rifles,Four Argentine Mauser Bolt Action Rifles, c. The Mauser 98K was the last of the long line of Mauser rifles used by the German Army and based on the original Mauser Gewehr 98. 7mm with a 35-1/2" barrel. The top pistol, with a serial number of 66742, is of antebellum vintage, while the second, number 234589, is a much later production gun. mauser indicator for sale. 22 caliber. 340 This banner text can have markup. www. Mexican Mauser Model 1910 Rifle. Both guns were claimed to be WWII GI bringbacks. 65 mm. Bore is very good. Only on carbine m/94. You can find both new and used rifle stocks and forend parts for Mauser guns on eBay. Serial Number: D8768 Argentine 1909 Mauser in 7mm. It has the 30 inch infantry barrel chambered for the 7 m/m Argentine cartridge. Born over 50 years ago with our roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. Make: Mauser Model: Argentine 1909 Caliber: 30-06 Location (city or county): Orange County California Price: 250. Note the lanyard rings: The 1907 was a popular police pistol and was purchased by the nascent Czech army immediately following the First World War. 65”. Bolt number matches Bob, I checked pictures that I have in my database of a couple of Ortgies . A total of over 144,000 were made in . Jan 10, 2009 · The serial number is prefixed with HK which I believe is the inspector and all the componets are marked with the crown and the last 3 (703) of the serial number except the floor plate which has 995 stampted under the crown (poofy crown with cross on top). All others must have a serial number under 161,200. ww2dbase. 5×53mmR Mannlicher (Romania/Netherlands 1897), 6. 92×37 Mauser rounds are loaded via a 5 round stripper clip. 65×53mm Mauser (in Belgium). Cal. My question concerns how the serial number system works and can a year of manufacture be estimated from the serial number. GunEngine - Search for guns from over 100 Vendors is an abbreviation for vzor, which translates as model; "24" represents the year of the design, 1924, and the rifle replaced the 98/22 Mauser that was in production before it. 65×53mm Belgian Mauser or 7. pattern 98 05 mauser sawback bayonet. From Serial Number 1 to about 510000: From Serial Number about 500000 to end of production: Ithaca slide markings : The "Model of 1911 A1 U. The vz. Every once in a while, I shoot it. This pistol’s “byf 44” code, “WaA145” Waffenamt inspector’s marks and 7168w serial number puts its manufacture about July 1944. BCD Code Gustloff-Werke K98 Mauser 8mm caliber rifle. This is an Argentine 1891 Mauser made in the 1890s in Loewe, Berlin and chambered for 7. vomiting and diarrhea. The following are some of the types of Mauser gun stocks you can find for sale on eBay: Wood: A Mauser 98 wood stock is traditional for the weapon, whether the hardwood is cherry, maple, oak, birch, walnut, or Serial numbers were often repeated on thousands of Luger pistols. tha]e rifle has the serial number AU 8217. Produces the AR-15’s, 1911 pistols and sporter barrels The small-framed version was the New Model The Remington Arms Company has a letter from George Armstrong Custer extolling the virtues of his Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifle Remington Rolling Block Rifle, c. It has a 6” barrel. Item Views. Brian. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. 22. ATF is a law enforcement agency in the United States’ Department of Justice that protects our communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the illegal use and storage of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, acts of terrorism, and the illegal diversion of alcohol and tobacco products. ) b) F. Jul 14, 2017 · The DWM-made 1909 Argentine Mauser action was about as pristine as one is apt to find these days. Inland Division of General Motors 1 - 5 (Tool Room Models) (Nov. By 1887, the quest had led to international trials, which continued through 1889. Earliest shipment began December 1, 1936 with serial numbers 516, 523, and 525 latest shipment was 3,116 shipping on 10/3/1939. The serial number cannot duplicate the serial number appearing on any other firearm the importer previously imported For firearms imported after January 30, 2002, the engraving, casting or stamping (impressing) of the serial number must be to a minimum depth of . 65×53mm Mauser cartridge. Asking 250. 63 Mauser ammo and NOT 7. M. Serbian Major Koka Milovanovich contributed to design modifications meant to make it more durable and reliable than the original M7. It is in 7. Mauser- Koka or Mauser- Milovanovich. com; Olympic Arms. WWII Mauser Serial Number Tracking Does anyone know of a web site or forum we a person can look up, by serial number, history on a Model 98 Mauser? Thanks folks. 003 inch and in a print size no smaller than 1/16 inch Simpson Ltd 140 S Seminary St Galesburg, IL 61401 FAX - ++309/ 342-5730 Call us at ++309/ 342-5800 Rifle serial numbers from B305 up to B8135 (trigger guard) are known in the US. Serial numbers located on trigger/magazine housing, stock, cleaning rod, receiver and bolt all match. It can be distinguished from the Model 1. Ludwig Loewe became DWM in 1896, and that is the last year that any guns carry the Loewe markings. They can be used to get some historical information about your particular rifle. [citation needed] Ballistically it is comparable to the also-rimmed . Not a place rife with 7. 5×50mm Arisaka (Japan 1893), 6mm Lee Navy 1895, 6. YEAR RIFLE Ludwig & Lowe 1892 A0000 - C4999 1893 C5000 - F9999 12 Dec 2012 A look at the Argentine model 1891 mauser rifle. In nice looking condition and maker marked from the Mexican Arsenals in 1930. what is the value of a 1891 mauser argentina r 3950. MAUSER MOD 1909 DIRECCION GENERAL DE Feb 26, 2012 · The Argentine Mauser M1891 Rifle - This rifle was made in germany with a 29. The same movement going forward also. Order by Chile). 14), any barrel coding (SM have them usually), whether it has a take down in the stock, any stock markings (in your range they usually May 07, 2016 · The 8mm Lebel was the first smokeless military rifle cartridge. May 16, 2015 · The bolt is one of the characteristic design coups of the 700. 42 WW-II German ordnance code assigned to Mauser-Werke, Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany. An evolution of the Gewehr 98 of the First World War, the K98k was a short (23. 65x53 (R26771) $649. Mauser Rifle Model 1909 Argentine In New Unissued Condition With Test Target And Muzzle Cover Description: This rifle was produced around 1915. I'm no expert on FN serial numbers, so I'll leave it at that and let the experts make a more authoritative appraisal of the gun. 3363. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation I was at a small show in Orange County Calif. The serial number applied to military production weapons is not unique to only one weapon. (Note: Marlin did not start a new block of serial numbers staring at 1, like most makers. Serial # 11431 Nagoya manufacture. This is a discussion on 1895 Chilean Mauser. Because of this issue, a misunderstanding occurred regarding the identification between the Model 1896 and Model 1897. Has correct matching serial numbers, receiver to bolt, bold crest atop the receiver and was the first Mauser produced in Mexico after learning factory production abroad. k 98 cal 8 for 57 mauser for sale shopping centre com. early mauser 98 serial number database, k98 action, mint condition mauser argentine 1909 with matching serial numbers value, serial # 7332 mauser, Charles Pryse No. Argentine mauser serial number database. 23-2 painted on it. 65mm Argentine Mauser 174 Gr. Model 1893 Mauser rifles and Model 1895 crbines were imported into Spain from Germany and Belgium during the 1890's. mtmcase-gard. Authentic WW2 German manufactured K98/G43 cleaning rod. All hunting rifles made by Mauser are based on traditional, down-to-earth values, combined with the most modern of rifle technology. I own a 1891 Mauser, manufactured by Loewe of Berlin for Argentina, Serial Number A87xx. 65 Mauser rifle ammo on the store shelves. All serial numbers match on the receiver, bolt, stock, and cleaning rod. The markings on these argentine carbines is of two types: a) EJERCITO ARGENTINO MAUSER MOD 1909 D. This circular, spring steel case gripper is a work of genius, but not appreciated by all rifle nuts because I agree. AR15. Delta Rockwell Drill Press Serial Numbers Vz 24 Serial Number Lookup Colt Pre Ban Serial Numbers Argentine Mauser Serial Numbers More Life Download Zip Ifree Unlock Client Free Download Il2 Cliffs Of Dover Download Cubase Pro 8. 1895 mauser carbine. 3 Feb 2010 The Model 1909 Mauser action is highly desirable as a basis for a fine custom rifle. In very good looking condition it has all matching serial numbers, including the cleaning rod. It has the 30 inch infantry barrel chambered for the 7 m/m Mauser cartridge. serial# 292655 It is the same character that appears after the receiver serial number on both my rifle and yours. Thanks Jim I was given a 1891 Argentine mauser. Scarce Argentine Mauser Model 1891 Rifle with University Battalion Marking. V. The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98, Gew 98 or M98) is a German bolt action rifle made by Mauser firing cartridges from a 5-round internal clip-loaded magazine. 05-21-2012, 10:37 PM. 65 Argentine) 7. Guns World shows pictures of an Ortgies serial number in the same location. Types of affordable Mauser gun stocks for sale. 1891, serial number W6544, all numbers matching, walnut stock, blued steel fittings and barrel, left side of the to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Prvi Partizan 7. #" the gage number on the barrel (should be 156. Dec 05, 2012 · I have for sale my 1891 Argentine Carbine Receiver marked; MAUSER MODELO ARGENTINO 1891 MANUFACTURA LOWE BERLIN Serial number is A16xx, matches on receiver, barrel, bolt, floorplate. 00 for it. The gun is so pretty that I am afraid to look at it. HelpWire is the ultimate one-stop shop for people of all expertise levels looking for help on all kind of topics -- tech, shopping and more. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866. Fine sniper stock Aug 03, 2011 · A second indicator is the serial number. If it is indeed a FEG forgery, the serial number coincides with a FEG P9 from the early 1990's. Caliber 7. 303 British and . Mar 12, 2013 · Ah one thing to bear in mind those 1891's wont stand up to hopping them up to . The Engineer carbines got their own serial nos. 20 III AF . Pictures are available if that would help. Mauser designs were built for the German armed forces. Jul 31, 2017 · Although the Mauser serial number system is simple in theory - start at 1 and go up to whatever - it was violated in practice. 1909 Argentine Mausers, made in Germany for the Argentine Government. Military-New condition with clean, Bright Bores, and solid stocks, with an American Owner’s Manual covering history, operation, and safety. Mar 03, 2014 · This particular rifle is a second year production, made in 1892, and the first series of Mauser rifles to fire smokeless ammunition. ,blue/ bright finish,walnut stock. 1 RIC Revolver Single Digit Serial Number 4. com; MTM Case-Gard. Ithaca and Remington Rands where not manufactured or shipped in numerical order. 308 Winchester) ammunition. Since the U. Army held trials in New York in 1892 to select a new infantry rifle to replace the single shot 1873 "Trapdoor" Springfield. 65 x 53mm Mauser A development of the Gewehr 98 , the M1909 Argentine contract featured a tangent-leaf rear sight rather than the Lange Visier , and a longer handguard that extended from the receiver to the lower barrel band. Matching serial numbers on barrel, receiver, bolt, stock, and floor plate of magazine. This is not a repro! (The threads on all the. Rare Argentine sniper with 29-1/2" bbl, barleycorn front sight and 2000 meter military rear sight. Mauser Rifle. 303 British Here are general guidelines on determining if a particular Mauser is pre-1899: Mauser M1896 "Broomhandle" pistols (serial # below 15,000--most have cone ring hammers) are pre-1899. I have for sale my 1891 Argentine Carbine Receiver marked; MAUSER MODELO ARGENTINO 1891 MANUFACTURA LOWE BERLIN Serial number is A16xx, matches on receiver, barrel, bolt, floorplate. Turkish Mauser rifle serial number survey results. Price: $85. Don’t buy a rifle, own a Mauser. 1909 ((H) page 1, illus. Toe of stock has been expertly cut It appears to be a DWM contract Argentine M1909, but without any Argentine markings, made up in 7 mm, a more commercially saleable caliber than 7. Mauser Bolt Action Rifles. Mauser made P-38s at their facility in Oberndorf am Neckar in 1942 under a variety of manufacturer’s codes. Operation- and workshop equipment, assortments, Screwdrivers, Sockets, Drive and connecting parts for manual drive, IMPACT-sockets, Drive and connecting parts, Bits M14 rifle, officially the United States Rifle, 7. Exceptionally nice rifle. 65 cal. There were only 127,000 Commercial Mausers produced and many have been altered or destroyed. Some authorities claim that up until 1937 this code was used by Simson & Company of Suhl, Germany, but this is unproven. 1893 The following table lists the ordnance codes found in Mauser Bolt Rifles by L. Matching serial numbers, 2207, on all visible parts. 1891 Argentine Mauser Description: PRICE REDUCED FURTHER AND BAYONET INCLUDED!! 1891 Argentine Mauser - 7. It is also known as 7. The 1891 Argentine Mauser is a These had a six digit serial number, without letters, from 000,001 to 019,989, but some of the intermediate numbers were not used, the approximate number manufactured was 19,800. Full Metal Jacket Ammo I bought an Argentine Mauser, in excellent condition, about 20 years ago for around 70 bucks. 5x55 cartridge. 65×53mm Argentine, 7. Olson (third edition, F. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome Item Number STC033. 38 Special. Depending on EXACTLY what you have, 100-1000 USD Have a pristine 1909 German made with all the markings but it has been sporterized. Metal surfaces show light to moderate rust, oxidation and pitting. It is chambered for the original 7mm cartridge-- the 7x57mm. Whether you choose to keep it as is, to rebarrel it or "  7 Oct 2016 The serial numbers are: ARGENTINE M1891 MAUSER SERIAL NUM. 5" bbl. The trigger and bottom metal are from Blackburn-Swift and the three-position safety is from Dakota Arms. 1 Review 1 C96 stripper clips. 577/. The first number is the value of this cartridge, and the last number is the value of the most powerful round in our bullet database. M. They aren't making any more commercial Oberndorfs. Some of the parts still have military inspection marks, indicating to me that these rifles (and no doubt other designs) were build up using surplus parts and a major contract delivery. The Argentine Mausers were imported in large numbers in the 1950s and 1990 and don't commend a great deal of collector value. Mauser made pistols, rifles, machine guns and shotguns. manufactured around 1935-1938. is ea33461. Crest on receiver is also ground off. Although the BCN has broadened its scope, a continuing project that dates from the very beginning is to re-create the production record of the M1884/98 III bayonet, through collection and analysis of maker and serial number data. ). The survey form is available to input your serial numbers. Manufacture based on serial number. ReefLink Database Water Depth & Sea Level Water depth reflects the height between the bottom of the seafloor and water surface, and is often indicative of distinct ecological communities (shallow water species; deep water species). Original finish is approximately 30 - 50% remaining, less so in some areas. 65x53 mauser cartridges. The value of the rifle depends upon how, and to what degree it's been sportertrized. COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiats of all types. Firearms Guide is the world's largest firearms, ammo and air guns reference guide, gun values guide and gun manuals, schematics & blueprints library. Brown you have to find this book for serial number chart, search Amazon for: The Swedish Mauser Rifles Here's some info on the brass disc, think I copied it from a post on this or another forum: That little brass medallion on the stock contains information regarding the bore condition the last time it was inspected by a Swedish armorer. Has crisp Argentine crest!! Made byLoewe -Berlin under Mauser contract due to production overload. It is well known that Mauser manufactured a number of pistols of the firm's own design. 1875-90, serial number 9320, . So was thinking of handloading for the 7. avatar. Just really curious about the year of manufacture. Then, the following year, Argentina adopted a slightly modified version of the Belgian 1889 as Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891, also known as the 1891 Argentine Mauser. What Mauser had done was to recreate the G98 and offered I believe just 1000 examples as collector's pieces. 32 automatics that I have had in inventory over the years. Mauser 1909 sniper rifle: version with a German-made scope and a bent-down bolt handle. There is a book available on Amazon by Colin Webster called "Argentine Mauser Rifles, 1871 to 1959" It is supposed to have all serial number data. This an excellent example of a pre-war Mauser contract rifle manufactured for Argentina. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. The Ottomans received 280,000 1890 rifles, the remainder of the 1887 contract. Multipliers Minutes Idajọ biba Keferi kopa ninu Ọdun wọn Christchurch Boys' High School Media Team Bend, Or Real Estate Podcast with Stellar Realty NW Precision Training Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette Review / New Makeup / Redbone & Caramel / TiaraTexas Bull City Wargaming - Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and more! The M1919 Browning is a. How to check serial numbers for m1 carbines. mauser 1895 6 5x55. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. "Landstormen" was the name for the Swedish Teritorial Army. 99: 0 $459. Make sure, if you do shoot it, to only use 7. 65mm Belgian (in the United States) and 7. All Loewe, Berlin manufactured are pre 1899, antique as DWM took over production in 1897. I have one and the numbers matchHad a hard time finding ammo but got  Submitted for Swedish trials were the M/1892 rifle and carbine based on elements of the m/1889 Belgian, m/1890 Turkish, and m/1891 Argentine Mauser rifles. It has the serial number on the other side of the Mine has an N80xx serial number, and what I found indicated that it was made in 1896. Argentine 1909 Mauser 7. Mauser Rifle Model 1909 Argentine In New Unissued Gunsinternational. Serial # 38823 This is an early training rifle that was used for school instruction prior to World War II. The handle of the bolt seems to have been worked and the safety flap seems to have been changed for a sporter one to have the chance to be used with a scope in the rifle, in the case it has been a military action. Argentine Mauser Model 1891 rifle, manufactured by Lowe, Berlin. Chilean Mauser Model 1895 Rifle. The serial number is unique too as they all start with 1998 followed by four digits, which makes me think that only 1000. Mauser 98 . (My son sold his just a few months ago) Beautiful rifle for a collector, but not great for practical use (i. The Mauser Model 1889 was a bolt-action rifle of Belgian origin. However, this was completely a Mauser design. View Entire Bullet Database Create Your Free Custom Ballistic Report Power Rank. Although Kar98b and Kar98k rifles had the word carbine in the name, they were not technically Source: Wikipedia . 65 x 53 (7. Argentine Mauser Serial Number Database Hp 990c Driver Download Gta Sa Pc Download Mediafire Link; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC Game Download has had a smashing 1909 Argentine Mauser. How to read the markings on the Swedish m/94 Carbine and on the m/96 and m/38 Rifles. 1910/14 model, this variation was manufactured between 1921 to 1928 with a serial number range between 221800 to 345000. Makers of the 5-shot mini-revolver in . 1978--New series of serial numbers started on 1-3-78 for 760's starting at B 7,400,000. 62 Tokarev. 5×54mm Mannlicher–Schönauer (Greece 1903), 6. 30-40 Krag. Looking for a possible value. It is an indipendent variant of the 1909 Argy, different from Long rifle and Cavalry carbine. It could very well be that the sample shown from the Mauser Central picture may Without more information, impossible to tell. 92mm), a different caliber from the 7. 65x53 Mauser cartridge was adopted by the Belgian military around 1889, so the 7. Manufactures Case-Gard shooting sports accessories and products. My Business - Foreign Mauser Serial Numbers Spanish Mauser Website Serial Number Pages Mauser 1891 Argentine Mfg DateArgentine Mauser Serial Number DatesArgentine Mauser Rifle Serial NumbersThen, the following year, Argentina adopted a slightly modified version of the Belgian 1889 as Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891, also known as the 1891 Argentine Mauser. There are a total of [ 155 ] Small Arms from 1980 to 1989 entries in the Military Factory. The way I understand the production of the Mauser's including the 1891 is that each letter block is representative of 9,999 rifles, Loewe produced approximately 35,000 per year for Argentina which Match the cartridge the rifle fires with a likely country of origin and model. Values are shown for up to six condition grades with premiums added for special features. Also in 1896, Germany experimented with Mausers of various calibers. In a very weird circumstance of being correct on my instincts, I bought *a lot* of guns 20 years ago that have greatly appreciated. 5K likes. The Tok ammo will fit in the magazine and chamber in the Broomhandle just perfectly. 26 Feb 2012 The Argentine Mauser M1891 Rifle - This rifle was made in germany with a 29. This rifle was somewhat similar to the German Imperial Army Gew. 450 Martini-Henry, 34 1/8 barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. B3447 was reported as a Short Rifle. Argentine 7. 65 they would soon be acquiring. 30-06 my gunsmith father and I built on a World War II German 98 Mauser action. Mauser manufactured approximately one million C96 pistols between 1896-1939 but that number does not reflect the unknown thousands and perhaps millions produced in Spain and China. 62 Nato or . It was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k, a shorter weapon using the same basic design. P. 686. You'll notice that it is a Fucile Corte ( short rifle ) which is a model 91 /38 7 1/2 pound 40 inch long rifle with DUAL sling swivels. Brownell & Son, 1976, 12th printing 1991). On the rear sight base under the pivot hole is the Argentine "handshake. argentine mauser serial number database

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