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8. Add-on 6+1 bass module; Scan-Speak 10″ Subwoofer; Scan-Speak 12″ Subwoofer; Upgrade Kits For Vintage Speakers. Oct 29, 2008 · I would really like to design a rather small MT speaker, for which I need a small-flanged tweeter. I think that's because it looks bright and shiny, and people hear what they see. The DCR of inductors in the commercial ProAc 2. The Nomex woofer. Accuton S280-6-282 11" Ceramic Sandwich Cone Woofer, Neodymium. Price: $168. We sell raw speaker drivers (tweeters, woofers, subwoofer, midrange drivers, full range drivers), speaker kits, amplifiers, capacitors, resistors, and inductors. I Silkie: Dayton Tweeter DC28F-8 - aka Gen. D2905/9500: This Scan-Speak tweeter is a combination of the 9300 dome assembly, front plate, and Ferrofluid damping, combined with the 9900 aerodynamic non-resonant rear chamber. The Seas is a good bargain at $40 at Madisound. They are state of the art tweeters and I purchased them new from Madisound in Wisconsin 4 years ago for $325. The Adam P11A uses a 7" peerless HDS Nomex woofer instead of the 6. . tweeter 16 H x 9 W x 12D. The Salon's rear tweeter and its frequency shaping network provide very high frequency "sound power" output. Otherwise the common and possibly equal Scanspeak tweeters are D2905/9300 and 9500, even 9700. MiniDSP C-DSP 8x12 v2 DL, Arc Audio KS 300. 8 Hz, ported with 5. The other system sitting inside these were built about the same time by a friend. ” Madisound Speaker Store. Aug 15, 2010 · Else I would have gone for the Scanspeak Illuminator Ring Radiators instead. I like it for its flat response, however its pricing leaves something to be desired. The matching MCS-01 center in Rosewood. Oct 11, 2017 · For this Test Bench, SB Acoustics sent its new high-end Satori line neodymium 29 mm beryllium dome tweeter, the TW29BN. $1,488. The Scancpeak 8513 (used by Proac) tweeters have a foam ring applied to the faceplate, over time this foam can deteriorate just in the way you describe, New foam pads can be bought I think from Madisound, they are self adhesive - you can clan off the old ones with Goof Off or similar. 58) Posted by B. Its large roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat N. True ribbon twe Aug 18, 2012 · Woofer -Scanspeak 30w-4558T00 Mid -SBA SB17NRXC35 Tweeter -Bohlender Graebener Neo3-PDRW. The NADA is demoed at the RMAF in Madisound's room #417. « Reply #10 on: December 20, 2010, 19:20 » The mechanical damping factor a bit high. I met Jeff Bagby via the Madisound forum back in the 90’s. 0. Noerbaek obliged, and thus was born the Scan-Speak B741. There would be a difference in sound between the Seas and ViFi. TRYM is a 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker kit using a single W22EX001 22cm woofer and a T25CF002 "MILLENNIUM" tweeter. It does indeed have elevated 2nd harmonic distortions in the range from 500 to 1000 Hz. C. Always fit in pairs, that way they will look exactly the same & they will also sound exactly the same. Apr 08, 2018 · The Scan Speak D2905 Tweeter is a very good 1" dome tweeter. Powered by Pinnacle Cart. Madisound is pleased to offer AMT and Planar Ribbon tweeters from major supplier Tianle. The ScanSpeak D2608/913000 (Peerless HDS 810921) is a very good choice, because it is known for very moderate harmonic distortions below 2 kHz and large excursion capability of +/- 0. 5″x 5″ length. com FRONT SIDE SCAANN Sep 30, 2003 · Fortunately, Madisound offers a service for designing crossovers using the LEAP program from LinearX. Scanspeak D2905/950000 Tweeter, a Classic Range Tweeter. I don't think tweeter distortion is the problem here. There is a small hiccup in the response curve at 1200 Hz and a mild breakup between 3 and 4kHz. 163 Magazines from MADISOUND. ScanSpeak D3004, 660000 Tweeter - Illuminator Range The Illuminator tweeters stand for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening locations. A better alternative per Madisound is the ScanSpeak Discovery D2606/9220 that is identical but better build quality. Madsensvej 1 · 6920 Videbæk · Denmark · info@scan-speak. Nov 29, 2007 · Scan Speak d3004/6600 Scan Speak 18s Rev Scan Speak 15w Rev I have a passive network designed by madi through the LEAP for the 6600 and 18s, it sounds great but I think it can be better, as the design wasnt done w/ the baffle. The ZRT design with the top of the line components is offerd from madisound for about 1000$ (components only, no enclosure). 3cm. scan-speak. My questions are: 1. Each speaker has the famous Scan-speak 18W/8545K carbon 7" woofers and Scan-speak D2905/9500 textile dome tweeter. Ring-radiator tweeter The 25SD-1 is a 1” soft dome tweeter with a range of 1000-30,000Hz. Walls are 15 mm plywood, damped with 20 mm acoustic foam Baffle is 30 mm plywood Bass port is bottom-firing, 4 mm PVC tubing with ID 65 mm Morel CAT 308 1-1/8" Soft Dome Tweeter A new version of Morel's classic MDT-30, the CAT308 is a very fast tweeter capable of high dynamic range without SPL compression. Fritz Carbon 6 - WEB SPECIAL - $2200/pr 6 inch SB Acoustics woven Carbon Fiber cone Scan Speak Discovery 26W/8534G00 10″ Aluminum Cone Woofer - 8 ohm. 14th, we are in Room #417 together with our US distributor Madisound. eastech. Yesterday Madisound had some cosmetically damaged units for their $15 deal of the day, did anybody see that and pick … Has anybody heard or used this tweeter? MAC/DIY Shop Madisound. 218. $413. AT-SW is Audio Technology and SWANS planar tweeter The ambition of this project is to offer a high-end kit that even beginners in loudspeaker building can cope with. The midrange and tweeter levels can be adjusted to personal taste by attenuation resistors. The frequency response curve of this woofer taken from manufactures spec sheet shown below. 14-04-2012 - ScanSpeak Revelator R2904-7000. Midwoofer - Scanspeak Discovery Series 18W/4434G00. Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. Rather than arguing the issue, I have provided an alternative crossover using the ScanSpeak 9500 fabric dome--a unit that I don't think anyone thinks is inherently bright. Madsensvej 1 6920 Videbæk Denmark Phone: +45 6040 5200 www. Two, Madisound had a sale on a kit that included 5-1/2" Scan-Speak Revelators combined with SB accoustics "dimple dome" tweeters. $432. Accuton C30-6-024 1. The participants sent in their version of the crossover and we did blind testing to determine which ones performed best. When I bought my MDT30's, I got them from Zalytron for $40 each plus shipping, so that's why I didn't go for tweeters twice as expensive (like the Scan-speak 9500s) at the time because I'd have to shell out Jun 13, 2020 · These have a fitted tweeter (custom made tweeter and vifa front plate 6ohm) but you can use 104mm tweeter of your own choosing (cut out is for scanspeak tweeter alignement). 6 too, so I am probably gotta forego those better than the ScanSpeak B741 DO-IT-YOURSELF-AND-SAVE AFICIONADO PROJECT! Recommended internal parts if bought separately. I would crossover the Scanspeak 15m revelator to the Moral MW265 at 200hz. In 2017 we created the Madisound PDF Library to collect these PDFs in one easy-to-search location. Ship via FedEx. One pair of Scanspeak Revelator D2905/9900 tweeters in excellent condition. MBS-01 monitors with upgraded crossovers (done by SVS) in super excellent condition. 00 per piece Scanspeak Revelator R2904/7000 - US$345. Very clean design with low parts count and single hi-pass cap. Just my opinion. From the Madisound product description: The Lumine 2-Way Kit . and one reason I find is driver is a mid-range driver. Hey everybody. madisound. at the moment its only for the D2606/serie, but working on revelator-serie also. Tweeter - Scanspeak Illuminator Series D3004/602000. The vented box system measures 60" tall… Other ScanSpeak stuff. 1)! My only requirement for this design was consideration for the 19mm tweeter; it needed to be rolled off below the 3kHz point. It's Resonance Frequency (Fs) is 550 Hz. dk · +45 60405200 Scan-Speak operates as an independent Danish managed company in the Eastech Group www. dk TWEETER D3004/664000 The Illuminator tweeters stand for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening levels. ’Vifa)BC25TG152041")TextileDome) 87. Apr 23, 2005 · The XT Vifa woofers in my towers were only $10 more than the D2905 Scan-Speak tweeter I used, but as much better as a Revelator would have been, I don't think the extra $100 per tweeter would improve the overall design that much more than going with a better mid-range Jul 30, 2017 · The tweeter frequency response looks nice, for this particular series, with this voice coil design, the overall balance is pretty smooth. These are super nice. Seas curves look quite different from zaphs. New cost from Solen over $500 before shipping. 501 kg. It is the Audax TW025A1-12X9 1" Textile Dome Tweeter. ) 09. Scan-Speak Classic D2905/9700-00 1" Textile Dome Tweeter, 6 ohm, Symmetric Drive Magnet Also if you want to make any trades + cash, I'm willing to consider certain tweeters. Very clean 2-way with low parts count, single hi-pass cap and minimal tweeter padding. Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest 22,966 views 52:56 Possible Group Buy on ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6040-00 Beryllium Dome Tweeter I contacted Madisound yesterday about this and they currently don't have enough to support a GB but they do expect more in. R. Apr 27, 2017 · Seas Excel T29B001 Beryllium Dome Tweeter (E0058) Driver Specification Sheet PDF Categories Driver Specification Sheet , SEAS Brand , Tweeter Leave a comment Post navigation C18EN002A E0060 Speaker Spec Sheet Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. He had convinced me to try Scanspeak drivers and I had convinced him to try dipoles. ถูกใจ 5,819 คน · 162 คนกำลังพูดถึงสิ่งนี้ · 16 คนเคยมาที่นี่. These are in Rosewood. Mar 24, 2008 · According to Madrigal, tweeters become increasingly directional at higher frequencies and contribute progressively less high frequency energy into the listening area as frequencies increase. Few scratches on the top of the speakers. You are buying a pair of generic replacement tweeter coils & foils (as seen on these pictures) to fit many of the scanspeak 26mm Tweeters. Second the XT25TG30-04 with a fs=530hz Re: Peerless, Seas or ScanSpeak mid/woofer? I forgot Zaph has a plot of the P18RNXP, so I'm going to try his curve tomorrow. On display were the SEAS of Norway A26 loudspeaker kit with a 10" SEAS A26RE4 woofer and the T35C002 1. 3. You won't get better sound for the money. the latest tweeter is an exact replacement which is incorrect. ’Hi2Vi)1")Fabric)Dome) 92) 15) 800) 1100) $13. 2" Ceramic Dome Tweeter. This is the crossover design Madisound provided, but as this is for a car environment it's not going to work properly for a home application. Scan-Speak Illuminator D3004/602010 Tweeter, deep chamber from Madisound Scan-Speak Illuminator D3004/602000 Tweeter from Madisound Scan-Speak Illuminator D2004/6020-00 tweeter from Dec 13, 2003 · Amphion argon/one18/one15, Krpyton all use Seas midbass, mids and tweeters. If you're new to speaker design and want to skip a 10 or 20 year learning curve, I'd buy a kit from Madisound - especially a Zaph audio designed kit. SVS isn't kidding when they say that their new tweeter isn't cheap. It is a large excursion underhung neodymium motor design with low distortion and excellent build quality. Crossover is the premium version with 14 awg Goertz Copper Foil inductors, Solen Poly Caps, Hovland Musicaps and Eagle resistors. 00. Apr 02, 2015 · If you do the scanspeak tweeter uprade to the proacs it might be well over 1000$ because the 9700 is aprox. After I researched many DIY speaker projects on the Net and studied the manufacturers frequency response curves, I chose the crossover frequencies Your Audio Solutions HQ Since 1986. Feb 16, 2020 · Scan-Speak Illuminator D3004/602000 Tweeter. A harsh, distorted sound is a symptom of a burned voice coil. 5 and the Zaph 2 way. 0; Fountek NeoCD3. Im looking at spending around the $250 AUD mark per tweeter. Nov 19, 2011 · Thanks to Madisound for the special driver testing pricing! First off, mfg info: D2004: ScanSpeak Illuminator D2004/6020-00 Tweeter: Madisound Speaker Store R2004: ScanSpeak Illuminator R2004/6020 Tweeter Small Ring Radiator: Madisound Speaker Store IMPEDANCE AND T/S: Scan-Speak was founded in 1970 and is today a world leader in the development and manufacture of high end transducers for the world’s top international loudspeaker brands in the home audio/video, professional, aftermarket automotive, and aerospace segments. I’m not happy enough with the performance of any of the currently available options. com - Read for FREE I personally isn’t a huge fan of hard dome tweeters, but the ScanSpeak Beryllium dome tweeter is definitely the best one I’ve so far have listened to. Oct 10, 2016 · I retained the tweeter, the Peerless XT25SC90, so that it’s easier to compare the D7608 with the Dayton RS52AN 2″ dome midrange. It has a low resonance frequency and can easily meet the 9 inch bass driver. In 2000 I hosted a local DIY event which was centered on building a specific 2-way design. Product Category: Feb 16, 2020 · Scan-Speak Illuminator D3004/602000 Tweeter. So Im looking to re do to get it optimal. “we are also being  ScanSpeak is a new initiative from us to give you inspiration and ideas on The 2-way signature speaker system features a 1” dome tweeter D3004/602000  of Clearwave Loudspeaker Design for Madisound. 5 cm higher than advised - and he has to live with a nasty dip at 2200 Hz. Sep 10, 2019 · Tweeter Tweaking: Tweeter Tweaking Methods - How to improve a tweeters response: Tweeter Tests and Modifications: Dayton Tweeter 275-070 - aka Gen. 100$ more each than the inexpensive seas. Scan Speak 9500 D2905/950000 Tweeter Textile Dome Speaker Horn Loudspeak 1pcs See more like this. com Online shopping from a great selection at Madisound Speaker Components Store. 80. Vifa/Peerless/Scan Speak now offer a couple of tweeters that can be crossed over below 1,000hz. Optimized polymer face plate 25mm fabric dome The 2-Way Lumine One kit (listed at Madisound) includes: 1. 90. You can take the original one one out and examine the back, make sure it's the same. 5 - WEB SPECIAL - $3000/pr 2 way monitor 7. Also, it looks like the tweeter should be mounted 3/4" back from the 7" driver, sound right ? The tweeter that met my design goals the best was the ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004. The drawing supplied from Madisound was almost completely sufficient. It features a single magnet system vented into a damped rear chamber that lowers resonance. 5H; Monacor DT-300 + WG-300; RAAL 140-15D; SB Acoustics SB26STAC-C000-4; SB Acoustics SB26STCN-C000-4; SB Acoustics SB29RDC-C000-4; SB Acoustics “Satori” TW29R-B; ScanSpeak D2608/913000; ScanSpeak D2905/950000; ScanSpeak D3004/660000; ScanSpeak D3004/664000; ScanSpeak D3004 Sep 29, 2010 · I would use Scan Speak or higher end Seas units long before I used AudioTechnology and it's a firm no on Morel. Jul 10, 2017 · https://www. Price: $64. com, which I have installed and tested. com Madisound Speaker Components, Middleton, WI. This tweeter  9 May 2017 Please visit http://www. 99 Jan 05, 2018 · Also I notice the Scanspeak illuminator is commonly paired with either the Seas diamond tweeter (with the Arabesque Minissimo monitors) as well as with RAAL-based speakers (Selah Tempesta, Salk Silk Monitors, etc) as well as in a ton of high end monitors. You can put together a pair in an evening. Drivers: TW29RN-B or TW29BN-B & 18M/8631T00 & 12N630 – 8 Ohm IIRC, the Scan-Speak is a good tweeter but requires some work in the crossover design to truly ring out the most performance ou tof it. May 09, 2017 · RMAF11: DIY Speaker Building: Overview & Assembly Presentation, Adam Johnson, Madisound - Duration: 52:56. They have the Scanspeak Air Circ tweeter. Accuton Cell C30-6-358 Ceramic Dome Tweeter. I have noticed alot of very high end loudspeakers using the Scanspeak drivers Check out www. Woofers will be wired in series. Nominal output ~ 88 dB+. 5" dome tweeter—over 1 million sold, I was told—and the Scan-Speak Nada, with a Morel, Vifa, Scan-Speak and several others were all ruled out due to real estate issues. Some cabinet diffraction is evident around 3 kHz, and their is some peaking of the on axis response, which is pretty common for this kind of soft dome. The 26W/8867T a new black Aluminum cone woofer. You can expect the free air This is important specially for woofers, no so much so for mids and tweeter units. 08cm x 10. I have attached a screenshot of the PCD session. 2019 - Dayton Audio DC28FT-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Truncated Tweeter Tweeters. To learn more tap image. If the small Illuminator tweeters have low distortion similar to, say, the Scanspeak 6600, I’ll use them for this project. 5 mm. Unless ProAc does some in-house modifications of their own or buys a modified unit from Scanspeak is hard to say. U S 8 B H P O N W S O R E D 0 8 7 Q I 9. com/scanspeak-soft-dome-tweeters/scanspeak-classic-d2010/8513-20-mm-dome-tweeter/ Both of these however do have smoother looking curves, they just start falling off too much for a super tweeter. 8) 50 The tweeter fitted to my speaker now are 91. I got them from madisound and will throw them in as well. I used Madisound's tweeter replacement recommendation on an old pair of Dynaco A-50. com and http://avshowroomsforums. I have a pair of Eton Symphony 7s that are actively crossed over but my center channel is a ScanSpeak Rediscovery (Madisound) and I want them to match. A pair of assembled crossover networks built by Madisound. 00 Add to Cart. SVS has released their newest line of speakers that includes towers, a center and bookshelves. Figure 8- Eton 25SD-1 Frequency and Impedance Charts 16 (Madisound n. it is not exactly the same as the latest TW025A2 tweeter with the catenary dome. This has a few minor scratches on the bottom. Dayton Audio RS28F-4; Fountek NeoCD1. Output in the 86-88 dB range. I am selling them both together for $250. Madisound Speaker Components, Middleton, WI. Scanspeak 12M-4631G05 midrange. Scanspeak D2010, 851300 Tweeter - Classic Range (Spendor S100 and ProAc 1SC) D2010 : £57. MADISOUND – specs Scanspeak D2004-602000 tweeter. The ZRT's employ two very high quality Scan-Speak drivers ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6600 AirCirc 1" Textile Dome Tweeter ScanSpeak Revelator 18W/8531G-00 7" Mid Woofer 8 ohm I decided on the 2-way design. Price is for one speaker (not pair) ScanSpeak Classic D2010/851300 3/4" Textile Dome Tweeter 3/4" Textile Dome Diaphragm Diffraction Damping Foam Front Ferro Fluid Wide Dispersion Dual Rear Chamber Similar to the D2008, but with several improvements, a foam impregnated front face plate and a lower resonance. I ordered from madisound. com SEAS Prestige 27TBFC/G (H1212) Aluminum/Magnesium Dome Tweeter. Cruise over to the madisound forums and ask/look The tweeter is the world-famous E0011-06 T25CF002 "Millennium" . com They have Scanspeak kits with xovers and no cabs you can purchase . ScanSpeak Micro. Hi all I need you guys help in building a set of components. I spoke with Mark Sayer, speaker guy of Meniscus Audio Group, who has been building his own speakers since he was a child. They employ ScanSpeak 15S/8531K01 woofers and SB-Acoustics SB29RDC-C000-4 tweeters. 8 volts. Now the kit costs less  15 Oct 2013 The ScanSpeak B741 was the set that was. So I'm having new baffles cut and getting some 18W4531's. That DXT tweeter does look really nice, but will push the build over budget. Troels provides documented crossovers for both an RC delay circuit block, and also LR2 second order circuits. D7608 Frequency Response. Specifically the D2905/9900 1" Textile Dome Tweeter, the 15S/8530K-01 5-1/2" Woofer, and the 18W8531G-00 7" Woofer. Please note: Purchase of the LX521 construction plans is required and available here. Midrange - Scanspeak Discovery Series10F/4424G00. 07. If you do decide to purchase Madisound's replacement tweeter buy two. Im replacing an existing tweeter that was only 20W rms and it couldn't handle the power. I finally found a great replacement at Madisound. Accuton Cell C25-6-158 Ceramic Dome Tweeter. The tweeters I am thinking of fitting are 91. Feb 27, 2014 · After reading this thread I'm going for it. 2-0. Parts and crossovers are available through www. This Kit Includes: 4x Seas 27TFFNC/G (H1396) 1" Textile Dome Tweeter 2x Seas MU10RB-SL (H1658-04) 4" Curv Cone… Re: Intermittent tweeter in Dynaco A-25 209. Woofers simulated in 1. 55 cubic foot ported with single straight vent 1. Nominal output ~ 82 dB. IV or New Silkie: Dayton Reference Series Tweeter RS28A-4: Morel Tweeters - MDT-20 and MDT-30: Scan-Speak 6600 Air-Circ™ Scan-Speak 7100: Seas DXT first of all it would be nice to know what speaker/tweeter yer dealing with. Great sound, nice sound stage, very musical for the price. Up for test is the Scan-Speak Illuminator D3004/6020-00 1″ Textile Dome Tweeter 4 ohm. They each have several models and can be checked out at Madisound and Zalytron respectively. Ribbon tweeters fall into 3 main categories: Magnetostatic, 'True' Ribbon, Air Motion Transformer (AMT). The kit was attractively priced probably because it used a shielded version of the Revelators that were being discontinued. Feb 04, 2009 · The ScanSpeak R2904/7000 series tweeter has specs that are extremely close to the Vifa so as to make them appear interchangeable (No XO changes), but costs $398 Scan-Speak A/S · N. Woofer: 2. Audio These speakers were intended for a flatter response, using low cost components such as a 6. Quote from: synthesis on August 14, 2010, 23:48 ! 8! B. The dome is attached to the phase plug, so the radiating area is now concentrated around the voice coil. If you have the energy and the right tools, you should be able to integrate these tweeters into any design. 5" Speaker Foam It's a small 2 way speaker using a Madisound 6102 woofer, Vifa D20TD05 tweeter, and one of Madisound's in house designed Sledgehammer crossovers. Here are the criteria 1. Dec 07, 2009 · Sold outfrom Madisound for 399 plus extra parts ie binding posts,etc then shipping then all the mdf. Madisound sells the Scan-speak D3004 tweeter for $220 each. (Optional)Would like to actually make a set out of seperate drivers and tweets (i. Unfortunately the attractively-priced Recession Buster Reference kit was a one time special from Madisound in late 2009 and they sold out quickly. Scanspeak 5F-8422T01 fullrange. midbase along with the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter and Scanspeak woofers on the side. waiting on new filament shipment :-/ Nov 13, 2006 · >options on tweeters that are readily available - good luck! >My preference is the Morel's! > >The Morel MDT33, along with the Accuton C223/6, Hiquphon OW >I/II/III, Human 002, Scan-Speak R2904/7000, and the Alison >Acoustics 4010203 (previously available only as a replacement >part for Allison loudspeakers) are considered by many to be Speaker City USA is located at: 115 South Victory Blvd, Burbank CA, 91502 Phone: 818-846-9921 Fax: 818-846-1009 Hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat info@speakercity. ScanSpeak Classic D2905/9700 1" Tweeter Textile Dome. Magnetostatic ribbon tweeters feature a thin film diaphragm / circuit board mounted directly above the magnets. Quantity-+ Add to cart. Tweeter! Tweeters’ Sensitivity) Power) Fs) F3) Price) 1. ScanSpeak D2608, 913000 Tweeter Tweeters do fail, especially if they experience over power. pbnaudio. Scan-Speak Classic D2008/8512-00 3/4" Textile Dome Tweeter, 8 ohm. A very popular design for a long time, the D2905/950000 features a specially hand-coated 1" textile diaphragm resulting in a smooth, detailed and very transparent sound and low levels of distortion and resonances. Oct 17, 2012 · Scores of DIYers are familiar with Madisound, a company that distributes raw drivers, passive crossover parts, and speaker building supplies, some in kit form. 6. Notice that only Scan-Speak parameters are given for burned in drivers. The Scan-speak R2904-700009 tweeter is the new flagship tweeter in the Scan-speak line. Apparently some folks from Scan-Speak stopped by, and so liked what they heard that they asked Noerbaek if he would design a kit incorporating their best drivers. Less than 150 2. 19 AWG Madisound Air Core Inductors; Soft Dome Tweeters (ScanSpeak) Scan-speak Discovery H2606/9200 Horn Loaded 1" Textile Dome Tweeter. The kit can be purchased from Madisound for a very fair price. avshowrooms. The 12dB-slope crossover mini-mizes risk of damage to the unit, and pro-vides relatively good phase coincidence. The speakers feature a new addition, the sexy ScanSpeak D-3004 tweeter. Description. There is no such thing as "best sounding" dome tweeter. tweets were a scanspeak d2010 Shop Madisound. 5863 likes · 7 The long awaited new version of Fostex's top of the line tweeter are now available. Mar 24, 2018 · Item: x2 Scanspeak 15M/4531K00 x2 Scanspeak D2905/9300 Location: North Sydney Price: $350 Item Condition: Woofers near new condition Tweeters have been used Reason for selling: No longer used no time Payment Method: Pickup Or Post Extra Info: Pm for more details Pictures: For sell is barely used Scan Speak Illuminator D3004/604010 Pure Beryllium Dome matched pair of 4 ohm tweeters. For my own build, if like to try it, but he said he has an emphasis on midrange and lows. The Scan-Speak 6600 AirCirc is a $200 high end product and is capable to handle a low crossover frequency. Single hi-pass cap. For the crossovers I will be using a minidsp active setup. COM found on Yumpu. Brand New SEAS Titan Woofers & Tweeters Have Arrived! This new line in the Prestige Series implements FEA-optimised magnet systems with copper caps and rings, titanium voice coil formers, and matte black aluminium cones and domes. Scan-Speak A/S · N. d. IMHO the Seas are a better tweeter and may improve your ScanSpeak Drivers: D2908/714000 high-power 8 ohm 1" beryllium dome tweeter; the Revelator 18M/4631T00 midrange with sliced paper cone technology and patented Symmetrical Drive; and the Revelator 32W/4878T01, a powerful woofer with 3” voice coil and low resonance frequency. 0 kHz. my long gone proacs you can get near exact replacements. Have not yet printed it. My Seas Excel were slightly more detailed, but not as accurate & musical sou . Its response is actually quite good too, but I’m not a fan of the shape or look of this tweeter at all. Se flere idéer til Højttalere, Højttaler, Træ kunst. Thanks again to Ivan Leong / Win Fei Kok for the photo sharing. Madisound is offering the drivers at a discount off the regular price. ScanSpeak Illuminator R3004/6020-10, 1" Tweeter Crossover Design for Scan Speak P21W020 and D2608-9130 HDS tweeter. Nov 28, 2011 · Comments: This is the new 18cm flagship Illuminator from Scan-Speak. I will be using them for the midwoofers of my R/Ls and the Eton ceramic/magnesium I'd try out these SB Acoustic tweeters if I were you. To get an idea of edge diffraction, watch the animated presentation here. Fritz REV 7 SE - $3250/pr Upgraded REV 7 SE with ScanSpeak Illuminator Ring Radiator tweeter 16H x 9W x 12D : Fritz Satori 7. Non-resonant coated Papyrus fiber cone Low damping SBR surround May 13, 2016 · As it turned out, Scanspeak makes direct replacement woofers in their Discovery line, so I purchased those from Madisound. FWIW, I have speakers that use both the SEAS Excel tweeter and midrange drivers. Light use for testing purposes and terminals never soldered. This tweeter incorporates many innovative design concepts. There were no direct replacements for the midwoofer due to their unusual frame size of 104mm, but with the help of Madisound, there is a replacement Scanspeak with a frame size of 98mm. I've got a pair of ScanSpeak drivers that were originally acquired for a car audio project that ended up going another direction. Don't let the size fool you! This kit blows away larger systems with ease. 3db sensitivity 8 ohms and have a dc resistance of 5. – SB Acoustics, Scan-Speak & BMS drivers – 3-Way Classic Construction with 12″ woofers. Thus a two-way loudspeaker with state-of-the-art drivers, a fairly simple crossover and a cabinet that is easy to construct. The drivers are able to reproduce music in extraordinary detail, dynamics, bass, stage and tonality. 26: Vifa woofers, scanspeak tweeters what Manufacturer uses (7. Posted by stutz on December 1, 2001 at 16:01:38 In Reply to: Intermittent tweeter in Dynaco A-25 posted by David Anderson on November 28, 2001 at 21:47:13: Madisound# SB17NRX35-8 View PDF Brochure (217 KB) SB Acoustics SB17NRX30-8 5" Woofer. Global distributor of audiophile-quality loudspeaker parts since 1972. We accumulated an enormous library of raw loudspeaker driver specification sheets. Paper, simply stated, is a material famous for musicality. Also check out my other listings. I have a few suggestions based on the time spent with these speakers. I can get a hookup on Morel, Pioneer, and ScanSpeak so thats what I'm looking at (as well as zapco but I don't hear Aug 17, 2010 · Scanspeak Illuminator R3004/6620 - US$271. Vifa BC14WG49 8 ohm Woofer Usher audio makes a great tweeter that actually sound better than the scan speak revelator series which are one of the best tweeters out there. Scanspeak 10F-8414G10 fullrange. I had been using refurbished, "fixed" eBay purchased Carver amplifiers. 12: Re: Where to buy tweeter replacements? (7. ScanSpeak Revelator D2905/9900-00 Photo. This is a 14 liter cabinet that comes in several different finishes, but can of Oct 17, 2012 · Scores of DIYers are familiar with Madisound, a company that distributes raw drivers, passive crossover parts, and speaker building supplies, some in kit form. The Scan-Speak 18W/8535 mid/bass & D2010/8513 Tweeter perform excellent with a properly tuned audiophile quality crossover. First is the DX25TG05-04 with a fs=650hz. For him, the experience is more about the process than the product, a way of slowing things down. I was looking The Solists kits from Madisound delivered everything one would expect from Scan Speak drivers. 5" dome tweeter over 1 million sold, I was told and the Scan-Speak Nada, with a 7" Illuminator woofer and 1" Beryllium dome tweeter. Additional Notes: Low crossover point about 2. 5F/8422T01, the smallest speaker I've ever made Test Scan-Speak 5F/8422T01 and 10F/8414G10 full range mini drivers Test of ScanSpeak tweeters, D3004/660000 and D2904/710003, D3004/6640 Beryllium dome and D2908/7140 Beryllium dome Waveguide for ScanSpeak D2904/710003 tweeter ScanSpeak waveguides Oct 10, 2007 · hi guys after chopping and changing my mind a thousand times ive finally decided to build the troels gravesen ekta grand it uses 2 x scanspeak revelator 18w8531goo for bass 1x scan revelator 12m4631 goo for mid and a vifa xt25tg tweeter i had my doubts about the tweeter but after seeing the compa Scan Speak Vifa Fountek McCauley Dayton Reference Series Seas Computer Speakers Outdoor Speakers Shipping & Returns Links Grill Cloth & Dampening Above the response from ScanSpeak -7140 tweeter on an optimised baffle (red) and from his modified baffle (green). The tweeter has unique feature that the first time in the history there was implemented elliptical voice coil in it. madisoundspeakerstore. The woofer (Scan-Speak 18W/8531G00) is more problematic IMO. " The system on the outside here were built while still in Korea using Scanspeak drivers in the main panels and Madisound 12" drivers in the dipole woofers. 5khz crossover point. 189. The new tweeters work fine with no crossover issues that are audible. 5,860 likes · 5 talking about this · 16 were here. ScanSpeak D2608/913000; The ZA-SR71 uses the Madisound MD14BP speaker cabinets. 5 is unknown, but the lowest possible DCR is recommended around 0. Two large value hi-pass caps and significant padding in hi-pass circuit. The tweeter is from the old peerless CC line, which if I'm not mistaken was the precursor for the scanspeak brand. Its large roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response to above 30KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. e vifa) Thanks Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. Jun 13, 2004 · Qty two - 7" Carbon fiber paper Mid/Woofers - Scan Speak Model 18W/8545K Qty one - 1" textile dome tweeter - D2905/9700 Qty one- Low pass crossover, 1 - high pass crossover, upgraded with Goertz copper foil 14 AWG inductors, Solen capacitors, Hovland Musicaps and Eagle metal oxide film resistors. Crossover design for Scanspeak 18W/8545K Revelator, 7″ Midwoofer and the ScanSpeak D2905-9900 Tweeter. I would crossover the RAAL tweeter to the ScanSpeak 15m revelator over at 1,200hz. 2 v2, Arc Audio SKS300. First, if the Solist is going to be used as main speakers and a higher budget is allowed, consider the upgraded version. Accessed February 15, 2017 Apr 25, 2017 · I would go with Madisound Eton tweeter recommendation. Seas Excel W22EX-001 + Scan-Speak Revelator D2905-9900 2way Passive Crossover Design. The Beryllium tweeter is a bit more analytic in its character than the Textile dome, which in turn is a bit more forgiving sounding on the less good recorded albums. Don't quote me, but I think they are using the 830875. Code: H1212 Price: $74. Each speaker is state of the art, leading the way in a revolution in audio. Re: Scan Speak 12M/4631G00 speaker box design. (And it's 'damping', not dampening) Maynard- The N26C is a great tweeter, and you should hear it before you decide on them. Scan Speak: Madisound offers Scan Speak kits, the Lumine 2 way, as seen to the right, The Zaph 2. It's an irony when my tweeter crossover parts cost about 3-4 times more than the tweeter itself. Troels Gravensen's Illuminator Monitor uses the 7" ScanSpeak 18WU/8741T00 driver paired with either 7100 or 6600 tweeters. 5 kHz is very low and there are not many drivers which really are suitable for. L16RNX3 (H1869-08) 6" Aluminum Cone Woofer: long throw - high power handling - super deep bass - nice midrange There are some misguided souls who think the Vifa D25 tweeter is harsh and bright. I'm going to switch to a 2 way active setup. The sound of my Studio 1's are now so smooth and the high frequencies go all the way up to 20 KHz. Highlights from madisound are listed below. 19 AWG Madisound Air Core Inductors; ScanSpeak Discovery R2604/8330 Tweeter Dual Ring Radiator. Low Fs. They are the same tweeters used in a number of Magico and other hi-end speakers. 19) D3404/552000 Ellipticor - the top tweeter from ScanSpeak. Notes: Crossover point about 1. Small Signal Parameters and Impedance Results as measured via Dayton’s DATs measurement tool. Does the hds tweeter sound similar to other SS tweeters? Madisound reduced the price of Scan-Speak Rediscovery kit. 10F/4424G PDF Scan-Speak Discovery 10F/4424G, 4" Midrange; 10F/8424G PDF D2008/8512 PDF ScanSpeak Classic D2008/8512 20 mm Dome Tweeter   Two Scan Speak Revelator woofers and Ring Radiator Tweeter in MTM configuration. Audiophile tweeter also suitable for Car Audio. Two large hi-pass caps and fair amount of tweeter padding. Aug 18, 2012 · *Drivers are ultra high end SCAN-SPEAK 18W/8545SC woofer and Scanspeak 9500 tweeter *Drivers alone cost $630 USD (see below). 0 cubic foot, single straight vent 3″ diameter x 6″ length. I have liked Scan Speak and Hiqphon. The giant system utilizes 2 x 8" woofers, 2 x 4" midranges, and 1 Ribbon tweeter per side. I was pleased at how low the mid-sized ScanSpeak woofers reached. 104. I've built many cabinets for Madisound customers & have a set of drivers & crossovers for the original Recession Buster ScanSpeak 5 inch Revelator & SB Acoustic Ring Radiator tweeter loudspeakers that Jed of Clearwave Audio designed for Madisound. 1" soft dome, AirCirc Magnet System, Rubber painted aluminum die casted faceplate. Klang+Ton magazine from Germany designed a 2-way reference bookshelf speaker called - NADA - featuring Scan-speak Illuminator 6½" woofer and 1" Beryllium dome tweeter. King on 2005-05-16, 20:13:57 (67. Top Gear at Low Prices and FREE Shipping. Results 17 - 32 of 145 Online shopping from a great selection at Madisound Speaker Scan-Speak Classic D2010/8513-00 3/4" Textile Dome Tweeter, 8 ohm,  ScanSpeak Illuminator R3004/6620-00 1" Tweeter - Black Face Plate อาทิเช่น TAS, Scanspeak, Morel, Dayton Audio, Madisound, Parts-express, ClarityCap Madisound Speaker Components, Middleton, WI. , and a low resonant frequency. From Madisound, this tweeter is about $450, but call or e-mail them to see if they have replacement diaphragms. 5 3. com for the best high performance product videos and forums on the  5 Oct 2012 Scan-speak launches two new Revelator products, the largest subwoofer a long stroke 13" subwoofer and a high performance beryllium tweeter. The only thing left out of the drawing was the measurement for the location of the braces but a quick call to Madisound and a new complete drawing was emailed. Local pick-up available. Should I put the tweeter on center of the baffle or off center the same way the larger cabinet is made. Working with the folks at Madisound was very easy and productive. Aug 27, 2018 · I know that ScanSpeak makes some truly world class drivers, I just wonder if this ScanSpeak 99000 tweeter and with the 4” ScanSpeak Illuminator mid will out perform the simple Statement design that apprears to use a Fountek Neocd. click here for the crossover picture, 43K JPG. Apr 19, 2011 · Here we see an array of Madisound speakers, all built from kits. Asking price is $290 Feb 25, 2013 · Need a second opinion on this project I've been contemplating. The cabinet drawing from Madisound’s website is attached in the photo section. Response is measured out to 40kHz. Kit costs over $1400USD for the drivers and crossovers alone *Commercial speakers of this calibre will cost at least $3000 *The enclosure has been professionally constructed from thick MDF and extremely sturdy May 23, 2020 · 2 x Generic Scanspeak 26mm Silk Dome Replacement Tweeter Loudspeakers Coils Foils. Madisound PDF Library Madisound was established in 1972. 00 per piece I find the price difference not worth it as I am paying more for "older" technology when I can pay less to have the AirCirc Magnet System on the R3004/6620. 48) The tweeter looks to be a Scanspeak D2010-8513. I assume your speakers are out of warranty? Unless you get very lucky and there is a manufacturer's part number on the tweeter's magnet, you are unlikely to be able to find an exact replacement. Employee-owned and operated, Madisound is a great place to buy raw speaker drivers, crossover supplies, and speaker kits. Box Alignment: 0. I know there are many questions everyone would like to ask but im trying to keep this Silky smooth, yet extremely detailed highs and mids with the Scanspeak Beryllium tweeters and SB Satori midrange drivers. Front ported. B&W 802 S3 Matrix; Dali 800 Renovation Kit; JBL L100 (4310 & 4311) JBL L112; JBL L26 2-Way; Tannoy MG15; Yamaha NS1000; Sorted by driver manufacturer. Aug 09, 2018 · W18E-001 + R2904-7000 Passive Crossover Design Seas Excel W18E-001 + Scan Speak R2904-7000 2way Passive Crossover Design No box alignment specified. Aug 18, 2012 · Woofer -Scanspeak 30w-4558T00 Mid -SBA SB17NRXC35 Tweeter -Bohlender Graebener Neo3-PDRW. A good general rule of thumb for tweeters is to cross them no lower than double the Fs for a 4th order crossover and no lower than triple the Fs for a 2nd order crossover. These tweeters are relatively inexpensive and offer good results with high sensitivity. IIRC those Peerless mids you linked to don't have a good rep for being able to extend high, so you'll need a tweeter that can easily handle a 2. Subwoofer - Scanspeak Discovery Series 30W/4558T00. 7 7 “ScanSpeak Discovery R2605/8320 1” Textile Ring Radiator. You can buy the drivers and electronics from Madisound for $3500 to $4000/pair, depending on your choice of electronic parts. I'm going to build the 40 liter cabinet Madisound suggest. อาทิเช่น TAS, Scanspeak, Morel, Dayton Audio, Madisound, Parts-express, ClarityCap Contact: 0812956758 คุณหมึก ที่ตั้ง : บริษัท สามดี ออดิโอ จำกัด 88/39 หมู่4 I'm rebuilding the front stage in my expeditionI have eclipse 3 ways in there now and I keep shredding midranges running passive. 2" Ceramic Dome Tweeter Neodymium hahahaha ! i kenal robbed still don't know ! hahahaha! thank you for the lobang from madisound and leda bros ! : ) At least now i can choose either pay original Proac printed tweeter foam for 40 bucks from agent , or decide to pay less for no frill foams. Would anyone share their experiences on the performance of the Scanspeak Reveltor or the Seas Millenium tweeter? Im leaning on trying the Tyler ref3's a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV - Work in Progress: Scanspeak D3004/6040-10 Beryllium tweeters, Scanspeak 12mu mids, Scanspeak 18wu midbasses, Scanspeak 32w/4878T00 13" Subwoofer, Scanspeak 10F / D3004/6020's (rear doors), Scanspeak 10F (rear fill). This ScanSpeak 3-way Discovery features an all-LR2 filter from a stepped baffle and delivers an excellent level of transparency. EDIT: I also have a bag of some hex screws meant specifically for the scanspeak illuminator tweeters. 8 kHz. High quality AMT sound at a great price point! Nov 23, 2012 · Re: Scan-Speak D2908/7140 Beryllium Dome Revelator Tweeter mummykicks- TLabs also has a carbon-fiber dome on the horizon. A pair of Scanspeak Illuminaotr 5-1/4” woofers (part # 15WU/4741T-00) 2. The first notable difference is the use of a phase plug. The Blue trace in Fig 1 is the RAW response of Scanspeak’s D7608. Dec 29, 2006 · Im calculating the box volume and port size for the Scan-Speak 7" Revelator 8 ohm 18W/8831G00 or the 18W/8531G00, and Im coming up with a Box volume of 46L, F3 29. At $131 it isn't cheap, but it's far from expensive. I made almost an exact pair of towers but the original design was a standmount. Consequently the same tweeters are available from each but with differing part numbers (why do they do that?) I will offer up the Vifa #s. The "Statements II" by Jim Holtz and Curt Campbell One of the more popular full range kit systems that seem to captivate the speaker forums. Since I already had the Dynaudio 24W100 bass drivers around I needed a good tweeter to complete the picture. I really like the N26C, so I'm eager to hear what other models do. Aluminum is a good material for subwoofer cones, very stiff and light. This is a We picked up a couple exciting drivers made for THIEL by Seas & Scan- Speak. The ring neodym magnet of the 7100 tweeter provides a whopping 95+ dB sensitivity, suitable for fairly high-efficiency systems where the 6600 does well up to 92 dB/2. The Red trace is with 800Hz High Pass (24dB/oct) and 4kHz Low Pass (18dB/oct). 57. Tweeter - Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/604010 (Beryllium) Midrange - SB Satori 5" MR13P (Proprietary cone material with EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS™ fibres) Mar 20, 2018 · ok i've been searching a lot for soft dome tweeters with similar physical dimensions and I think I need to again mod the opening, to fit some of the soft dome tweeters I've found: - Scan-Speak D2608/9130 - Morel CAT 308 The Morel are ferro fluid cooled, and if I am not mistaken, the Thiel CS3. The average retail price in european internet shops is about - €1060/pair. 45 the Daytons are going to cost apiece, but it just worked out that the cheap ones are the ones that are going to fit the best and work the best with the existing x-over. dk TWEETER D3004/660000 The Illuminator tweeters stand for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening locations. 5″ diameter x 6″ length. ScanSpeak drivers in them because of the added depth in sound the others simply do not have. Before you get your panties in a bunch talking about a repost, this is all 3 of the new soft dome, neo tweets. 00 each. Possibly one of the finest tweeters available. ScanSpeak Classic D2905/9700 Photo. Bass was for scanspeak illuminator 18wu (182mm and cut out 158mm). 1 Jan 2013 You can buy the drivers and electronics from Madisound for $3500 to The Scan -Speak tweeters seemed able to do it all, at least as PBN has  Don't forget Madisound kits using Seas drivers. Do you think these custom curv woofers will outperform the 5" Scanspeak Illuminator? Aug 12, 2019 · Who would have thought that such a bright tweeter would have no high end. 4 v2 This is for a pair of like new Scanspeak R-2904 ring radiator tweeters. Unfortunately  Tweeter. Powered by Pinnacle Cart Accuton C30-6-023 1. 5" the SVS line will use, still very close. The Peerless HDS 810921 (now ScanSpeak D2608/9130) tweeter is a very well engineered unit, impeccable finish and assembly - all reflected in price, which is not down to XT25 level, but worth every penny. Shop Madisound. Feb 13, 2016 · If someone wanted to spend an extra $1000, they could get the Madisound/Taylor NADA which uses Scan-Speak's very best tweeter, combined with the 7" Illuminator mid woofer, and Mundorf supreme crossovers. Scanspeak M22WSR-46 8" Paper Cone Shielded Woofer 8 Ohm The Scan Speak M22WSR-46 8-3/4" Paper Cone Woofer is the perfect choice for a high quality woofer in a 3-way speaker system Most of these files were traced from the manufacturer's plots using SPLTrace but some of them were downloaded Madisound# SB25STC-C000-4 View PDF Brochure (125 KB) SB Acoustics SB25STC-C000-4 Textile Dome Tweeter. The NADA is probably one of the best 2-Way bookshelf designs available. A pair of Scanspeak Illuminaotr 1” tweeters (part #R3004/6620) 3. 5 Satori 89 dB midbass & Carbon Fiber tweeter 16H x 9W x 12D. A SEAS design, monitor with paper cone woofer and silk tweeter. Our speaker techs provide support for DIY speaker projects, sourcing OEM supplies, and crossover design. The BC/OC product line is known for its quality tweeters and midwoofers. Those companies have merged. The drivers are 2x 18W/4531-G00 and 2x R3004/6020-00. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - you can't go wrong with Madisound. I was just curious what you guys thought about these drivers. Box alignment: 1. ScanSpeak 6. 6 sensitivity, but are only 4 ohms and have a dc resistance of 3 ohms. 0 tweeter and a B&G ribbon planer that crosses to some Dayton woofers? Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. Replaced with Emotiva A-300 (A-150 for dual A10 center channel) work superbly. Is this a decent combination of drivers, and will they work together? 2. Analog Hi-fi will open a web shop with all SEAS products the 16th of March. See Madisound's ZRT 2-way kit page Also see Zaph Audio's ZRT web page. Actually he only made the cabinet 2. 6 Prototype, Arc Audio KS300. Crossing a tweeter at 1. Aluminum face plate. Scanspeak Soft Dome Tweeters. – SB Acoustics, Scan-Speak, BMS drivers & Hypex Fusion plate amps – 3-Way construction (Semi-Active / Digital) Drivers: TW29RN-B or TW29BN-B & 18M/8631T00 & 12N630 – 8 Ohm & Hypex FA 252 Waveguide for scanspeak tweeter. This tweeter sells for $200 each at Mad The basic differences between these two tweeters are the magnet system and the dome, where the 7100 has a ring of damping glue to the dome. I now own the newer TC-50, the tweeter model number is DTW100T25F 4* (measured DC resistance is 3. 1. aluminum cone subwoofer, a coaxial magnesium cone midrange and dome tweeter combo, and  24 Nov 2015 I contacted Madisound yesterday about this and they currently don't Buy on ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6040-00 Beryllium Dome Tweeter. 14 ohms) and. Easy and economical to build, giving the very highest level of performance. These drivers are typically used in speakers costing $10K plus. Super Tweeter Add-on Kit; TQWT mk III; Subwoofers & Bass modules. called Madisound, and paid for the LEAP design—a mere $25 for a two-way de-sign; what a bargain (Fig. Features include a 29 mm wide surround beryllium diaphragm sourced from Materion, a non-reflective cast-aluminum rear cavity, a two-part aluminum faceplate with integrated mechanical decoupling, dual balanced compression chambers, a high-saturation neodymium ring type motor One Scanspeak tweeter is more ex than this kit plus shipping If there were a shootout of 1k speakers, this one can hold on its own while the price is considerably less. 63. 00 Add to Cart Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. It depends on what you want to do re design and what woofer/mid you pair it with and lastly, your taste. Here I found the Scan-Speak D2604-830000 suited. A couple questions. I would have happily paid a lot more for tweeters than the $20. some modified ATC: used to use their tweeter Harbeth 30 and 40 and shl5 p3esr and c7es3 use seas tweeter Joseph audio pulsar and perspective use seas midbass and tweeterr from seas Devore 096 use seas midbass ect Seas makes some of the best drivers in the business. 117. I can recommend this kit if somebody wants to try to DIY while the kit is still available or if somebody is looking for a good pair budget speakers. I believe LEAP is the industry standard for crossover modeling so I used the Madisound service. Shop 18,000+ Audio Parts from Speakers and Subwoofers to Home Theater and Pro Audio. 5" ETM woofer in a bass-reflex enclosure and a titanium dome tweeter. 80) 2. Ive been looking at the Scanspeak D2905/9700 but the face plate is 104mm and I only have 90mm to play with. The 12W woofers and the tweeter would be in a vertical MTM arrangment. N. They’re a little harder to install, but a lot cheaper than the entire unit. This tweeter in particular is inexpensive and has a low FS. I was thinking that I might be able to make some really fantastic speakers from these. 4 ohm for all inductors. 0 cubic foot sealed. SB is comprised of some guys that used to work for Scan-Speak. The Audax tweeter specs are: 8 03-05-2018 - Udforsk opslagstavlen "Scan-Speak" tilhørende fhasselriis på Pinterest. Our newest kit, based on the Scan Speak Illuminator drivers! This kit consists of two woofers, two tweeters, and two professionally assembled crossovers, with accessories package optional on the pulldown menu. Special purchase THIEL tweeter and midrange drivers! We picked up a couple exciting drivers made for THIEL by Seas & Scan-Speak. If you do the scanspeak tweeter uprade to the proacs it might be well over 1000$ because the 9700 is aprox. Mar 31, 2011 · Hi folks, Considering making a high quality front split system for a car audio install using: Scan-Speak 18w4531 or Scan-Speak 15w4531 (heard these are good in small sealed enclosure) and Vifa xt25 ring radiator Ill require a custom crossover of course. They employ ScanSpeak 15S/ 8531K01 woofers and SB-Acoustics SB29RDC-C000-4 tweeters. (courtesy of Ben on Madisound Discussion Board, who obtained it from a friend who saw it in Audiophile Magazine in Hong Kong). I used balllast in the bottom cavity and my front/back facias were 1 3/4 inch thick with side walls 3/4. 5 cubic foot vented with DUAL (two) ports 2. On these two, the only MADISOUND. 6ohms. The D3004/664000 is "top of the range" with its pure beryllium Both tweeters have everything a good tweeter needs, good sensitivity, low linear and non-linear distortion, flat F. com Another Innovation From The Minds Of (619) 44 0-8237 • 380 Vernon Way, Suites I & J • El Cajon, California 92020 • www. Replacement for Madisound Swifty and Meadowlark Swift Woofer. It features an exclusive new paper-sandwich cone with This last question was based on a statement on the Madisound pages where they claim that . ScanSpeak Revelator 26W/8867T 10″ Woofer Black Aluminum Cone. Some padding in hi-pass circuit. The drivers I have selected are 2 scanspeak 22W/4534G00 woofers, 2 scanspeak 12W/4524G woofers, and 1 scanspeak D2606-9220 tweeter. madisound scanspeak tweeter

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