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5. His early life was affected by the great tribal migrations south (from Taranaki and Kāwhia) to Manawatū, Kāpiti, Te Whanganui-a-Tara (the great harbour of Tara, or Wellington) and the northern South Island during the 1820s and 1830s. The men analyse segments of the whaikorero (formal speech) delivered by Dr Pei te Hurinui Jones (1898 – 1976) at the poroporaki (farewell) to the fifth Māori king, Kingi Koroki. Ngāruawāhia (Henare 1990: 264). Ko Atirikona Henare Wiremu, i kiia ai ia ko Te Karuwhā na ōna mōwhiti. Rotoiti 15 Originals Owners List. 16. Download books for free. Maketū was also the first New Zealand Māori to be tried and punished based on British sovereignty over New Zealand. 3 Whakapoungakau 6B 2D Valentine Wiremu Kingi 0. Towards War in Taranaki Well done the 68th 1995 The Durham Light Infantry. 108715, Tete, Haua. STATEMENT OF EVIDENCE OF PERA KINGI ON BEHALF OF THE CLAIMANTS 1. KINGI , Pekake / PERA , Pare. Mar 18, 2020 · By contrast, even prominent rebel leader, Wiremu Kingi said “There was only one house burnt; that was the house where the Maoris died. Wiremu Atetini KINGI: 119 State Highway 33, Parkcliff, Rotorua NEW ZEALAND : Wahiao Raymond James GRAY: 228a Ranolf Street, Glenholme, Rotorua, 3010 NEW ZEALAND : John Amarama FENWICK: 6 Lake Rotokawau Road, Rd 4, Rotorua, 3074 NEW ZEALAND : Mark Charles FULLER: 3 Walnut Lane, Browns Bay, Auckland NEW ZEALAND Aug 18, 2018 · Wiremu Winitana is on Facebook. His specialist interests are mental health research, psychometrics and Māori health. Ekore, Ekore, Ekore. Ngatiawa Whanau Otaraua, who occupied strategic vantage points such as Otaraua, Ngangana and Kingi Wiremu Pareha Te Pakira Tamati Hui Ngariri - Te Kohai Ngapuhi - Parahiku Whare Ngere - Kingi Hori Kira Riwhi Hongi - Te Waka Kahiwai - Honi Taotao - Kame Horo - Hori Korau Parao - Paora Te Oka - Hari Hongi Heremaia Te Ara - Hopihona Naihi Ngati Rehia M (( it Te Rawaru Ngai Tupanga (c H Te Ti, Mangonui Takou Waiana Matauri Te Ngaere H H tt EASTERN MAORI ELECTORAL ROLL 1908 TE ARAWA TRIBE MEMBERS LIVING IN THE EASTERN MAORI ELECTORATE INCLUDING TE PUKE AND DISTRICT. Team Leader, Family Start I whakapapa to Ngapuhi - Ngati Tamatera and on my father’s side Apia Samoa. Aug 27, 2019 · The chief mourners were the parents and family of the deceased, her husband, the late Wi Tako' s daughter and family, the aged chief Mohi Puketapu and family, the grandson of Wiremu Kingi, and the Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake (c. 6 per cent in 2014 to 71. The example used in this text is the video game character Rau from the game ‘The Mark of Kri Waikato tribe The East Coast response to the new law was favourable: 'The new laws which you have given us are just what the Maori's of this country require' (Wiremu Kingi Te Waka Maori 27th January 1874:24-25); 'the Native Land Act of 1873 gives great satisfaction' (Thomas Fox, East Coast ibid 24th March 1874:70), and 'removes most of the objections' of Mar 08, 2017 · Intertribal wars with Waikato present a picture of turbulent unsettlement, with Te Ātiawa migrating south to Wellington in the early 1830s, and then returning to Waitara in a migration led by Wiremu Kingi in 1848 where they came under intense pressure by Pākehā to sell land over the next decade. p521). Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. It is part of the Tainui confederation, the members of which trace their whakapapa (genealogy) back to people who arrived in New Zealand on the waka (canoe) Tainui. Ref: PAColl-5800-31. May 04, 2006 · Taranaki Arikinui Wiremu Kingi Te Rangi Take. 39. 1879 Ko ngā nūpepa tawhito tēnā, ko te papakupu a Te Wiremu tēnā, ko Nga Mahi a nga Tupuna tēnā, ko He Hokinga Mahara tēnā, inā noa atu. Ka nui toku aroha atu ki a koe. Waiariki 1679077-00 Rapata Kingi Whanau Trust $ 340. Mc39-51: 1839. (c) An order made under the Māori Affairs Act 1953 on 6 December 1960 vesting Rohutu block (section 81 B) in three trustees. Kingi played a key role in the rebellion that led to war in Taranaki and Waikato. But a chord made of whakapapa, no matter how far it is stretched will never be severed. Our people’s choice award winner will get $500 towards their next film and you could win your own Māoriland/E Tū Whānau prize pack for voting. MUNRO Jack 67439. My name is Tracy and I am just starting to explore my very small bit of Maori roots! I have gone back as far as my GGG Grandfather Wiremu Kingi Te Awhitu but can not seem to find much on his parents. Kingi rose to fame while still at secondary school, winning both English and Māori sections of the National Manu Kōrero competition. I am blessed with four mokopuna and our great moko has brought us much love and joy. He and … Wiremu Kingi, Maori chief whose opposition to the colonial government’s purchase of tribal lands led to the First Taranaki War (1860–61) and inspired the Maoris’ resistance throughout the 1860s to European colonization of New Zealand’s fertile North Island. Although Wiremu Kingi Wiremu Paikea Mataora Tupuna Ana Kuini Ani Matenga Kahu Please name both your parents and name only your ancestors who whakapapa to your tupuna Heke and Kawiti; in 1860 between the Governor and Wiremu Kingi inTaranaki, and in 1863 between the Governor and Wiremu Tamihana, the King Movement leader. Wiremu kingi Wiremu kingi The East Coast response to the new law was favourable: 'The new laws which you have given us are just what the Maori's of this country require' (Wiremu Kingi Te Waka Maori 27th January 1874:24-25); 'the Native Land Act of 1873 gives great satisfaction' (Thomas Fox, East Coast ibid 24th March 1874:70), and 'removes most of the objections' of The government’s insistence on ramming through the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is adversely affecting its relationship with Maori. A Whakapapa of Tradition: 100 Years of Ngāti Porou Carving, 1830–1930 | Ngarino Ellis, Natalie Robertson (photo) | download | B–OK. BAKER John Lionel 65489. Which is how our fathers and mother got the surname, Wirihana Te-Rei. The Taranaki Land Wars, one of the major events of the nineteenth century, stemmed from the desire of Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitaake to protect the tribal estate of Te Ātiawa. Includes diaries and letters, despatches, biographies of Maori and colonial leaders. Te Rangitāke, also known as Whiti, was baptised in the early 1840s, taking the name Wiremu Kīngi. MUNRO Marsh 39387. This banner text can have markup. She was born in Opotiki, daughter of Wiremu KINGI, thought to be of Ngatiawa. This connection of 7 the canoes can be found here in this link At least two - Wiremu Parana of Marahau (also known as Ngamamaku) and Hemi Kuku Matarua of Pakawau (also known as Kakawhero, son of Wiremu Kingi Te Koihua) - took arms and ammunition to support Te Rangitāke. nz/politics/the-maori-king-movement (Ministry for Culture and Heritage), Date Manawatū, an augmented reality graphic novel resource, shares the whakapapa (genealogy) of the place names of the region and was developed as part of a $1. University. ) and was remembered by Pakeha as an early breeder of roan horses, an enterprise funded by selling pounamu. —No. Harataunga Tupuna Anaru Te Horua Apirana Turupa Ngata Aporo Hikitapua Eruera Heikoko Eruera Kawhia Erueti Rena Hamiora Aukaha Hamiora Te Manana Ngāti Maniapoto is an iwi (tribe) based in the Waikato-Waitomo (flowing water-cave water) region of New Zealand's North Island. 2. Oct 09, 2007 · Wiremu Kingi-Te Rangi-Taake 86 Endnotes 88 Chapter Five Kohuiarau 89 Paremata a Iwi 90 Genocide 91 Kingitanga 94 Natural Selection 96 KoHuiarau Disciple 97. 27 - Paerau KEMP. The whakapapa trace from Hoturoa, captain of the Tainui. This forced armed action by a Government that was determined to bring the rule of law to Taranaki, and conflict began. pdf), Text File (. Shore, Auckland. HERU O TUREA A block of land in Hawke's Bay. He was baptised Wiremu Kingi (after King William IV of England) in 1845, identified himself as "Native Chief" on the 1857-58 Massacre Bay Electoral Roll (when other chiefs chose "farmer", "sawyer", "carpenter" etc. 1. 'Heoti ka mutu. 164484 Pore Te Pakira Hatu Estate 11. From the Nelson Minute Book 3, pages 268-279. He was of Ngāti Kura and Ngāti Mutunga descent, and is primarily identified with Te Atiawa. Marriages 1940. He was born in 1795-1800 in Manukorihi pa, near Waitara. Original photographic prints and postcards from file print collection, Box 5. The reason why Wiremu Kingi Wairarapa retained 1=Kawiti |Kawiti |Nga Puhi |Ngati Hine &2=Te Tirarau |Te Tirarau |Nga Puhi|Te Parawhau Te Uri-o-Hau ? &3=Pomare |Pomare II [Whetoi] |Nga Puhi |Ngati Manu &4=Hone Heke |Hone [Wiremu] Heke [Pokai] |Nga Puhi |Te Matarahurahu, Ngati Rahiri, Ngai Tawake, Ngati Tautahi &5= Hori Kingi Warerahi |Hori Kingi Wharerahi |Nga Puhi |Ngai Tawake, Ngati Tautahi,Te Patukeha,Te Uri-o-Ngongo, &6=Tamati Pukututu Date [1930-1950] Ref MS-Papers-6061-01 Description. answers to Study questions. Jun 14, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Irakau Pehi. DISCLAIMER: - These names are here for genealogical (Whakapapa) research and no offence is intended with their inclusion on my web site. Aug 29, 2017 · Wiremu Kingi (William King, Te Rangitake; referred to here as Kingi) of Waikanae; Tamihana Te Rauparaha (son of the renowned Ngati Toa warrior) of Otaki. May 27, 2020 - Explore Nolaleerepia's board "Nene" on Pinterest. Hua atu i tika tana kupu nei, na o matou ano i kite kaore i kai i taua ata. The whakapapa here were handed on to the administrator by kaumatua: The sisters Reitu and Reipae while often couched in legend, were real people. Its roots are found in the very first publications in Māori and in the lives of missionaries that introduced the Maori people to the message of Jesus Christ. Hotene Tamihana, 2. The Parents of Reitu and Reipae were Pikirangi and In late June 1860 large numbers of Waikato Māori travelled to Taranaki to reinforce Te Āti Awa chief Wiremu Kingi's forces and joined in the plunder of abandoned farms, but the intervention was unorganised and on a limited scale, relieving Taranaki settlers of some fear of full-scale Kingite involvement. 284. From Te Karere:. HERU PARAOA HERU TE MAIPI 2. 6 per cent in 2017. Oct 17, 2016 · The conflict was endured between the 1860’s and 1870’s which was proposed by the Taranaki conflict. BABBINGTON, Wiremu Kingi (aka Bill) - Private 817457 - from 22 Norman Road, Gisborne NOK: Mrs H. Wiremu Kingi acting as the head of the land league intervened to block the sale. 18813 Bowsher Sidney Murray 77. BABBINGTON Wiremu Kingi 817457. Wiremu Kingi was involved in the major disturbances and migrations caused by the Musket Wars. Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke (?-1882) was a Te Atiawa leader, thought to have been born in the last years of the eighteenth century, at Manukorihi pā, Waitara. Whakapā mai mō ngā   Te Ati Awa leader Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke's refusal to give up his land at Waitara led to the outbreak of the Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake, Wiremu Kingi  Wiremu Kingi Moki Te Matakatea (died 14 February 1893) was a notable New Zealand tribal warrior and leader. Takitimu 1519656-00 Marlene Pauline Kingi-Carroll $ 392. You can write a book review and share your experiences. Name on a Genealogy. Ancestral land of Ngāi Tūmapuhia-a-rangi New Zealand Wars; Memorial in the Auckland War Memorial Museum for those who died, both European and Māori, in the New Zealand Wars. Bata Nuke Hone Te Huia Hori Tuwhere Eruera Tawera Arona Tawha Kerena Eeupena Te Ana Hamiora Konati Aporo Tamarere Hoani Pani Wiremu Tingotingo Te Haranga Hopa Mare Maka Wheruru Heremia Te Euro Hoera Mati Te Hira Pikiwha . I hope this clears things up. 91 He Korero mo te marae o TakipuTama-i-uia: This extract and translation was compiled by Rutene Irwin - March 1997 Tama -i-ui a was a prominent chief of Te Aitanga a Mahaki, solely responsible for policing the boundaries of this rohe, which boundaries to Whakatohea in the north and west, to Ngati Porou in the north and east, to Kahungunu in the south, to Tuhoe in the west. The Parents of Reitu and Reipae were Pikirangi and FYI: Our Whakapapa Te Rangitaake (W'iti) Wiremu Kingi (protector of the whenua) , Pirikawau (sent to London in 1842 to study British Law (informed his whanau of the British's intentions) - hired by Gov . He acted as a government intermediary during the war which followed the invasion of Waikato by British troops in 1863. Gri£n, E (Dr), fl 19--?. Wiremu Kingi TITEPAKIHIRANGI . Websites: · 'Origins of the Māori King Movement', URL: http://www. Te Rake spoke of the government of the Sumerian people to have been the first of it's kind in the world. 14 In 1839 15 Wiremu Kingi decided to return to Waitara, and in 1847 and 1848 McLean was endeavouring to induce him to sell the south bank, which the colonists desired, and settle on the north bank. Ngāpuhi kaumātua and spokesperson for Te Tii Marae [Kingi Tairua] says the Government will not be welcome at Waitangi if a proposal to sign the TPPA goes ahead on the week of the nation’s celebrations next month. Wiremu Kingi Matakatea. He was  1001773, Te Miri O Raukawa, Hatu. . m. Wiremu WHATAKORARI . 207 Tamati, to Hohepa Kopiri, to Henare Tauroto, to Heremaia; these all make up one hapu, Te Matehou, the hapu of Wiremu Kingi Wairarapa and kin. Apr 01, 2001 · In addition, Governor Browne, in one of his despatches to the imperial government, also quoted the speech that Wiremu Kingi made during the purchase agreement meeting itself, which included this plea: “Listen Governor! Notwithstanding Teira’s offer I will not permit the sale of Waitara to the Pakeha. 21: 2: MAORI: EDUCATION FOUNDATION: 3740: 3: Martha Te Rarangi: AARI: 323. That's all. 26. The Governor soon sent out surveyors to the block of land, but the members of the Te Atiawa tribe opposed to the sale obstructed them, and built a Pa inside the south-east corner of the block of land. Ngatiporou, (East Cape)—Te Wikiriwhi Te Matehe, Wiremu Pahuru, Te Irimana Ngamare. MATTHEWS Richard 65234. Rev Wiremu N Panapa Rev E Te Tuhi Rev Te Hihi Kaa Along with Sir Apirana Ngata they saw the project through to publication in 1952. E. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Ko Wiremu Kīngi Moki Te Matakatea, ?–1893 (Taranaki) He toa, nāna hoki ngā mira me ngā rori i whakatū i tōna rohe. 6696 Bowlin (Deceased) Paul Kingi 176. Rangatira like Wiremu Kingi Rangitake of Waitara made this perfectly clear. His prowess in oratory and composition followed through to Tainui Regional and National Kapa Haka competitions, co-founding a new and innovative team, Te Iti Kahurangi in 2003. His hapu was Ngati Hineaute, who trace their descent from Rangitane and Whatonga. Tera te whakapapa kei te whakamarama o te waiata 4 (N. Wiremu Kingi, chief of the Te Atiawa, painted 1915 by Gottfried Lindauer. Partridge which continued for over half a century and produced more than 100 paintings, including Follower of Rua; wife of Te Au Paora Kingi. Sep 16, 2004 · (let me point out that the Te Ati Awa people whakapapa to Te Whiti and Tohu who were initiators ot the Parihaka movement and Wiremu Kingi who used Passive resistance when British settlers initially began to confiscate the Waitara/pekapeka block – he and te ati awa decided to take up arms and thus the beginning of the NZ land wars). In 1860, the first of the country’s land wars involving the Crown began and Māori resistance at Parihaka continued through until the end of the century. NGAITAHU MAORI TRUST BOARD PLEASE NOTE 1. " Noema 15, 1990 - Pepuere 23, 1991/November 15, 1990 - February 23, 1991. wiremu kingi was also known as wi kingi or wiremu kingi ranginui te kapongahis father was Wi Piti who in turn was the son to te kapongaTe Kaponga was the youngest child to Ranginui and Ngaiterangi of Ngati Porouwiremu kingi come to taranaki thru the great migration and settled at waitara and married Mere Karaka who was the daughter to Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke, of Te Āti Awa, was born at Waitara, Taranaki, near the end of the eighteenth century. Who demanded Ariki-Tanga over his Lands, in 1860. Find books Jul 19, 2017 · Description: Toi te kupu, Toi te mana, Toi te whenua Wednesday 28 October 2015 The reo research reflections by Matua Wiremu-Huta Martin and Professor Taiarahia Black recorded in the tumekefm reo irirangi studio Wednesday 28 October reconnected with lines 1-9 of the pātere (chant) Te koko ki Ōhiwa to reinforce the nature of living oral history connected to research and expression, with whakapapa, ka kukumea ahakoa ka pēhea te roa, e kore rawa e ngāmotu” A chord made of flax, when stretched, will eventually break. 1795 – 13 January 1882), Māori Chief of the Te Āti Awa Tribe, was leader of the Māori forces in the First Taranaki War. A new biography of Te Rangitake, Wiremu Kingi appears in the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography on this site. HERU A man who escaped from the siege of Miko tahi. Interestingly amongst the witnesses to this deed was John Milsome Jury an ancestor for many families in Wairarapa today. , Tokoroa Lawn Cemetery, Dumfries Road Ngāti Maniapoto is an iwi (tribe) based in the Waikato-Waitomo region of New Zealand's North Island. MUNRO Pango Tuparoa, Eparaima Uruika Wiremu Kingi Bangi Wiuiatu Taniwha Maehe 27, 1868. Te Peeti Te Aweawe was born about 1820, the son of Wiremu Kingi Te Aweawe and his first wife, Hinetarake. I went there and saw it. 28: 4: Te The Māori King movement was also an important focus of resistance, especially in the Taranaki and Waikato regions,although the Taranaki support for the king movement was limited with Wiremu Kingi, the dominant Taranaki chief, suddenly returning to Taranaki when government gunboats appeared in the Waikato River at Rangiriri . As the situation in Taranaki deteriorated (forced upon Wiremu Kingi by Pakeha at Waitara in Feb 1860) … He [Governor Browne] convened a meeting of 200 chiefs at Kohimarama in July 1860, ostensibly to discuss the Treaty of Waitangi. Te was born in 1824, in Te Kaha, New Zealand. 4. The Crown’s attempts, in February 1860, to survey the Pekapeka Block were prevented by unarmed Māori, mainly women. Wiremu Kingi Te Awe Awe with the flag, a taonga of the Rangitane people, presented to them by the New Zealand Government in recognition of their military service in Taranaki during the years 1866 to 1869. Of Māori descent, he identified with the  I have a little information on his whakapapa, this is a direct line to the Komene Ruapututu married Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitaiki/Rangitake? they had Matiria(f),  KATENE MAUI , Wiremu / PEEHI , Peata KINGI , Makere / TAIKOREKORE , Stirling. K. 2018 AGM; 50th Anniversary; Historical Photos of MIL's Board of Directors; Aerial Photos of our Land Leading men : Hori Kingi to Anaua, Te Mawae, Mete Kingi Paetahi, Kepa Rangihiwinui, Kawana Paipai, Tamati Puna, Haimona te Aoterangi (these seven chiefs distinguished themselves in the battles of Moutoa and Ohoutahi), Pehi Turoa (rebel). BAKER Frederick 34879. Probably in 1878 Taiawhio married Makere Kingi of Ngati Muretu, a hapu of the Greytown district. In all his correspondence on this negotiation, in which Jan 22, 2019 · Henare Kingi remembering the history of Wiremu Ratana. Collection of Auckland Museum, Tāmaki Paenga Hira. 3 Redoubt on 13 January 1861. 5. 4 His consent has been filed. At this time Te Tupe of Ati awa hapu Otaraua continued to occupy their section of the Pa. D) in Indigenous Studies. My impression is that more people are turning up each year and a fuller programme may soon be called for. An overarching ‘sovereignty’ sounds fine, especially for Pākehā because they were never grounded in the land – and therefore have no alleigance to it – and they won the contest for sovereignty. 01 19283 Box Jason 103. Facebook gives people the power to share and  Many noted Taranaki leaders accompanied this exodus; Te Puoho-o-te-Rangi, Paremata-te-Wahapiro, Reretawhangawhanga, Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitaake,  Among the figures represented there, Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake who There is a focus on whanau and hapu; whakapapa or genealogy is important; the  11 Jun 2019 an augmented reality graphic novel resource, shares the whakapapa Rangitāne kaumatua Manu Kawana (left) and Wiremu Kingi Te Awe  13 Aug 2019 Wiremu Kingi Te Awe Awe – Te Rangimarie Marae. Hemi Kuku was killed at No. Koirā tā te Māori whakapono i te ahunga mai o ngā tikanga. . 163985 Hine Haua 1. (a) The shares belong to her father’s brother Bill Kingi; (b) Wiremu Parata Kingi was also known as Bill Kingi but is not the same Bill Kingi as her paternal Uncle; and (c) The current beneficiaries do not whakapapa to the blocks at Parengaroa [3] The applicant is adversely affected by the order complained of as her whānau Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke This portrait taken by an unidentified photographer about 1880 may be of the Te Āti Awa leader Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke. Dec 06, 2006 · Whakapapa This whakapapa shows the decent line for Henare Wirihana Te-Rei. Haurongo; Hononga, rauemi nō waho; Haurongo tūhonohono; Haurongo tūhonohono He nui ngā kōrero o neherā mō te orokohanga mai o te ao, te ahunga mai o te tangata me te whakapapa heke iho mai i te kore, i te pō, otirā, i ngā atua. Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake's early life was affected by the great tribal migrations south to Manawatu, Kapiti and This volume contains material pertaining to Honiana Te Puni, Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake, an unknown writer from Taranaki, Puakawa of Te Atiawa ki Waiwhetu, Te Whiti o Rongomai, Wi Parata Te Kakakura, and Te Runanga o Taranaki. Nor was the Maori King. 3. Home | About | Browse Issues | A-Z Authors | A-Z Subjects | Contact Us Follower of Rua; wife of Te Au Paora Kingi. Leading men : Aperahama Tipae, Hunia te Hakeke, Mohi Mahi, Wi Mokomoko Wiremu Parker hosts a panel discussion recorded in 1981 with panelists Tamati Kruger and Ruka Broughton. INGITANGA AND . See more ideas about Maori people, Māori culture, Maori. 18 Rewi secured the approval of the ailing Te Wherowhero to assist Kingi in his resistance to land sales in Taranaki , and he and his Ngati Maniapoto forces arrived in time to ensure the defeat of rown troops Ngāti Maniapoto: | | | |Ngāti Maniapoto| | | | | |Iw World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most Waikato tribe New Zealand Legal History Study Questions. Alexander Turnbull —Patai ana ki te Minita Maori mehema ka whakamana e te Kawanatanga te ripoata i whakataua e te Komiti Maori i te 21 o Hurae, 1886, mo runga mo te pitihana a Wiremu Katene me ona hoa 11,976? I penei hoki te ripoata ra kei te whakahe a Wiremu Katene me ona hoa kai pitihana 11,976 mo a ratou mahinga ika, pipi tio kua whakakinongia e nga Pakeha i Front row: Jack Connor (Taieri), Kingi Kurupohatu (Maranuku), Teone Taare Tikao (Rāpaki), Tame Green (Conference Chairman, Tuahiwi), John Hopere Wharewiti Uru (Conference Secretary, Tuahiwi), Wiremu Mihaka (Committees Secretary, Arowhenua), Hoani Maaka (Committees Chairman, Tuahiwi), Tamaio Hemi Paiki (Committees Secretary, Arowhenua), Kaitai A couple of years ago, Timoti Karetu, who’s now 82, was knighted for his services to Te Reo Māori. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. In Engles Swarzpauls”Dislocating Wiremu and Rau: The wild man in virtual worlds” There is a large discussion around issues and considerations relating to the appropriation of how cultural aspects are used. These whakapapa are self-explanatory with key names from Ngāpuhi and Tainui being clear. 93 19279 Box Steven 103. I think why he built Great South Rd is because in 1860 a Maori Chief Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake from Taranaki refused to sell land to the Government, Grey began the New Zealand wars at Taranaki and it spread. information on nz wars 1860-61 Maoris pay debts with land. Wiremu Kingi referring to claims of Ihaia & Pehimana to Waitara & Warenui - and the natives of Heretaunga. We the whanau of the late Wiremu (William) Te Peeti Kingi, beloved husband of the late Tereinamu Rangipuawahia Kingi (nee Hurinui) invite whanau and friends to attend the unveiling of our much respected father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather on Saturday the 10th June, 2017 at 11 a. He was of Ngāti Kura and Ngāti Mutunga descent, and is primarily identified with Te Āti Awa. the next day, and was found empty when troops went in. The Crown responded by proclaiming martial law in Taranaki and sending troops to occupy the block. Wairētō - Victoria Unversity of Wellington Loading 22/05/2020 . 1795 – 13 January 1882), Māori Chief of the Te Āti Awa Tribe, was leader of the Māori forces in the First Taranaki War. 74 (Whakapapa Table) 219, 3 (Te Matua Wahine o Mahau) (Puke-tapu) 268 Nga Tupuna o Wiremu Kingi Rangi Ta-ke of Waitara (Puke-tapu) 269 Upoko 29 149 Dec 06, 2006 · Whakapapa This whakapapa shows the decent line for Henare Wirihana Te-Rei. 10 . Extent of List Entry. Wiremu Kingi oli alunperin kieltäytynyt ottamasta puolta Puketapun taistelussa. 6. 14 In 183915 Wiremu Kingi decided to return to Waitara, and in 1847 and 1848 McLean was endeavouring to induce him to sell the south bank, which the colonists desired, and settle on the north bank. His father was from Ngāti Porou and his mother was from Te Aowera and Tokomaru Bay. Te Atiawa chief. Get this from a library! Maori paintings : pictures from the Partridge collection of paintings by Gottfried Lindauer. This article is the second in a three-part series which attempts to examine in detail the evidence given before the Hawke’s Bay Native Lands Alienation Commission in 1873, to comment on it, to trace the background of the four commissioners and to assess the commissioners’ findings. MATTHEWS Kingi 815264. Ngatiawa Whanau Otaraua, who communed with Ngatitoa and Te Rauparaha. Takitimu 1524763-00 William Raymond Kingi $ 377. I am also a signatory to the Proclamation Wiremu Kingi and I got angry. 1 TRANSFORMING MĀORI EXPERIENCES OF HISTORICAL INTERGENERATIONAL TRAUMA "Māku anō e hangā tōku nei whare, ko te tāhuhu he Hīnau, ko ngā poupou he Mahoe, he Patatē" A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Yesterday party leader Colin Craig was reported speaking to a group of supporters in Nelson saying that the Waitangi Tribunal had contributed little to Maori progress in 40 years and most people would like it shut down… The sheet has the names of several women: Kahe Te Rau-o-te-rangi, Te Rangitopeora and Rere-o-maki. They were handed down through the generations and the older they were, the more magic they possesed. BAILEY Whetu 818392. Wiremu Kingi, whom the Governor was attempting to isolate, was not invited. It is possible that other women may have signed, for example Pakewa and Kehu, the name that the mother of Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake was known by. Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake Te Rei Hanataua being a chief of the latter tribe and an early player in the pre-european wars. Hapeta had also dreamed of a paradise where Maori and Pakeha were children in the garden of God, equal and equally subject to the higher judgement of God’s laws. 1824 – 7 March 1842) was the first person executed in New Zealand under British rule. The pa was evacuated at 6 a. The couple had 11 children before Makere died on 27 August 1893. I work alongside a team of nine kaimahi who are strong and passionate about their mahi. Henare Kingi says that he has paperwork about setting up a Maori Bank by Rapana Aperahama. Emblazoned on to the flag is the Union Jack and "Tanenuiarangi", which is the full name of the ancestor from whom the people are descended. p28). Whangawhanga, the father of Wiremu Kingi. His father was Te Reretāwhangawhanga, who was one of the great Te Āti Awa leaders of his time. BAILEY Matiu Papatu 39538. My full name is Pera Jo Kingi. Shareholder Register Nbr First Name Last Name Share balance; 1: June: ANDERSON: 6. 12. [Gottfried Lindauer; Henry Edward Partridge; J C Graham; Auckland City Art Gallery. 80. I). Tairawhiti 1357416-00 Rapata Kingi Whanau Trust $ 421. 1880 (e) Letter from Wiremu Komene Poakatahi to Te Moanaroa [Monro] stating that he did not authorise anyone else to sign for him, but he is now sending his signature. In the whakapapa it has a Mereapu Hardacker as the daughter of Ane and Ralph which is incorrect. Whakapoungakau 13B 5 Valentine Wiremu Kingi 41. III, p. He and his father were involved in the major disturbances and migrations caused by the Musket Wars. Koiana i nui ai te aroha o te tangata, Maori, Pākehā ki a Te Puea. Amahia Kingi Rotohiko, was a member of the Maori contingent, who was wounded at the Dardanelles, he was the son of Rotohiko Haupapa and grandson of Hori Haupapa of Rotorua, two leading chiefs of the Ngatiwhakane tribe, who fought in the Maori war and received medals in recognition of their loyalty to the Government. T. Rameka Haumia Hohua Serial No. 6: The New Zealand War, pp. Māori fought, and died, to protect this. 163985, Hine, Haua. a large heke led by Wiremu Kingi's father, Reretawhanga whanga, had gone to Waikanae in 1824. HERU I TE RANGI HERU IWI A block of land in Tuhoe. A. Another  Te Rangitāke, also known as Whiti, was baptised in the early 1840s, taking the name Wiremu Kīngi. These weapons were used in close combat and were believed to have supernatural powers. 54. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes Puakawe, Ngakurae (son of Te Uruepu) (grandson of Te Oi PourokimNq ns Ngawhakahiahia) (husband of Hoana) (brother of Hakopa Te Putake) (father of Wiremu Kingi Puakawe, Te Tawai, Hoani, Hare Wiremu) (brother of Hakopa Te Putake) ; Vol II, p. Extracts 2. That 1952 edition remains a classic Maori text. W. The applicant similarly claims that this order “further diluted” the interests of Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake’s 5 . Akura ki Waingawa ka whati i runga i te rohe o Wiremu Kingi i araitia te rohe o Te Manihera mau ana ki Rangitakaiwaho me Piripiri ka hoki ki Rongomahina. Tairawhiti 1342183-00 Wiremu Kingi $ 1,364. Which resulted in the genocidal policies the British Government instigated on Iwi from 1860’s, onwards. The East Coast response to the new law was favourable: 'The new laws which you have given us are just what the Maori's of this country require' (Wiremu Kingi Te Waka Maori 27th January 1874:24-25); 'the Native Land Act of 1873 gives great satisfaction' (Thomas Fox, East Coast ibid 24th March 1874:70), and 'removes most of the objections' of May 21, 2014 · Transforming Māori Experiences of Historical Intergenerational Trauma Phd thesis 2014 1. War breaks out. Ngatiapa Number: 325. When Wakefield arrived, Wiremu Kingi signed the Queen Charlotte Sound deed, showing that he was willing to sell land His words influenced Te Rauparaha’s decision to join the King Movement Made land claims on the Waitara in 1843, causing the Waitara Affair over the bloc of land Ko Wiremu Kīngi Moki Te Matakatea, ?–1893 (Taranaki) He toa, nāna hoki ngā mira me ngā rori i whakatū i tōna rohe. "Kia mate toa" can be translated as "fight unto death" or "be strong in death", and is the motto of the Otago and Southland Regiment of the New Zealand Army. Tāmaki Nui-ā-Rua 3. The Crown upheld Teira’s right to sell. 15. From the earliest days of the European settlement in New Zealand, argues historian Danny Keenan in this book, Maori struggled to hold on to their land. 98. Posted by Rachel Wastney, 13/09/2017 7:03pm (3 years ago). Create searches for 18 whakapapa sites. Mc39-51: 1839 'Kaore i kite au i te ata i puhia ai nga poaka e kai ana. Yet the ancient history of the maori, his mythology and traditions. Today’s Legacy. Over the years the weather has remained consistently cold and windy. i. Kei ngā whārangi e rārangi mai ana te katoa o ngā puna kōrero i tangohia mai i reira he tauira mō He Pātaka Kupu, i te taha tonu o ngā tohu poto o tēnā, o tēnā ka kitea i te pukapuka nei. 41. His father was from I could help you here, as we have some family whakapapa. The Original Owners and Families Whakapapa The original owners of the Tenths Reserves, as determined by the Māori Land Court in 1895. The flag has been flown in The Square of Palmerston Mere Kingi was born in @1836, and died 6 June 1916 Other family members enquiries to Ngati Awa found no affiliation there. GRANT. Since the Kingite agenda was to resist further land sales and settler encroachment because they wanted the settlers gone altogether, this was manna from Heaven. There is a museum there which speaks of his mana and his history. Wiremu Tamehana Tarapipi, son of Waharoa was first married to Ita, she died, and he married her sister, Pare Te Kanawa alias Wikitoria Pohepohe. Mere and John PETLEY, lived on the North Shore of Auckland until his death. These chiefs included Wiremu Kingi Tutepakahirangi, Manihera Rangitakaiwaho and Raniera Te Iho 37. He was one of the 3 sons of Reretawhangawhanga and Te Whetu. Genealogy for Wiremu (Wi) Paraone (Brown) (1840 - 1895) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. ARANAKI (1860-1865). His mother was Te Kehu (also known as Te Whetū-o-te-ao). That KNZM wasn’t any surprise because, in a career spanning 60 years, he’d been a major force on behalf of the language — as a school teacher, university lecturer and professor, haka performer, composer and tutor, author, Māori Language Commissioner, kōhanga reo advocate, mentor and Like this book? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Create your own flipbook Soon after, on the 21 June, Paratene Tatae also from Turanganui visited the Gallery commenting it was good to see his father, Wiremu Kingi Te Apaapa. (c. Te Hika a Pāpāuma Images of our rohe Kaihoata River and coastline. 38. BAKER Hubert George 25811. Kaharoa! • • @boschy_boi @its_me_____rhi • • My heart is full! First time I’ve seen my lil neph since before lockdown. 91m, four-year programme by the Ministry of Education to improve access to and accelerate the development and delivery of quality te reo Māori localised curriculum resources for ākonga (students), kaiako (teachers) and Kāhui Ako (The Dr John Robinson is the author of “The corruption of New Zealand democracy, a Treaty overview”, “When two cultures meet, the New Zealand experience”, and “Twisting the Treaty, a tribal grab for wealth and power” (joint author), "The Kingite Rebellion", "One Treaty, One Nation" (joint author), "Gate Pa and Te Ranga, the full story" (co author), and articles on “The battles of Tapu Search Te Ao Hou. They were probably the pa when it was attacked . Beginning at Poroporo on the coast about 5kms north of Cape Turnagain, the line follows the coast southwards about 38kms to the Mataikona River mouth, it Jun 12, 2012 · Wakeling paid Wiremu Kingi/Te Whiti for 300,000 acres in Taranaki, Government confiscated all except 3,500 acres and made Wakeling pay another twice. This year, for the first time in the 150-year saga of Parihaka, the government is preparing to apologise for one of New Zealand history’s most deplorable acts: the invasion and sacking of a Māori pacifist community and the imprisonment without trial of its leaders, Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi. Latest Lists. Kingi, being no warrior himself, fell to the rear, and his relative, Hapurona, became his fighting general. so I am leaving that for now and working on my GGG Grandmother Pirihira Matangi. The Parents of Reitu and Reipae were Pikirangi and Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitaake, widely acknowledged as the principle rangatira of Waitara, the Crown sought to conclude the purchase. The 2006 New Zealand census shows the iwi to have a membership of 33,627, making it the 7th discussing a course of action after it heard about the Government attack on Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake (circa 1795-1882) at Waitara, Taranaki. W. Wiremu KINGI . On 3 June 1901 Mate Haere Koko visited the Lindauer Art Gallery in Auckland and left this comment in the Māori Visitors' Book: I have seen my ancestor Wi Kingi, chief of Turanganui. Introduction to Law (LAWS 101) Academic year The New Zealand Wars 2 - Kings and Empires (Episode Two) - In this excerpt from James Belich's award-winning history of Māori vs Pākehā armed conflict, tensions simmer in 1850s Taranaki and Waikato, between land-hungry settlers and Māori who don't want to sell. Wiremu Kingi lived in the Turanga (Gisborne) district. From Tahana Honepaura At Te Hua {Letter from Te Pohe to McLean, 11 Aug 1851 Reference Number: 3. Maori Investments Ltd. Kereama Taepa 3D printed hei tiki taonga with a poutama stepped pattern usually seen on tukutuku panels and woven mats, symbolising genealogies and the various levels of learning. from bluff to baghdad - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Te Arawa Wars PDF | This is an original preprint of an article published by Sage in Political Science. The sons then had 3,4 and 2 children respectively. Ngatiawa Whanau Otaraua, who provided awhi and manaaki to the rebuilds of Parihaka. In 1848 Wiremu Kingi returned to Taranaki with the larger portion of his tribe. Kun kävi selväksi, että Waitaran maat voisivat tulla osaksi tätä kiistaa, hän antoi tukensa Katatorelle. The Press reports from down south about a lovely chap called Toby Rikihana who at a select committee hearing told MPs they are “dummies”, “immigrants”, and “monkeys&#8… In 2016 we initiated the 1st Roll Call of Tupuna Signatories where descendants were able to whakapapa/tatai to their tupuna, It has not been fully supported by leaders yet at this People belonging to the Māori indigenous race of New Zealand, generally believed to have arrived from eastern Polynesia between 800 and 1300. 30, 31, 33 ; Vol. For example, it was expected Inside, the house is richly carved and decorated. "Nga Kupu Kōrero: the People of the Treaty Speak. ' Waikanae 10 Hurae 1845 E hoa, e Te Makarini, Tena ra koe. ] -- "This book is the outcome of a partnership between artist Gottfried Lindauer and Patron H. Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke (c. It’s been really special connecting with whānau again after the different way we’ve been living over the past months. Now in housing In 1843 Bishop Hadfield built his large church on this site and was still being used Apr 29, 2020 · Formerly the property of the Chief Te Kooti and gifted by him to Ngāi Tai chief Wiremu Kingi. Grey in London 1844 as Interpreter and PA until 1853, he was the first person to Heke and Kawiti; in 1860 between the Governor and Wiremu Kingi inTaranaki, and in 1863 between the Governor and Wiremu Tamihana, the King Movement leader. Wiremu Kingi’s pa in the bush. Extent includes part of the land described as Lot 1 DP 11329 (RT WN462/9), part of the land described as Pt Church Mission Station Putiki Māori Reserve (RT WN672/22) and part of the land described as Legal Road, Wellington Land District, and the buildings known as St Paul’s Memorial Church (Anglican) and the Pūtiki Parish Hall thereon and their fittings and fixtures Kingi, Hirini Absolute Established Maori Church of Aotearoa Waipounamu and Wharekauri (Incorporated) Kingi, Hone Te Rama Piripi Anglican Kingi, Manuel Baptist Kingi, Phillip Airey Te Mete Destiny International Trust Kingi, Raymond Percival Anglican Kingi, Tutewehi Anglican Kingi, Wikuki Ringatu Kingsbury, John Raymond Anglican Jul 15, 2010 · By 1849, Wiremu Kingi’s people were supplying food to the New Plymouth settlement from the 400-500 acres of land under cultivation in Waitara (Hursthouse, 1849. Information from the Nga Tai Iwi on Wiremu Kingi Tutahuarangi Te Kawau, says he has a daughter Mere Wakana Kingi but she was born around the time of the marriage. Shouldn’t Māori just ’Get over it’? Yeah Right!! An essay exploring aspects of the 19th Century Taranaki war - Free download as PDF File (. On 4 April 1894 at Puketeraki, north of Dunedin, Taiawhio married Pani Parata of Ngai Tahu. 130-210. Mar 11, 2009 · The website New Zealand History Online helps to flesh out the story a little more. Alexander Turnbull Ko ngā nūpepa tawhito tēnā, ko te papakupu a Te Wiremu tēnā, ko Nga Mahi a nga Tupuna tēnā, ko He Hokinga Mahara tēnā, inā noa atu. Number: MS-Papers-0032 Order for issue of Crown Grant of Tauowhiro C [Tauohiro C] to Ani Patene te Wau, Miriana te Okiekie, Hemaima Rangikataea, Te Onukahere Huruhuru, Wiremu te Kauae, Ereatara Rangiwhaitiri, Tuatini Tipoki, Pukepuke Rangiwhaitiri, Raiha Takapau, Himiona Riki, Eru Riki, Paora Riki, Matene Huruhuru, Rutene te Eke, Haimona Te Hata te Kani, Hirini te Kani, Rawiri Ketua, Ka Taura, Riripeti Kerehona Ngatiawa Whanau Otaraua, who provided sanctuary to “Witi”’aka Te Rangitaake “Wiremu Kingi”. Now I plan to research the Whakatohea Iwi. Kingi Tawhiao - (King Tawhiao) Me Wiremu Tamihana - (And Wiremu Tamihana) Ki Rangiriri e tū ana - (Made a stand at Rangiriri) Ko Te Whiti o Rongomai - (Te Whiti o Rongomai) Ki Parihaka e noho ana - (Held fast at Parihaka) Raupatu! - (Confiscated!) Note: Although Māori Land Online is updated regularly, the Māori Land Court and the Ministry of Justice cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on this site. Join Facebook to connect with Wiremu Winitana and others you may know. He was born at Manukorihi pa, Waitara. Wiremu Kingi: coming south. volume viii (maori) ms copy micro 447 EASTERN MAORI ELECTORAL ROLL 1908 TE ARAWA TRIBE MEMBERS LIVING IN THE EASTERN MAORI ELECTORATE INCLUDING TE PUKE AND DISTRICT. Toihau: He tipuna rangatira no te Whanau a Apanui. Paora was born in 1840, in Torere, Bay of Plenty. In all his correspondence on this negotiation, in which he was unsuccessful, McLean spoke of Wiremu Kingi as the chief of the Atiawa. Governor Browne ordered an attack as Wiremu Kingi was defending his land, causing contradicting views over who’s the lands was and destroying Maori leaders Mana. Babbington (mother), 22 Norman Road, Gisborne * BAILEY, Matiu Patatu - Private 39538 - from Putiki, Wanganui NOK: Mrs Moari Maraea Bailey (nee Graham, mother), Putiki, Wanganui KILLED IN ACTION 23 May 1941 in Crete aged 30 [Wiremu Parata Kingi] 20 - Hemo COUTT 42 - Mei OTENE MT 21 - Eru/Ned KINGI 22 - Puti KINGI 23 - Ngaroma (Mitch) KINGI 24 - Riripeti KINGI. Ngatikahungunu—Te Wereta Kawekairaingi, Ngatuere, Raniera Te Iho, Hoani Te Kaho ; Karaitiana Te Korou, "Wiremu Waka, Te Koroneho, Wiremu Kingi Tu-te Pakihirangi, Te Hapuku, Tamihana Ruatapu, Te Hapimana Te Rangituawaru, Te Waka Perohuka. 21, 31, 47, 61 Jan 31, 2017 · Kingi Tawhiao Me Wiremu Tamihana Ki Rangiriri e tū ana Ko Te Whiti o Rongomai Ki Parihaka e noho ana You cannot take our whakapapa You cannot take, you cannot take Raupatu! More on Genius. Te Rangitake was born about 1795 at the Te Atiawa settlement at Manukorihi on the north bank of the Waitara River and was one of the three sons of Reretawhangawhanga and Te Kehu. Kīngi had migrated south to the Kāpiti Coast following the Waikato invasions of Taranaki in the early 1830s. Advanced Search | Help. By S. 1879 (f) N. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. MUNRO Himepiri Wiremu Makere 811657. 09 2714 Box Estate John Armstrong 516. Te Kawau: No Ngaitai, Torere; he tipuna no Wiremu Kingi. Henare was a great grandson to Matene Te Whiwhi. Tensions began early, arising from disputed land sales. The development of the Online Cenotaph is an ongoing process; updates, new images and records are added weekly. 163529, Te Ataarangi Joy, Haua. Jul 26, 2014 · As a party with purportedly Christian leanings the Conservative's line on the Treaty settlement process is a disappointment. May 09, 2013 · Ngati Hourua tuturu, as it exists within the Mahanga Whakapapa Framework are the descendants of Te Ahooterangi and his two wives, Rawhatihoro (who was the daughter of Te Ure Tawera “Kuku”) and Parengaope (daughter of Te Kanawa, and a recognised connection to Ngati Maniapoto – in the collective of Nga Uri a Muriwhenua. 03. This resolve to retain their land results in what Belich calls "one of the most important developments in Māori political history “further diluted” the interests of the whānau and hapū of Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake. KINGI , Wiremu / KINGI , Hiria  Wiremu Kīngi Te Rangitāke (c. Twenty-eight tables of genealogy including Taikapurua, Watana Akitu, Te Ahu Karamu, Hone Makimereni, Kingi Puihi (Te Rangiotu), Wiremu Te Aweawe, Winiata and Nicholson families, Hori Wirihana, Ngati Raukawa, Te Hakeke (Ngati Apa), Utiku Hapeta, Major Kemp, Enoka Te Wano, Arapata te Hiwi, Manahi te Hiakai, Waretini Tuainuku, Emily Broughton 1001768 Wikiriwhi Wiremu Kingi Hatu Estate 1. net. Hello I  Wiremu Kingi lived in the Turanga (Gisborne) district. Ka titiro te Māori ki ōna maunga, ki ōna awa, ānō nei he tupuna, he tipua. People Projects Discussions Surnames Although Te Awa-i-taia told Governor George Grey in 1863 that he objected to government policy on Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake's stand over land sales at Waitara, he supported the government's entrance into the war in Taranaki. Nga tupuna II o Te Whanganui-a-Tara,  Wiremu Winitana is on Facebook. Me Timata te Whakapapa o Ngāti Tūwharetoa ki Hawaiki ki Puhaorangi. nzhistory. xdw Wiremu KINGI * aka Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake, or William King, (1795-1882), whose opposition to the colonial government’s purchase of tribal lands led to the First Taranaki War (1860–61) and inspired the Maori resistance throughout the 1860s to European colonization of New Zealand. Sergeant 1. Wiremu Kingi (with mere) While a senior whakapapa (ancestry) was usually a requirement, other skills were also needed to go with it. HERU PARAOA HERU TE MAIPI WIREMU KINGI, HERBERT HAPETA and WERETI ROLLESTON-TAIT as Trustees of NGĀTI RANGITEAORERE KOROMATU COUNCIL First Respondents RUIHI HAIRA, KAA KEREAMA, JEWEL HAPETA and JACK MOREHU Second Respondents Hearing: 5 April 2017 Counsel: J P Temm and C M Bidois for the First and Second Applicants My fathers' details are missing from the whakapapa so I will clarify: Ane Tangiahua married Ralph Yates and had 3 sons; Rangi (Frank), John and Ariki (Riki or Reg). University of Otago. Accordingly he led his people to Orangi-Tuapeka Pa and Waimate Pa in south Taranaki. Government also paid Waikatos for Taranaki, this makes Taranaki paid for 4 times. ” Far from being the haven of peace which these people would have us believe, Rangiaowhia was the principal source of food for the rebels in their strong fort at Paterangi and Jun 13, 2016 - HEKE/WHAREPAPA WHANAU - KARENA, Mohi Hoko (1865 - 1937) The New Zealand Land Wars. 1858, Church of England Chapel, school room, Nth. On the 20th October 1966, Parliament enacted the Maori Purposes Act 1966, Section 16 of which repealed subsections 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Section 6 of the Maori Trust Boards Act 1955, and Kōrero: Grey, George Rarangi kaupapa. Sep 02, 2014 · Yes Cameron crossed the river on the 12th of July in 1863 , this was all in Grey,s strategies to took land that wasn’t his. His younger brothers were also known from the 1840s by their  23 Apr 2009 When Colonel William Wakefield arrived in 1839, Wiremu Kingi was one of the first Te Atiawa chiefs to sign the Queen Charlotte Sound deed. through this whakapapa I can trace my 36. Wiremu Te Kawau Kingi was born in 1881, at birth place, to Paora Huri Kingi and Te Haara Kingi (born Roihana). They had four children that I know of, 1. Maori Bank History. Ko to ringa ki nga rakau a te Pakeha Hei ara mo to tinana, Ko to ngakau ki nga taonga a o tipuna Maori Hei tikitiki mo to mahuna Te matauranga-a-Ngati Porou is our unique tribal and hapu knowledge and way of thinking. The above Whakapapa was held by Wiremu Nero Te Awataia he was the holder of Whakapapa for Tainui and he was the chief of Raglan area. Yet These whakapapa are self-explanatory with key names from Ngāpuhi and Tainui being clear. 163529 Te Ataarangi Joy Haua 16. Manurere Template for the committee agenda adding whakapapa, and kaupapa. Apanui: Ko Apanui Mutu, ko te tipuna o te Whanau a Apanui. BAKER John Te Kani Kingi (Ngāti Pūkeko, Ngāti Awa, Ngāi Tai) is a professor at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi in Whakatāne. He was bought up as a whangai by his mother (Pipi Te Rei’s) brother, Wirihana Te Rei. May 18, 2019 · Wiremu Kingi : biography 1795 – 13 January 1882 Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake (c. I will not give it up. M. txt) or read online for free. The Maori opposed to the sale were led by Wiremu Kingi. I puta mai te hāhi hei rerenga hainamana o ngā hāhi e kīa nei he hāhi petekoha. He ingoa nōna nga Paratene huhua kei te Kingi Tūheitia endorsed Māori Party candidate Rahui Papa in Hauraki-Waikato in March, only helping conceal how little support the party had on the ground: Labour’s Nanaia Mahuta — the King’s cousin — lifted her share of the candidate vote by ten percentage points: from 61. 1795–1882). He anticipated that such a victory would see the Waikato return to revenge their losses. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest These whakapapa are self-explanatory with key names from Ngāpuhi and Tainui being clear. Wiremu Kingi. In the Hutt Valley, by 1847, Ngati Rangitahi and Ngati Tama cultivated 578 acres and supplied Wellington settlers with pigs, potatoes and seafood (Watson & Patterson, 1985. Kia Ora everyone. The chief is holding a jade mere (club). Only one child, Wiremu Kingi Te Tau, reached adulthood and had issue. Start studying Māori. Kia kaha. 39072, Private Wiremu Kingi Hohua (= Hinemoa) Taiapua Hohua (= Ruru Timoti) reply; hohua. ' Another report puts defenders at 100, and indicates that Wiremu Kingi was present ( Taranaki Herald 24 Mar 1860). 17143 Haumingi 11B Valentine Wiremu Kingi 0. Orders under Sections 214 and 219/93 are sought creating the Valentine Wiremu Kingi Whānau Trust and declaring the terms of Trust in accordance WHAKAPAPA WHAKAPAPA Wiremu Ngahakeke 114 Matiu Matuaiti 192 Raiha Ngahuruhuru 242 Taekata Te Tokoihi 292 Wi Kingi Atetini 193 Rinaha Matene 243 Tuihana Te Awe Awe, Wiremu Kingi (Billy Larkins) Te Awhiorangi; Te Awhitu, Wiremu; Technical Education; Technical institutes; Te Hapua School; Te Haraweihana Maori Youth Club; Te Hau Ki Turanga (Meeting House) Te Heu Heu, Georgina; Te Heu Heu, Hepi; Te Heuheu Tukino; Te Hira, Henry; Te Huhuti; Te Huia, Kawa; Te Iki, Te Piki Rangiwatea; Te Kaha; Pa; Te Apr 13, 2017 · Do Like That, Waiting in Vain, Baby its you, My PYT, Arthur, Work the middle - Duration: 2:11. Submitted by tracey hohua on Tue, 03/04/2012 The E Tū Whānau people’s choice award is your opportunity to get involved. Course. 108715 Tete Haua 1. HERU O RAHIRI A man killed at Tara Maunga, Whanganui. By  Have fun exploring your whakapapa now you know where to go next. Friendly. Whakapapa Wiremu Kingi (with mere) While a senior whakapapa (ancestry) was usually a requirement, other skills were also needed to go with it. Among the figures represented there, Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake who resisted at Waitara in 1859 and Titokawaru catch the eye. DISCLAIMER: - These names are here for genealogical (Whakapapa) research and no offence is Ngati-Whakaue, Rotorua, Wiremu Kingi te Wharepurangi, M. awatea, taranaki, nga-ti-hau, nga-ti-rua-nui by john white. Were. Meanwhile, it was Wiremu Tamihana who, in placing a Bible on the head of Te Wherowhero, had bestowed on him the title of Kingi ‘King’, for which he himself came to be referred to among many Europeans as “the kingmaker” (Jones 1960: 220-26). AR IN . HERUA The name of Te Wera's canoe. ”This article examines why and how scholars should acknowledge | Find, read and cite all the research The Taranaki chief was Wiremu Kingi named Matakatea meaning "the clear eyed" because of his accurate aim with the one and only musket. I recognize that many of these chiefs had Rangitaane whakapapa too. 1001768, Wikiriwhi Wiremu Kingi, Hatu Estate. Ch. Kingi’s people pulled up the survey pegs and built a pa on the disputed block. PETITIONS EROM EAST COAST NATIVES 1. I was born in Te Ngaere, Kaeo where my grandmother Pare and grandfather Pikake Kingi are buried. Official Ruhi 1,190,974 views Wiremu Kingi Ratima. Vaimonsa Henin kanssa, he yrittivät lopettaa tämän taistelun vuonna 1856 vierailemalla useissa paikallisissa linnoituksissa (pā). MATTHEWS Philemon 811779. Waiariki 1660457-00 Wipere Kingi $ 3,121. For example, it was expected (c) Whakapapa (d) Letter from a number of signatories to Te Manaro [Monro] and Mita Hikairo re Waikino Block. I am in the Taumata Kaumatua of Ngapuhi and also a trustee of the Taumata Kaumatua of Te Ti Marae at Waitangi. Wiremu Kingi Pouawha -- Honiana-te-Puni-Kokopu -- Tamati Wiremu te Wera -- Te Wharepouri -- Wi Kingi te Awhitu. Z. He was one of the 3 sons of Te Rere-tā-whangawhanga and Te Kehu. Jun 08, 2017 · Whakapapa This item acknowledges a navigation through the shifts and transitions from our ancestral beings into our human ancestors and the times of change through to us, shifting with the travels reason being that the land, Orangikaupapa, was given to Wiremu Kingi Wairarapa, to Te Ropiha and to Parata, my husband, to p. It is part of the Tainui (big tide) confederation, the members of which trace their whakapapa (genealogy) back to people who arrived in New Zealand on the waka (canoe) Tainui. G. Wiremu Kīngi Maketū (also known as Maketū Wharetotara or Waretotara) (c. 3. Mere KINGI, married John Alexander PETLEY, 14 Dec. A bombardment by rockets and guns took place in the afternoon of Saturday 17 March. Gazette. wiremu kingi whakapapa

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